Freetrailer is coming to the United States

Finally Freetrailer Makes A Move In The US

Finally it has happened. Freetrailer USA is a reality. The business got its US corporation established July 15th 2015.

It’s been a long time in the making and the waiting period for some of us – me in particular – has been very, very long indeed. But alas, we now have our US entity established and that means also that we can now actually commence real pursuit of partners and business in the United States for our hugely popular business model and service offering.

For those not familiar with our service, here’s a quick introduction:

We Rent Out Small Cargo Trailers For FREE!!

That’s right. We offer small cargo trailer for rental for free.

These are small closed box trailers that you latch onto your vehicle using a hitch and can use in connection with moving “stuff”.

The stuff can be more or less anything, as long as the size and weight can fit within the limitations of the cargo trailer.

Here's an example from Denmark of our Freetrailer trailers

Our history for Freetrailer began in 2004.

The idea maker and one of the founders had rented a small cargo trailer from a gas station (the typical place of rental of trailers in Denmark) and was a bit put off with the hassle it had proved to be along with the relative steep cost of rental (typically no less than US$80 per 24 hours). He thought there had to be a better way.

Thinking it through further, he had the brilliant idea that perhaps there would be a great match between businesses who would be willing to pay for advertising on the trailer so that this could fund the availability of the trailer, so that users could borrow the trailer for free. In addition it would make sense if such advertiser was a place of business that sold items that had a certain size, that would perhaps challenge its customers on how they would bring home the purchases.

He discussed the idea with his friend, who liked the idea so much that he eventually quit his job in order to work on this concept full time – and soon Freetrailer (Denmark) was a reality.

IKEA was the first retailer that embraced the concept and by September 2004, the first 34 trailers were available at an IKEA outlet in Taastrup in Denmark.

From there is has grown steadily at an incredible rate.

I personally became a partner of the company in 2007, by which we established a partnership consisting of 3 equal partners and equity holders.

In 2006, Freetrailer opened up in Sweden and became there as well an instant success.

Today that means that we are operating throughout Denmark and throughout Sweden – covering extremely well the entirety of the two countries, yet with more growth possible as well as taken place.

Earlier this year, Freetrailer also opened up its first Norwegian operation and at the time of writing this we even have the contract for Norwegian’s second location. Many, many more are expected to follow in near future.

Germany is also hot on its trail and I wouldn’t be surprised if we will see our first German operation(s) in effect this year. More countries are in pursuit too, so keep your eyes and ears open for more news on our progression.


Meanwhile, across the pond, we have, as I started off with, finally established our US entity, which I will personally be spearheading.

I am truly super excited about it. It’s been long in the making with our initial ideas about the US prospect being discussed all the way back to my entering the business in the partnership.

It was in 2008 that I moved to the United States. The idea was that I would more or less try to get Freetrailer started straight away, but just a few months following my entry to the US and we (the world) entered into the terrible financial crisis and we immediately decided to put the brakes on and hold off on the idea.

A year ago, we then once again renewed the vow to get us started in the US and now it’s finally happening.

Naturally, as you would expect, it may be a while before we get retailers committed and before we get the many various components settled for a US operation, but I am confident that we shall see our first physical operation opened up this year and I am also certain that we shall soon see many, many more locations follow in its footsteps.

I suspect that I will post many more updates on this matter from time to time, so stay with me and follow along this super exciting journey.

Meanwhile, should you have any great connections with great retailers or self storage spaces for whom our concept may be a great fit, I would welcome an introduction. So please feel free to reach out to me and let’s get connected or let’s discuss the possibilities.

Till then, be sure you connect with us on our new Facebook page, Instagram, Linkedin and Google Plus. Love to see you there too.






Go Out There A Be Amazing With The Help Of Marketing Castle Rock

Walk The Talk


I just completely bombed with some of my newer activities. It’s in my business of Amazing Ideas, Inc., which basically is a marketing company in Castle Rock, Colorado. Via this business I sell online marketing, web designs and strategic online presence – your online DNA.

Among the services that we offer here you will find the “get ranked high on Google for your relevant search term” offer. Since I have studied this excessively since 2008 with all the best marketers of today, I would say that I have quite a big insight into how you can make this happen and get your results. Ultimately, what you are looking for is for customers to come chasing you down rather than you having to chase after customers in order for your to get the revenues for your business.

There are many factors that you put in place to achieve your high ranking and with Amazing Ideas, Inc. we only employ natural and real avenues, what is often termed “White Hat” applications as opposed to the sneaky “Black Hat” tricks that many marketers use.

We don’t use “Black Hat” tricks, cause ultimately what these are, are just a way of “cheating” Google to rank you better. But Google is not stupid. they study continuously what goes on and with their algorithm updates they will eventually close up the loop hole that you may have found and all of a sudden your beautiful and somewhat undeserved high rank will be forever gone.

So no Black Hat tricks for us, please. We want to be ranked, but only when it makes sense and actually adds value to the user. If we don’t add value to the end user, it’s probably because we didn’t reach the right user and we didn’t reach the right user when we tried to rank for something that is in fact not relevant to the user. When we don’t add value to the end user, they don’t buy from us and we gained little if anything at all.


Anyways, we have been focused on helping other local businesses getting their online presence right so they could reap the benefits and grow their business. In other words among other things we have helped them get high ranking with Google, so that they derive more leads and ultimately more customers calling upon them.

Meanwhile, being so focused on others, meant we actually forgot about ourselves entirely. That’s right we did nothing for our own ranking for relevant search terms including the words “Marketing Castle Rock”.

This naturally also begs the question for someone who gets introduced to us of, how can we sell “Get Ranked High Solutions”, when we in fact are not ranked high ourselves for relevant keywords?

It’s a matter of walking the talk.


Big Whoops!!


OK, at least we are still early in the game, so we have commenced a little bit of effort in the matter and expect to see some results very soon. In fact we actually did get us from page 21 of Google to page 1 in a matter of a few hours. Not the best of “true” placements, but considering the extremely short time period and the extremely broad search term (“Marketing Castle Rock”), I’m actually stoked. And more to the point, it also proves that we can live up to our claim of making such results happen.

We will continue a bit of work on our keywords and of course we will need to expand upon these as we go along. Marketing Castle Rock is not too specific and will not yield the optimal results in all likelihood.

You can read more about the story on our website at Amazing Ideas, Inc. and learn more about why local search results may be particularly important for any business. Also, we would love to help you out too if you are in need of updating or optimizing your online web presence. Just send us an email to We would love to hear from you.

Amazing Ideas Inc Castle Rock Marketing 1200x630

Building My Marketing Company

Especially since 2008 I have intensively studied marketing – with a focus on online marketing. Those who know me, knows that I am engaged in many varied businesses and actually has been for a majority of my life. I love doing multiple things, new things and to seek new possibilities and opportunities.

What I learned early on is that every business is in need of great marketing. I have learned that first hand from running several different businesses spanning many unrelated industries across borders of countries, States and continents.

So even in my early stages of doing business I was engaged in marketing, but it wasn’t really until I moved to the US that I really decided I wanted to learn more in debts about what works and what doesn’t work. In addition my move to the US and not least the huge consequences I suffered from the horrible financial crisis of 2008, made it necessary for me to reinvent myself to certain degree and inadvertently, I began consulting on marketing aspects.

