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Like most other people I got financially hammered in the systemic financial upset that took really big effect in September 2008. Just 3 months earlier and I was at the peak of my financial success and state of wealth, basically in a position in which I would ever have to worry about money again, but in just a few weeks in September and all that changed and when everything was tallied up at the end of the year, it was apparent that I now owed away more than I was worth.

Banks, who up till then had been my best “friends” always seeking to expand my portfolio and fund this with even more loans and debt, now turned their ugly faces and, quite frankly, proved the existence of some of the ugliest behavior and traits I have ever seen in human beings – all while they actually had full security for the debt I had to them. Goes to show…

Well, I got back on my feet. Made progress in shorter time than I have ever made progress before. In fact, I usually say that I made my first real fortune in 40 years and I had a lot of help. Then I lost it all in just 3 months. And finally made my second fortune in just 2 and a quarter years with more obstacles and with none of the help I had enjoyed the first time around.

From personal debt burdens in excess of $6 millions at its peak to becoming completely debt free in 2 years and 3 months. Wonderful experience being debt free. I hadn’t been debt free since I was 14 and now I was 43.

I learned a lot along the way. About business and investments. About human nature, not least the uglier sides to it. But most of all I learned many things about value. I learned the truth that money does not make you happy. I even learned that I could be happy having no money at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have a ton of money any day of the week and I do strive to make a lot money (much more than I ever have), cause let’s face it, it’s just so much nicer to have and not need than to need and not have.

Money brings you many things. It opens a lot of doors and affords you a greater lifestyle, comfort and security in my book, plus I really like the toys it can buy and the luxuries that you can give yourself and your family.



“I really appreciate all that I learned from the horrible experience of losing it all and the huge crisis of 2008
– I just think the lesson was a bit expensive”.

– Mikkel Pitzner

My ego-website that you are visiting here, shows you more than just my vanity and ego (although I do make fun of this to some extent). The website will tell you about the journey of my entrepreneurial life, what endeavors I enter or am engaged in. It tells about my successes, but also my failures. Not least will I over time share the insights that I gain from my experiences, so that the visitor may learn from my mistakes or get inspired from my luck and fortune when such occur.

It’s my hope that this website over time will become a source of inspiration and valuable knowledge. To improve upon it, I welcome your input, your stories and your experiences (good and bad), I will look forward to your questions and comments and I will be open to extrapolate when possible in areas that you may wish to know more of. All you need to do is to communicate and interact with me, by dropping me a note to info@mikkelpitzner and or connect with me on the various social platforms links to which you can find in the footer of the website. I also welcome you to comment on the blog posts when ever you have something good to add, a question or even a different view point.