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High Performance Consultancy With Mikkel Pitzner


Drawing from his vast experience from a multitude of companies and industries that Mikkel Pitzner over the years has been engaged with and utilizing the knowledge acquired from the many mentors, seminar and education that he continuously broadens and deepens his expertise with, Mikkel Pitzner now offers to the professional or individual businesses coaching that is aimed at achieving higher and greater results with greater speed and greater ease.

Results that professionals seek may differ from individual to individual. For some the focus may be to make more money. For others the focus may be to achieve greater amounts of free time. Others seek more freedom and a combination of greater incomes and more free time to use for family, travels or hobbies.

Businesses may require consultancy for different reasons, but oftentimes the focus is on greater results in improving the profit line, reach, market share, rapport with customers, marketing or a combination of all. For other businesses the focus may be to prepare for generational changes or for streamlining the company in such a fashion that the owner can be relieved of some of the burden of running the business.

The huge variation of businesses that Mikkel Pitzner has been or still is engaged with has generated a unique amount of insights that can be harvested for finding the formula that will make the difference for you or your business.

A recent example took one client’s income and tripled it with just one little adjustment in the client’s focus and got the results within 3 weeks of learning and implementing the strategy. In fact the trick was so powerful, that not only did the client not need to change anything really in the product sold, nor did it require any more work – actually probably less – and not only was the income tripled, but it also came with vastly more interesting opportunities, people and venues. All from one relatively simple idea.

That’s right, the results were generated almost instantly with so many extra benefits and improvements on top of the financials with just one relatively simple idea. BUT it took Mikkel Pitzner to identify this idea.

Should you have an interest in any of these products or services I would love to hear from you. Simply drop me a note and I shall get in touch with you at the earliest possible time.