A couple of years ago I moved to Colorado. Up from Florida. I decided to establish a company from which I could sell my services and expertise and I named it Amazing Ideas, Inc.

Via this company, I’m now building a base of more and more clients, helping them get something out of their marketing dollars. Just looking around and you will see so much misspent money and misspent attention in terms of marketing that will give the spender little if any results. By setting yourself up the right way, you can actually turn a really sound return of investment out of your marketing budget.

That’s what I help clients do.

I get them straightened out with some of the most important aspects of their online marketing efforts and their online presence – what I also call their online DNA. I help them get automated on many of the follow up procedures and set in place a system that can almost handle itself entirely and work for them, even when they are not working themselves. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Such is the power of online marketing and the tools and systems that are available to us today.

Anyways, my Amazing Ideas, Inc. is naturally open for business from any- and everywhere, but currently I’m focused on getting a stronger foothold locally, which means that I’m specifically targeting local businesses here in the Castle Rock area of Colorado where I presently reside.

Here’s a post about it from yesterday.


Now, that said, I just did a small survey of the Fortune 100 companies of the United States. Would you believe it? A full 32% of them are making at least one hugely grave mistake, that I could actually fix for them, probably relatively easily, quickly and rather inexpensively.

In other words, I probably should reach out to them to point out their hugely disservice to their businesses.

Well, we’ll see.

Meanwhile, be sure to reach out to me if you wish for me to help you and your business with your online marketing. I would love to help and would appreciate the business too of course.


Freetrailer now in Norway too

Freetrailer Enters The Norwegian Market

Freetrailer which is now in its 10th year opened up in Norway this month.

Freetrailer continues its rapid growth and enters the Norwegian Market

An initial location with IKEA forms the basis of Freetrailer’s entry to the Norwegian market. The company which was started on an idea that rentals of small trailers used for moving stuff should be way less expensive and not least way less a cumbersome procedure and experience than the available avenues offered has had an impressive track record already and now stands to continue its growth with even greater magnitude.

The idea maker, Aksel Blomgren Ambjørner, was frustrated that a simple rental of a simple trailer ran in excess of $100.-, thought that there ought to be a better solution for people and aired his frustration to his friend Allan Sønderskov Darre, who got inspired to actually do something with the idea and soon Freetrailer was formed.

A couple of years in and the duo partners sought out Mikkel Pitzner for some specialized expertise and knowledge in an area that they were considering for the business and this was the first introduction to the business for Mikkel Pitzner. Mikkel Pitzner got so intrigued with the concept and the very unique business model that it was soon agreed that he should form the third leg of the partnership. A price was agreed upon and Mikkel Pitzner bought a third of the Holding company that owns the Freetrailer activities and operations.

About 3 years ago, Freetrailer moved into Sweden too with the first Swedish location. Growth there continued rapidly and so today in addition to covering all of Denmark, Freetrailer also has a substantial presence in most parts of Sweden.

Freetrailers noticeable growth has resulted in 6 consecutive awards of the prestigious Gazelle award from the Danish newspaper Børsen.

Freetrailer Gazelle 2014

A similar growth is expected for Freetrailer’s new presence in Norway and Freetrailer is ready and so appears the market to be.




Ready For Take Off

I have truthfully been unsatisfied with my own results for quite some time. It’s time that this changes. It has been time for too long, but honestly, I wasn’t doing much about it.

Well, that’s about to change. This is one of those things that is great, when you have finally gotten enough – and I have finally gotten enough. I need to change this and that means I need to change.

Here’s what Jim Rohn said:

I used to say, “I sure hope things will change.” Then I learned that the only way things are going to change for me is when I change.

So as I said, I’m very willing to make the necessary changes and have already taken several steps to get it going. Sometimes the only way to really get going, is – to really get going.

For me that means that every day, I’m taking massive action steps to bring me one step forward. Forwards towards that new goal line that I have set up for myself. To keep me motivated, I revisit continuously (and certainly every morning as the day begins) what that goal line is. To keep on track, I revisit every day the time frame that I have set up for myself for reaching the goal line. It’s no good falling behind too much, for catching up can already be hard when you have set an ambitious goal to begin with. And your goal should be ambitious.

My father always said:

“The day that is spent never returns”

– Axel Pitzner

In other words, you need to ensure that you spend every day wisely and not miss your opportunity to progress and move forward. Make the most of every day you have.

I’m ready for take off. I’m ready and willing to make the changes and accept the sacrifices that they entail. I’m also ready to reap the rewards.

Ready for Take Off at Mikkel Pitzner -passenger jet plane flying over airport runway against beautiful dusky sky use for aircraft transport and cargo logistic and traveling business industry

Yes, I need to change and though making changes is not easy for us in general, I’m so committed to it now that I actually find great excitement in it.

“For Things To Change – You Have To Change

For Things To Improve – You Have To Improve”

-Jim Rohn

The great thing is that I have amble experience in a wide variety of endeavors and I have previously had some very satisfactory results, so I know what it takes. Among other things, it takes a lot of work. I find that I’m actually looking forward to doing this work. No, not all of it is so much fun, but a lot of it can actually be, when you are focused on where it is you wish to go.

I’m privileged too, for I have several endeavors that I’m currently pursuing and they are incredibly cool and hold very big promises of what can be. I invite you to come along for the ride. Your company will be appreciated and I look forward to journeying with you.

To come along on the journey I suggest that you sign up for the future updates. No, I hate spam as much as anybody and I will not be sending you a ton of junk. I will only be sending you what I believe can add value to you, your endeavors and your life – and should I tire you after all, then you can always unsubscribe with an easy and simple click of the mouse. Also your email will rest safe with me as I will never share or sell off that information.

You might also consider following my page on Facebook and please by all means feel free to comment here below or on the Facebook page. I would love to learn what you are working on and where it is taking you. So please come join the fun.

Let me know what you are working on.

Let me know what your goals are.

I’m ready for take off. Are you?

Focus In Order To Achieve More feat

Trying To Get More Focused

Moving ahead in search of greater results and real tangible grand outcomes.

I wrote in one of the latest blog posts that I’m making some changes and that I’m very committed to making these changes. Not only is it something I really want to do, but it’s also something that is highly necessary and long overdue. In the follow up blog post I wrote that I had added the word “Achiever” to my ego-website title. After several years of not performing to my abilities and honestly not working to my abilities, I have realized that I need to make a lot more happen and “DO” a lot more. In fact, I need to implement massive actions and I’m pushing this hard as I enter 2015.

One of the ways of achieving more, is to actually focus more on fewer items.

Focus In Order To Achieve More


This is nothing new and many self help books and books on how to achieve success will hit upon this. However, I suffer from the entrepreneurial bug – the shiny new object curse – in such a way that I have a great challenge in limiting myself to just a few things – let alone just one thing. Repeat visitors to my ego website might thus have seen that during 2014 I had listed some 12 new start ups that I was implementing all at the same time. Even as I wrote about these I also strongly underlined that this is not the best course of action, but rather that one should choose just one such start up and really give it a serious go.

Well, I can state that I probably ended up actually commencing 6 of them. One (SR) fell off the plan before it really got started. The reason for that was that the person who had the idea for the venture ended up – sorry to say – screwing a buddy and me and we dropped the venture. Thankfully this was before any money was put into the venture, but still it was a shame. The idea behind the project was great and entailed many opportunities and possibilities. But I wouldn’t advise anybody to do business with people of little integrity and people who aren’t trustworthy. Yes, you will invariably come across some such people and often find out too late in the game, but that is all part of doing business. If you are too scared all the time, you’ll probably never get anything started.

Now in terms of further focus now that I was left with 5 commenced projects, I’m happy to say that one of them (GAPL) actually doesn’t entail any work nor any noteworthy time expenditure. The reason being that this venture really just constituted forming a corporation that would act as a family corporation that will be the ultimate owner of some of the other activities. In other words, once established it itself does not entail much work other than the yearly tax return and associated tasks.

A third of the new ventures (RW), I implemented, but quickly found that it wasn’t going to go very far without a lot of actions and daily tedious tasks that at this point in time I feel would be wasteful compared to where else I could invest my time. Also I was expecting more to come out of “a partner abroad” than what I saw, so again, in conclusion I decided to “park” this activity till further notice.

This means at time of this writing, outside my existing entities and ventures, I have 4 new start up activities that I’m very sincerely committed to. With the start ups that I’m committed to from 2014, it means that I have 6 main project areas in terms of business for 2015.

It’s still a bit much, but one of them (UH) will be a long work in progress with some work entailed once in a while, but probably not a lot just yet. Two of them (TGSA & TAM) will entail a lot of work, but I estimate that each will have about a month’s worth of serious commitment in order to reach a result from which to become “live” and from which point it will require less, but steady nurturing and activity.

Now 3 of the ventures will require a lot of actions – massive actions and on a continued basis. My intentions are to build teams to help handle all of these activities as things progress. In the beginning most activities will be handled just by me, but as soon as I get some traction, I will need team members to join the ventures and that will be hugely helpful and will then on its own continue even more traction.

The good thing is I can actually handle a lot more personal work, since as mentioned I didn’t perform very greatly in this area in recent years. In other words, I have amble capacity here and I certainly have vast experience and knowledge that is needed for these ventures. So I’m confident I will see some real progress very fast.

Ventures Under Way

The Enterprises Under Way as it was stated up till recently

One of the ventures that will continue to need some real effort is that of Pivot Point Enterprises. At the end of 2013, a partner and I established this company with the specific aim of building a unique business platform on which businesses can manage, store and document everything they do in their businesses. We have succeeded at that and have built something rather spectacular in the platform that we call Doc&Do. People who have had the chance to get a real demonstration of the platform are very enthused and blown away by its power and usability, but we still have huge way to go in order to build a critical mass of users. In other words we have our work cut out for us on this one. If you are reading this, I invite you to go and test it out. You can sign up for a free account. If you wish, you can also reach out to me and have a demonstration set up for you (limited availability).

In 2015 and as soon as possible, I’m also excited to announce that I will aim at bringing the activities of Freetrailer to the US. Freetrailer is already hugely successful in Denmark and Sweden and has a few more countries opening up in Europe in 2015 if everything goes according to plan. The US seems to hold huge possibilities for our business model and in truth I’m just awaiting some important pieces to the puzzle before I officially will reach out to the potential partner companies here in the US.

But much more on that and on the other activities that I will focus on during 2015.

For now, I’m just pleased to bring down the areas of focus. Yes, I still have existing areas of focus and obligations and I will tend to them with equal fervor and strength, but these are exiting times and I invite you along for the ride and suggest that you might sign up for more future updates.

Again in closing, my suggestions to others would be to focus on the one venture that entices you the most and go for that full out. Then once it’s up and running well, you can possibly have a go at another and additional venture. Going for several big ventures at the same time is not my recommended course of action. However, I have found my way of achieving some success doing so via my previous experience from back in the day when I purchased my first personal business, while employed as the CEO of another large and very busy business. Back then I had to remote control my newly acquired personal business and was only “allowed” to work on that in my free time, evening and weekends and yet grew its profit line by 32% in my first 14 months of ownership. But more on that some other time…

Meanwhile, I would love to hear from you and invite you to comment below with your stories.

What are your areas of focus for your 2015?

What will you be working on?

What are your goals?


Are You Throwing Away Perfectly Good Money?

Still Whining About Lack Of Business? Are You Leaving Money On The Table Too?

Every day I see it and even experience it. Businesses that are so hungry for more business and more revenues, but that are at the same time turning their backs on it.

It baffles me all the time. But every day I see it and experience it. Usually several times a day with a multitude of businesses of any industry.

Here’s a couple of recent examples:

I recently bought a new home and moved in. Along with the move you go through all the things you want and need. New updates, painting jobs, changing out carpets or installing hardwood floors, changing rooms, altering for taste or updating styles or just upgrading old appliances and what not.

So one of the installations my new house has, is that of a full blown sprinkler system in case there’s a fire. Kinda neat and a first for me to have in a private home. It’s especially nice since the sprinkler outlets are “hidden” and therefore don’t look industrial and awful. Now,  the sprinkler system is of course hooked up with sensors and an alarm system that goes to nearest fire station and the sheriff’s office. Kinda cool too.

Since the system is already in place and already has all communications and sensors to it, it feels natural that you might want to expand upon that to include everything for your personal safety too, such as a personal alarm (handy for when the wife is home alone) or for burglary alarm systems etc. for when nobody’s home.

As I took over the house I had to go through the motions of getting all accounts turned over to me and registering me and my family with all the relevant suppliers and vendors. It also meant that I had vendors come out and check everything was fully function-able and this gave me the perfect opportunity to explore more possibilities, system upgrades and updating equipment where necessary.

For the sprinkler system that was the same too and a very nice gentleman came to our house. We signed the papers and he went through the entire installation and checked everything was up and running perfectly and as it should.

His visit gave me the opportunity to explore what else could be done now that we had the system in place and we quickly found that we could in fact expand the system to include alarms and applications way beyond the sprinkler system with relatively little fuss and just a bit more investment, which of course would lead to a nice monthly increase in the revenue to the supplier company (a revenue stream that then would go on and on for probably a long, long time)

Now the house does have a separate alarm system, but joining the sprinkler system with upgraded alarm system would enable us to drop one of the systems and drop an expense, saving us a monthly costs, while yet as described above leave the supplier with increased revenues.

The visit from the sprinkler company concluded with the agreement that they would send me a quote for upgrading the installation to my requirements and wishes and I was all set for it. The costs up front would be bare-able and the monthly expense going forward would be less than running two installations and the end solution would provide more security and not least a greater provision of these elements for the family.

But here’s the thing. I never heard back from the representative.

Now, I could easily follow up and get this in motion again, but I’m too busy on other things or simply forget to do so when phones are open or whatever. It doesn’t really matter what my excuse is. And of course, between you and me, I’m kinda like, if they don’t care more about me as a client then forget it, I will place my money with someone who do care.

For a situation like this, I’m a relatively eager and easy customer and all you would need to do is to place in front of me a decent and fair offer and I would probably put a YES to it straight away and give you my money.

Handsome young man throwing money

The other example I wanted to bring you is that of a printing service. Along with our moving it just happens that I also started a number of new businesses. For one of these I was seeking a printing service that would be able to make me a very nice upscale stationary and the like. To perform this task, I wished to source a local vendor to support the small local town. I explained everything I was looking for and they went to work.

And then they didn’t.

As I customarily will do, I invited about 3 different vendors to bid for the assignment and to come up with a solution. One hardly responded, which quickly left them dropped out of consideration. But even the others left me wanting. I had to call upon them too many times, instead of them trying to reach out to me to get the order. The final runner up eventually couldn’t really find a solution that would serve what I was looking for and pretty much just gave up.

But a solution is out there and I know where I can get it. But the point of the matter is that they (the vendors I invited) will not be getting the order, nor the order for the 5-6 other new entities for which I also need stationary.

So when I hear businesses that are whining and crying for more business I usually say they need to start by looking at all the business they are turning away already by their actions or if this is the case their in-actions. Usually their whining and complaining are uncalled for if only they would shape up a little.

I could come up with numerous more examples, like the two companies I dealt with in search of new hardwood floors, who also missed out on opportunities dues to lack of follow through and like opportunities I presented to more than one builder for potential add on to the house and the AV companies that didn’t follow through either.

You may be thinking, when reading this, that I might be a terribly difficult customer. But the fact of the matter is, that I’m actually a relatively easy client. I will give space and room for mistakes, delays and what not as long as it’s within reason. I will tell things pretty straight so that you as a vendor will know exactly for what I’m looking for, by when and to what standards and if offered a decent price and good delivery, I will accept and pony up. And I have been known for paying lots of money for solutions and sometimes chosen the more high end route for pretty much anything. So in fact I would venture to say that I’m not just a relatively easy client, I’m actually close to a perfect customer.

The conclusion in all of this is, that there’s so much more business and revenues to be had out there for all sorts of companies. But are you grasping these opportunities? Are you following through? Are you delivering on your promises and even simple deliveries?

If you are still wishing for more business, start by looking at the opportunities you already have and have had. Did you live up to the bare minimums that could have been expected from you?

Better yet: Are you over-delivering and going the extra mile?

If you can answer YES to the last question, then my bet is you can even ask for premium prices and that you can have a very performing business if you don’t already.

I shall discuss the last bit in future post soon for this is another important issue that I find too often people are struggling with. It has to do with pricing. I shall also come back with a discussion of the times when one of my own companies totally failed in its performance due to complete lack of understanding of what needed to be delivered. This one was a service company and the service lacked. It almost cost me the entire company too. But as I said, we shall return to that in future posts soon.

For this post here, I’m curious to learn about your experiences and your views. What do you think? Please comment and engage in this conversation. It would be interesting to see where our conversation together might lead us.





Excited About The Business Management Platform Doc&Do – Could This Be The Solution For Banks To Save Billions Of Dollars?

The potential with the new enterprise that I have established with a partner, Frank Curtin, has great potential. I’m referring to Pivot Point Enterprises and most notably the potential of the business management platform that we have created called Doc&Do (Doc as in Document & Do as in the actions you take).

If you are yet unfamiliar with the Doc&Do platform, then let me just briefly tell you that it’s an online platform that helps you do many, many things, among which getting all your employees onto the same page so they can deliver what they need to deliver up to par on a consistent basis throughout your organization (both internally as well as externally). You can ensure that all your business processes get documented and the platform can then bring this key information to the new hires and others so they can perform any task in your business cause now they have the step by step instructions readily available.

Well, this is but one aspect of the Doc&Do business management platform’s abilities. It can do so much more as you will see if you start looking into it. In fact as you work more and more with the platform you will discover new and awesome ways in which you can use the platform to help you in your business and possibly elsewhere. It has these strengths because the platform is non-industry-specific and also super, super flexible. In other words you can make great use of the platform for your business – whatever your business does and whichever industry your business belongs to. It’s a super flexible platform, because you can set things up the way you like it. Yes, templates will be introduced and can help you on your way to great structure from the get go, but you don’t need to apply these and if you do, you can still change things, delete certain sections or add others where you wish to do so.

If you have followed news as of late, you may have seen how a number of banks have been fined huge fines for certain non compliance issues. These fines have run into billions of dollars, so it’s not an easily overlooked thing for the banks to worry about.

We explored a bit how the Doc&Do platform might help with such issues and how it could be of use in daily tasks associated with securing compliance and we found our platform to be absolutely perfectly befitting the challenges the banks have and indeed we believe that if they were to use the Doc&Do platform they might save a lot of money – well, possibly billions.

Our finding were confirmed when we spoke with a few bankers who took time to sit in with us on a presentation of the platform.

Needless to say, we are quite excited about this potential.

Naturally, this is not to say the bank in question has quite embraced our platform yet nor implemented it for their daily operations. We are only one meeting in and as one can imagine it’s a process for us to get the right persons within the bank to have the presentation and then following that it’s a process to have them reach a stage of approving the platform. But the bankers who saw the platform and had the opportunity to ask numerous questions and heard our suggestions of how it could help them from just a few perspectives, well, they were very impressed and agreed that the platform could help them tremendously.

Could Doc&Do Help Banks Save Billions

Again, this application of the platform is but one niche applications. The platform bring huge value to any organization and any business of any size and any industry.

We still have large challenges of bringing the full potential into real applications in the marketplace, but the platform is actually already fully operational, robust and secure. As we move forward, the platform will naturally continue its development and more than likely more benefits will be added to it over time. However, our biggest challenge is not making the platform work as intended cause it already does that, no one of the biggest challenges is actually that of telling the world in a brief sentence what the platform will do for them.

You see, when it can solve so many problems and add so much help it can be difficult to narrow the message down into a short sentence. Down into an elevator speech if you will. And if we tell people just how much it will be able to do for them and their business, well, then they’ll likely not believe us, for it’s so many problems it will solve and so many improvements it will bring. And we as humans are just wired in a way that, then we would believe this is just too good to be true.

Thus, if you are reading this, I would love to hear your feedback and your suggestions as to how we would word the benefits of our platform or how you would word what the platform does. If you need a more in depth demonstration of the platform then we would be happy to comply. Your help and feedback is valuable. And of course, if you were to see the platform in action and would get a glimpse of understanding it, then we know you too would want to adopt it for your business.

Click here if you want to learn more about Doc&Do



Got My First App Available Now On iTunes – So Exciting

Getting the message from Apple that our app had been approved stirred up a pretty cool emotion. But seeing it available on iTunes later that afternoon was absolutely exhilarating.

It my first app ever and it’s called docanddo. You can search docanddo on iTunes and it will show up.

Doc&Do is the new online business platform that we have created and is offered from one of my new ventures called Pivot Point Enterprises. I teamed up with a great friend, Frank Curtin, to partner with and found Pivot Point Enterprises and from the get go we had the specific purpose of building and creating the aforementioned platform. Frank has previously worked at IBM and has consulted a number of large businesses especially especially with expertise in business processes and supply chain management.

Both he and I have found a challenge in managing business processes with many employees or even small teams of employees in an efficient manner. What often was of greater worry was the question of how to secure all the specialized knowledge and company know how and intelligence it would have at any one time – even in situations when you would lose an important employee. How would you secure that expertise even when you lost your employee for another company or for some other unfortunate reason?

Now the Doc&Do platform does a lot of different things for you. It’s got elements of document repositories like dropbox, box and similar, but it’s not really what it is.

It’s got elements of collaborative platforms such as Asana and Wrike and similar, but it’s not really what it is.

That’s right, it’s really neither of these two (but the platform will actually work with these sites and others too), but yet using the platform to full extent and you will invariably have all your files and documents stored electronically, with the highest bank rated security encryptions, available at your fingertips at any time even when you are on the move. In fact when you use the platform you automatically get your entire business digitized (which has the added benefit of you being able to get rid of all those physical papers and binders). You’ll end up having all the important files and documents stored in one location, easy to find and easy to collaborate on with other relevant people. You’ll always know that you are viewing the latest version and yet you will have all your notes and previous versions available too should you need to retrieve those.

Predominantly, our focus has been on all business processes and as you probably know from personal experiences you often find the best practices and decisions on particular business processes via collaboration between team members or perhaps even across divisions or departments. That’s why we created the platform with full collaboration abilities in mind from the get go. You can invite people to single files or documents, to sections, to particular entities or to everything – configurable completely according to your needs and your wishes. It makes it perfect for in house collaboration, but also for work with your CPA, Lawyers and possibly Banks.

Now there are so many things that the business platform of Doc&Do accomplishes and in fact we have still not been able to find anything quite like it. We still have ways to go, not least in terms of how we describe everything in a brief paragraph. But fact of the matter is, that those who have been introduced to the platform so far are absolutely stoked about it and thrilled about what it can do for their businesses. That means that we feel we have accomplished the goals for what we set out to create. We are currently in Beta, but it’s already fully functional. Naturally we consider our responsibility a never ending process of improving the platform and adding more functions and especially more benefits (although if we were to tell you about all the benefits, you probably really wouldn’t believe us).

Again the platform is available (free accounts available too) at

The app that became available yesterday afternoon ties in with the online platform, but such that you can carry out what you need to do when you are on the go via your iPhone. An Android version is under way too as is an iPad version.

The iPhone app can be found right now on iTunes though. Again just search for docanddo.

The news about the app went out today and you can read it here: Pivot Point Enterprises Launches App For New Business Platform Doc&Do

Doc&Do App



Are You Listening?

When I bought my new car not too long ago, I was so impressed about the dealership and the two sales guys that took care of me. They were handling my interest in such a different way than I have otherwise experienced in a US car dealership.

You see normally, my experience is that the car dealers attack you like vultures, give you very sleazy sales pitches, of which you believe no word, often show very little knowledge of their products and when it comes to hackling the price they always have to go off into the little glass box in the middle of the showroom and talk to a manager, before returning to let you know what they can ultimately offer you. A scene that usually takes place a number of times before you end up believing you probably cannot squeeze another dime out of the price.

The problem is, that although I believe myself to be a pretty decent and certainly experienced negotiator, then I invariably leave with a car and still feel a unappreciative sense that “they probably screwed me anyway”. Much the same feeling I get any time I buy an insurance of some sort or a pension solution. I also often leave with the impression that they really don’t care about or for me, and only care about getting that sale done.

Now, with this last car purchase things were different.

I was told upfront that all their prices were an open book price that was available to everyone, not to be negotiated, but already at the very lowest the car dealership could offer. In other words you really didn’t need to waste your efforts or time trying to get a better deal. It’s kinda like going into an Apple store. Did you every think you could get a discount in an Apple store by asking for it? Probably not. It’s very much either take it or leave it.

And so, when they have a great product to sell and you really want it, then you just pony up and sign the deal and drive away in that beautiful new car (or take home that new iPod, iPad or iPhone or whatever from the Apple store).

The no-bs pricing structure actually leaves you feeling reassured that that’s probably the fair price then for a great product and that you probably won’t be able to do much better anywhere else anyways and that you can trust this place as opposed to all the other dealers and stores that still haven’t gotten it.

What then you still look for, is the level of service and the way they treat you and talk to you and possibly a number of other factors. So these factors become even more important now as an added reassurance that you are dealing with the right people, store and company.

Now this particular dealership placed a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction and service levels and it was apparent. In fact on the first day I visited this dealership (a BMW dealership), the same morning just moments before walking in, I had just come from a Chevrolet dealership to inquire about the new Corvette.

The difference in service and attitude and demeanor of these two stores were remarkable.

At the Corvette dealership I entered and walked resolutely towards one of the two Corvette vehicles in the showroom. There was a Salesguy busy with a client at one of the Corvettes so I went to the other one. I snapped some images with my camera and some with my iPhone and I sat in the car checking it out. I opened the hood and looked at the engine and I walked around the car a few times.

There were two other salesguys at the perimeter of the showroom, chatting with each other killing time and there were other employees around too. Now, while I appreciate that I wasn’t attacked by vultures hoping to get my money, I still was a little surprised that no one spoke to me or directed their attention to me, especially seeing that I took such interest in the car.

In fact it wasn’t until I walked out of the showroom that one of the salesguy asked me if I had any questions. I almost didn’t bother at this time, but thought I would ask a few things. It became apparent that the guy knew very little about anything really. I inquired about different engine sizes either available now or in the future (as has usually been the case with Corvettes). He knew nothing and tried to talk his way around this and other questions. He made another mistake too, which was basically showing hunger for getting potentially another sale, but at the same time probably didn’t think that I could buy a car like that (yeah, that kind of attitude shows). A test drive wasn’t possible of course. Well, I walked and drove straight over to the BMW dealership who gave me a much different experience.

You see, the very first time I walked into the BMW dealership I had taken but 3 or 4 steps in and the receptionist got off her chair and walked towards me, graciously and smilingly greeting me and inquired how she could help and what I would be interested in. In addition she offered me a bottled water or a coffee. After telling her the car type that I was considering she summoned a nice gentleman who guided me through the dealership and the differences that they offered and how they did things.

We discussed the car I was interested in and after a little bit he found one in inventory and let me have a test drive – more than one hours worth that took me onto highway and into smaller winding mountain roads. Wasn’t too scared when I tested out the motor a bit and allowed me to do a serious brake test.

Two dealerships – two very different experiences for sure.

I didn’t buy a car right there and then though.

But at any rate, I entered the BMW dealership a few weeks later again. My salesguy wasn’t in yet, so they handed me over to another one. Just as nice and courteous.

Luckily they had a brand new car of the model I was interested in that had just come in to their inventory. I figured I just needed to do a little test drive just to be sure and so we did. This guy was probably less adventurous as they first salesguy, and I keep laughing of this, but as soon as I hit the accelerator in a big time on the highway, he kinda went pale and in as controlled demeanor as he could said that we should probably take the next exit and turn back to the showroom. Too funny.

At any rate, we came back to the showroom and I said let’s do it. An hour later I handed over a cashiers cheque for the full amount (incidentally almost twice the price of the Corvette) and could drive home in my new car.

Great experience all around buying this car.

A week later or so, they two salesguys even sent me a handwritten appreciation note thanking me for the purchase.

The experience and entire handling of me as a customer for a high end product impressed me and I posted a notice to this effect to 4,000 friends on Facebook for others to be inspired with.


A week later or so, I took the car in to have film installed on the windows and a protective film on the front of the car and to treat it with a special protection coat. All as according to the deal and plan I had made with the salesguy at time of buying the car and everything booked with the department who would handle this (was even introduced to them and all).

They took in the car and told me it would probably a full 24 hours before job was done and it would be OK to take it out into changing weather. That was to be expected and all OK, I even let them have it for one more day, just to make sure.

The problem was that when it came to time for me to pick it up again, they still hadn’t called me to let me know it was ready. So instead I called them. Found out they really hadn’t done squat with the car in all that time. Apparently, they still hadn’t the film shipped in, even though that was ordered at the time when I bought the car and ordered the extra protective work. It was now weekend, so they would have to order it come Monday and then we would have to await delivery and then miss the car for another couple of days for the work.

What really made me wonder was why the heck they hadn’t called me as soon as they learned they had messed up. Instead I was without the car for a few days, wasn’t told anything was a miss before I inquired myself at the time it should all be ready and ready for pick up (at which time they actually still couldn’t tell me anything).

It was completely like the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing.

Well, OK mishaps happens.

But what really wasn’t alright, was the fact that subsequently, I told first the one salesguy about it and how I found this was very unfortunate for a company that took customer service seriously. I suggested they would have their quality control and service person call me so that I could walk them through everything and so that I could give them my suggestions for how to do better in these regards. He never called.

I also told the other salesguy (pretty much same conversation) and I told the guy who kindly gave me the full intro to the car (where buttons for this, that and the other was in the car – yeah, it’s highly technological and advanced). However, no one seemed to take this OPPORTUNITY to make the right person call me up and make a wrong really right and turn a bad experience into an awesome experience and turning this customer into a raving customer. Big mistake.

Remember, when you made some bad customer mistakes and when you get complaints, this in fact is your best opportunity to turn customers into absolute raving fans. Well, they missed that opportunity.

As you will recall, I posted my happy experience to 4,000 connections. That’s awesome for them. But this long report (way longer than the one little image I posted with the good buy experience) will go out to same 4,000 connections, but in addition to well over 12,000 other connections on another platform – 12,000 connections linked to 24 million people and of course it will now sit on my website for who knows how long and visible to anyone and everyone who comes by (this number might be higher than you think it is). This is in no way to make some sort of retribution or to punish the dealership, but more in order for me to relay the importance of recognizing your best opportunities for turning customers into raving customers and turning bad experiences into awesome experiences. There’s a good lesson her, so I hope that you take it to heart for your business.

We touched on this same subject in one of the businesses I run, RetailWise USA, in a new post of today called: Are You Listening Or Just Hearing?

Much shorter post, but worth reading.

 Are you listening? Or just hearing? Turning Bad Customer Service Into Good ones and Making Raving Fans




Never Lose A Document Or File Again Feature

Never Lose Another File Or Document Again. Here’s The Solution.

I’m excited about the new business platform that we have created in one of my new ventures called Pivot Point Enterprises. My partner in that company, Frank Curtin, especially has been hard at work for quite some months ensuring that the platform perform and works the way we envisioned it. And things are looking up.

Some of the initial introductions that we made showed tremendous positive response and a few actually instantly turned raving fans. We love raving fans.

The platform, which we call Doc&Do, opened for Beta use last Friday and we offer among other solutions also free accounts, so that one can go and test it out. You can go here to grab your free account.

Now, the platform will actually help your business do a lot of things, including helping you perform better and much more efficiently, increase the value of your business and much more. But it’s actually quite a lot that the platform can do for you, so to write it up in one post would probably make the read overwhelming, so we have decided to bring some key points in posts over time. Here’s the latest post on the subject:



Never lose another file or document again. Always have the most up to date version, and the notes surrounding those files and documents. It’s as easy as Doc&Do!

Running a business and being busy can be a challenging affair and simple tasks such as keeping order in your paperwork and documents, well let’s face it, it sometimes can cause its own challenges.

Simple stuff, yes. But when you’re busy and emails, and phone calls pile on in and employees and colleagues are pulling you left and right, then these matters sometimes leave you having to plow through your file tree in order to find that one document needed right now.

Sometimes that document is the latest important quote for your big client or the latest employee policy update that you have been working on with your task force. Success, now you found the document. But is it the latest version? And where are your notes that you made to yourself on what you needed to follow up on with this document? Where are the questions you jotted down that you would need to inquire further about with your colleagues?

The new business platform Doc&Do make all these challenges vanish and you now have a system that is easy to upkeep and that will always have your important documents and files at your fingertips, available on the go for you to work on, review, accept changes to, collaborate on, invite others to or simply forward onwards to others.

With Doc&Do, you also always now which is the latest version of your document or file and should you so wish, you can even look back at earlier versions. All your notes are kept there with you and you can invite others to collaborate with you and un-invite others if you need to.

The invitation facilities and the access levels that you choose to give to the individual provides you with the perfect way to collaborate with your CPA, your lawyer and even your banks.

Why spend a lot of time of gathering all the papers and documents they need when e.g. the tax returns have to be made, when you can simply invite them to your Doc&Do platform granting access only to the documents you wish or the content areas that are relevant.

With Doc&Do, you automatically digitalize your company and can even eliminate the huge storage space needed to safekeep all your papers for all the years required by the IRS. Bills payables, employee handbook, policies and everything in between gets organize and stored on the Doc&Do platform in logical locations, safeguarded and encrypted, and yet easily retrievable again when needed even when you are on the go.

In some respect, the Doc&Do is your document repository. But it’s so much more than that. It’s where you will manage, collaborate and create all your business process documentation and by doing so, ensure that your company intelligence and special insights always remain safeguarded with the company, even if an important employee should decide to leave your company at some point.

At Pivot Point Enterprises, creators of the Doc&Do platform, we believe the platform will help a huge number of companies, businesses and entrepreneurs. We will try to give you further insights as time goes by as to how the Doc&Do platform will help transform your business, make it more valuable and make it perform more efficiently. Meanwhile, we suggest you head on over to sign up for at least the free account, so that you get to try it out and can see for yourself what it can do for you and mean for your business.

Never Lose A Document Or File Again

Pivot Point Enterprises

One Of My New Ventures Finally Opened Up It’s Premier Product For Beta Use Today

I’m truly excited that today we finally opened up for Beta use of the new platform that we have been working very hard at getting finalized to this stage over the past 4 to 5 months. Especially my respect goes to my partner in this company, Frank Curtin as well as our great team out in India. They have all worked extremely diligently to get to this point.

We believe we have sorted out most bugs, but it is Beta Stage we’re in now, so we expect to see a few things now that we get to test it with a greater amount of people coming on board. We also expect to receive valuable feedback that may enable us to improve further on the platform, but I must say that I’m thrilled about the potential of the platform and not least about how much this will enable businesses to perform much more efficiently and achieve better results. I think we will make a lot of people happy once they understand what the platform can do for them and what it will mean for their businesses and operations.

Here’s the Press Release that went out today:

Pivot Point Enterprises’ New Business Platform DocAndDo Opens Up For Beta Users

Highlands Ranch, CO. – March 7th, 2014 – Pivot Point Enterprises announced today that their new business platform called Doc&Do finally opened up for Beta Testers.

Doc&Do Logo

The business platform will enable companies store all their important documents safely and always readily available. But more than that the platform enables employees to manage and collaborate on all their business processes and to record important and valuable business processes.

Pivot Point Enterprises is headed up by Frank Curtin, business and financial model wizard, project manager and supply chain strategist, and Mikkel Pitzner, marketing expert, successful businessman and partner of several businesses, professional board member and mentor.

The two businessmen established Pivot Point Enterprises towards the end of last year with the specific idea for the Doc&Do business platform after always having had the challenges of how to safeguard internal business processes, the business intellect and limit vulnerability in the businesses they have operated through out many years and not least seeing the same struggles within all the businesses they have individually helped and consulted over their careers.

After searching for a platform that would enable them to overcome these challenges came up short, the partners decided to create one themselves and the result is the Doc&Do platform which they opened up for Beta users today.

“We are excited about the new platform which we believe will help a lot of small to medium sized businesses,” commented Mikkel Pitzner, CEO of Pivot Point Enterprises.

One of the challenges that the partners see all businesses have is that of securing valuable knowledge and intellect of how you do the things you do within your business, so that you are not vulnerable for key personnel leaving your company for whatever reason and also so that you can much more easily train new employees and get them aligned with your processes in order for your business to continue smooth and seamless deliveries of your products and services.

The platform will enable businesses to accomplish a lot of things and provides much improved efficiencies for often repeatable non-income producing activities along the way.

“In the short history of our company, I cannot fathom just how many times we have had the need to locate just one specific business document and provide this to partners such as banks, payroll companies, merchant accounts and other collaborators and service providers. With the platform, we can now just invite them to our platform and they can access the documents that we allow them to and that they require”, added Mikkel Pitzner.

Simultaneously, Doc&Do allow employees to collaborate on the best practices of how they do their business and then record and store that information, readily available for the people who need to know, such as new hires down the road. Benefits of always having the information available at your fingertips (even when you are on the move), knowing that you are indeed looking at the latest update version and push notification of new updated important documents are just a few of the many benefits and features the Doc&Do platform additionally provides.

Initial feedback for the Doc&Do platform has been overwhelmingly positive and Pivot Point Enterprises are certain that the platform will help companies improve their day to day operations and results.

About Pivot Point Enterprises

Pivot Point Enterprises was established in October 2013 with the specific focus on creating and building a business platform that could help small to medium sized companies get better organized with all their processes and documents and in such a way that the businesses’ collective knowledge base and know how was secured and available to anyone who needs and is granted access, especially new hires in need of learning how to do their jobs.

The platform will enable businesses to manage all business processes and enable several employees to collaborate on projects, processes, documents and ensure that all files and documents are safely stored in one place, always ensuring that you are looking at the last updated document, while safeguarding older versions.

New and updated policies, contracts and other documents can push notify the key employees that will need to be briefed hereof and alerts will ensure that timely revisions are commenced on the documents that have such needs.

The solution and the platform is directed for small to medium sized businesses across all industries and the intention is for helping such businesses perform better and stronger and to build a better economy for the future.

Ensuring Corporate Governance and Compliances are added benefits that follow naturally from the use of the Doc&Do business platform.

To learn more

To learn more about Pivot Point Enterprises, please visit

or call 1-720-330-9133

To learn more about DOC&DO and to sign up for as Beta user, please visit


Mikkel Pitzner


Cultural Differences and Nuisances

Today, still fighting and battling my cold, I tried to do a lot of canvass work for one of the other new ventures of mine – the venture of RetailWise USA.

This venture, which offers very uniquely comprised surveys for large retailers that will provide them with invaluable insights to just how well their stores in reality are performing and not least what their true potential is, is based upon a great deal of expertise and background of Danish company named RetailWise which already has an impressive presence throughout Europe.

Well, most of us have some experience with cold calling canvass work, either as the one doing it or as the recipient of such calls on the other end of the line. We probably also have mixed feelings about these in general. Sometimes as a recipient we can get really annoyed about the intrusion of someone who just wants to sell us something, but other times I must admit, that I personally at least, have been pleased to get introduced to something rather remarkable or perhaps just a fantastic offer that I ended up being really happy about accepting. To perform the cold canvass work on its side can sometimes be intimidating or demoralizing as you must be able to withstand a lot of rejections and at times even down right negative response. But ultimately is often a matter of a numbers game in which the more you do it, then bigger your results. To that end, it of course helps to have a good script and to be good at adapting your communication to handle whatever objections you are met with.

But like I mentioned, I really pulled myself together today – delayed too long already by this nuisance of a cold that just doesn’t seem to let go of me – and I called and reached out to a long line of large US retailers. I had collected a list long list of them, so it was just a matter of getting to them, ringing them up one by one. And so I did.

If you have ever done something similar anywhere, you are probably aware of just how many tries you will have to endure to get anywhere. However, I have to tell you that this proved a bigger nuisance than expected and it all comes back to the usual impression that I have been reliving ever since I moved to the US. You see, here in theRetailWise USA

United States, to a degree much greater than I have experienced anywhere else in the world, the companies – large and small – have a serious tendency to “hide” behind their tedious telephone systems and not least voicemail capabilities. In fact, I have come to believe that a lot of employees, if in fact not most employees, will deliberately hide behind their voicemail and deliberately let all or at least a majority of calls go to their voicemail instead of picking up the phone – regardless of them possibly actually having the extra time on their hands to do so.

I also believe that it’s not just a matter of letting your voicemail be your screening device, but sometimes, I’m sad to say, just out right laziness and just not wanting to deal with anything.

It grieves me to say this, but I must say that I really believe a great deal of truth to be resting within these words. I have felt so pretty much ever since I moved “over here” from Denmark. I have even felt it regardless of me being in the shape of a customer and even possibly wanting to buy something, so in other words the problem doesn’t just reside in matters of me trying to reach someone to sell something to or to complain about a customer experience or product to. Don’t get me wrong. I love the US and I love the Americans, but I really detest the typical phone system encounters and the way companies are handling it. In Denmark, I used to find that it was mostly when you had to reach a public office of sorts that you would continually run into something similar – into situation where you would be calling in vain never reaching anybody or certainly be tested in your patience. But here in the States, it’s almost everywhere you call.

Almost everywhere, you will have to endure long automated answering machines that ask of you to press this for that and that for this, through layers after layers, before you would finally reach your desired end destination, at which point you will invariably be met with – yes, you guessed it: a voicemail. Hardly ever, will you be fortunate to actually get to speak with a person.

If you deal a lot with companies in the US, you must know what I’m talking about.

Meanwhile, also today, I was pleased also to finally have my own telephone auto-answer and response system set up for the new venture RetailWise USA. It too actually makes use of the same facilities as the systems I have just complained about, but at least my auto-message is kept to a minimum and unless it’s out of hours or everybody is busy, then you will actually get a real person answering. So yes, there’s some irony here I admit, but there will be no hiding behind my voicemail here. No, let’s do business!

At any rate, it was kind of fun when I tried to relay my initial cold calling experiences to my buddy who works very engaged with the Danish RetailWise company. He offered comfort as to how I could reach out to some of my colleagues from Europe and fine-tune “my script”. What he had a hard time hearing, was the fact that my message actually stated that it wasn’t that my script was no good, but the fact that I couldn’t even land with an actual person to speak with at the other end of the phone line.

Darn it. So frustrating. But I’m not one to give up. There are other ways to skin the cat. This is just a minor setback. Annoying, yes. But there’s another way. I’ve just got to find it.

So I’m thinking, I will contact meeting bookers’ bureaus and see if they may do this (excuse me for saying it: boring and tedious slavery work) and see if they can get me anywhere and then meanwhile I will work on other channels that I believe will be much more powerful anyways, as they will instill the potential customers to seek me out rather than me trying to get them to pay me a few minutes of audition.

I shall keep you posted as I progress.

If you have has any similar experiences or found great ways of getting somewhere, then please share this in the comments area below. Would love to hear from you.


Pivot Point Enterprises Handdrawn Logo Feature

Pivot Point Enterprises Near Beta Testing Release

As work at Pivot Point Enterprises nears initial completion necessary for Beta Testing release it released a little company video reel yesterday, which can be viewed here:



Pivot Point Enterprises’ premier product is an online business platform that is sure to aid a lot of companies – small to medium sized of any industry – to organize, collaborate on and store all their business processes. Not only will this make it so much easier to work with all official governing bodies like the IRS, with the companies’ CPA’s and lawyers, but it will also make it much easier to train and educate new hires along the way as well ensure that all company specific intel remains with the company even if key employees should leave the company for what ever reason. Simultaneously, all business processes are likely to get more streamlined and coherent with each other within the businesses.

The benefits of the soon to be released business platform are many and we shall return with more on these as we progress. Meanwhile, I hope you like the little video snippet.

To sign up for one of the few coveted Beta Tester spots, go to Pivot Point Enterprises

RetailWise USA helping US retailers dramatically improve their results

Press Release: January 8, 2014: New Venture For Successful Multiple Parallel Entrepreneur Mikkel Pitzner Launched – Spells Great News For Large Retailers


How does the individual store and thereby the whole chain increase its earnings – simply, effectively and quickly? Regardless of what retail industry your store is a part of?


Highlands Ranch, CO. – January 8, 2014 – A new business venture headed up by Mikkel Pitzner, marketing expert, successful businessman and partner of several businesses, professional board member and mentor sees first light.

RetailWise USA launched publicly today. The new business venture builds and expands upon the very successful Danish company RetailWise that after huge success starting in Denmark and following in several European countries currently is heavy expanding all over Europe and now also gets its presence in the United States.

The US company, RetailWise USA LLC, is headed up by the successful multiple parallel entrepreneur Mikkel Pitzner via his company Pitzner Enterprises. The company is working closely with the proprietary idea creator RetailWise and its founder, John Schønberg in Denmark.

The news of this new company should generate a lot of interest soon among all larger retailers. A major factor to the huge success RetailWise has experienced already among household brand name large retailers all over Europe is due to a very unique concept and product offered by the company. One particular product especially has brought RetailWise clients dramatic results – a product is called Exitshopping®.

Exitshopping® in one operation combines the very best of Mystery Shopping, customer satisfaction rates, loyalty rates, analyses, customer utility flows etc. to help large retailers pinpoint where to set in to dramatically improve results, productivity and ultimately profits.

The concept has proven so successful among some of the largest European retailers that free pilot projects turn the prospect retailers into paying customers at a rate of approximately 80%.

“RetailWise is hugely successful in Europe with some of the most recognized and largest retailers there. So successful in fact that RetailWise is currently expanding forcefully into several local presences throughout European countries,” stated Mikkel Pitzner.

“Seeing that the market in the US is so heavily influenced by the presence of so many large retailers it just makes perfect sense that RetailWise must come to the United States and I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to head up the business here”, continued Mikkel Pitzner, CEO of RetailWise USA in a statement and continued; “Our proven concept is certain to create massive results for many, many large retailers here in the United States, just as we have done in Europe. I expect us to be very, very busy in the time to come.”

Mikkel Pitzner continues: “Improving these large retailers topline, costs, productivity etc. by just a few percentage points spell huge increases and improvements to the profit line. Simultaneously, the improvements usually bring about or is in fact brought by increased customer satisfaction. In other words, it’s hard not to be really interested in our services and our Exitshopping® product as we really offer a win-win-win solution.

Already Mikkel Pitzner is a multiple parallel and serial entrepreneur with many, many varied activities on his plate and very vast experience behind him. He also sits on a number boards of directors for many varied businesses spanning several countries and several different types of industries, including privately held as well as publicly traded companies.


About RetailWise

RetailWise was established in Denmark by majority owner John Schønberg and a couple of silent investors. It developed some very unique concepts that help larger retailers dramatically improve their results on many levels, not least the bottom line.

One of the more noticeable offerings and concepts is that of Exitshopping® which is taking Europe by storm and has already help create very noticeable results for a long string of household brand name retailers there.

RetailWise is represented throughout Europe, Asia and now also North America.


About Mikkel Pitzner

Originally from Denmark, Mikkel Pitzner he used to run what turned into the fourth largest car rental company and a leasing company he lead to a doubling of size and a quadrupling of locations.

Up until end of 2010 he owned and operated the largest limousine service company in Denmark which profits he managed to grow 3200% during the first year of ownership alone. The company served the most discerned clientele including no less than 3 recent US presidents, being George Bush, President Clinton and President O’Bama, the latter during the World Climate Summit meetings during 2009, servicing more than 200 limousines to the US Embassy of Copenhagen along with numerous other embassies, countries, royalties, celebrities, multi-conglomerates etc.

Mikkel Pitzner also successfully ran an import and distribution company of scuba diving equipment until that company was sold to a German distributor.

Mikkel Pitzner is still a partner of Freetrailer (which comprises of Freetrailer Denmark, Freetrailer Sweden and soon Freetrailer Germany) and of a very unique advertising and marketing bureau named Aksel & Ko. Mikkel Pitzner is a sought after professional board member and current sits on boards of companies spanning the US, Denmark, Sweden and Poland, including privately held as well as publicly traded companies.

Mikkel is also a multiple best selling author (with 6 best selling books published so far) and speaker and teaches entrepreneurs how to create a business that will provide you with the lifestyle of your choice while taking you off the treadmill of your job, so you can spend your time on things of your choosing. A list of Mikkel Pitzners books is given below:

The Art And Science Of Success, Vol 2

The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need

The Success Secret

Marketing Miracles

New Rules Of The Game

Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets For Marketing Your Business Online

Masterminds’s Insights To Business Success

Mikkel Pitzner has been featured on CNBC, abc,, Entrepreneur, Fox News, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, SmartMoney, USA Today and NBC. Mikkel Pitzner was also a guest at the Brian Tracy TV Show.


To learn more about RetailWise USA, please visit or call 1-855-710-0014, to learn more about Mikkel Pitzner, please visit or contact him directly via contact details given below.



Mikkel Pitzner