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Sometimes What Sounds Too Good To Be True … Actually IS True

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I mentioned in a previous post (In Search Of The Ultimate Lifestyle And Why I’m Giving Away US$ 2,500 To A Worthwhile Cause) that old saying about what sounds too good to be true usually is to good to be true, but just once in awhile what sounds too good too be true, actually can turn out to be too good to be true.

But the problem is, that most of the time we will not allow ourselves to experience that situation, because we do not dare venture down that road. The reason for that of course is that we just don’t trust a thing sounding too good to be true, and quite honestly it is probably most likely due to the fact that somebody (excuse the language) screwed us (or at least somebody we know or heard about) some time in the past. And this unfortunate situation probably happened more than once.

Our reptilian brains then steps in when new potential opportunities come our way and in its attempt to look out for us and take care of our well being shut down our courage to venture down a new road and embracing a new opportunity. We instead venture on doing what we always have done and getting the same results we have always gotten, dismissing the potential and the promises of that new opportunity we were introduced to as a hoax or quite literally as BS.

I do this often and I bet you do it often too.

But once in awhile I do find the courage or the stupidity to venture into engagement with a new opportunity that I am being presented to. And once in awhile I wake up one day later on and wished that I hadn’t, finding myself once again in a situation in which I have been fooled out of money and taken advantage off or quite simply that the outcomes never matched the hopes for same.

However, I’m still thankful, that though I have had many let downs and experienced plenty of upsets, that I still have the courage to allow myself take on new ventures once in awhile. Cause just sometimes these new ventures actually do produce results and outcomes that can be greatly appreciated, felt dramatically on an income level financially and sometimes brought me in connections with great new people and brilliant minds.

And yes, I still doubt most of what people try to sell me or sell me on, I still try to do my due diligence and evaluate each opportunity as they are presented to me and unfortunately I still don’t always get it right. But once in awhile I hit on something good and usually that something will make up for a lot of previous pains, mistakes and losses.

My friend Anthony told me a few months ago about this one little thing that he had gotten into. It required very little daily work, just about two minutes of your time a day, seemingly encompassed no risks, paid you daily (even during weekends) and gave you residual income and hey, you could even sign up for free and you did not even have to sell anything. Of course going in at the free level would mean a smaller share of the pie every day, than paying for a level higher up in the system. And for those who ventured all the way and got in on the top level, well, they apparently got really well paid through their share of what is a system of revenue sharing from a company that actually sells products in a big way. The numbers he told me about were huge.

Well, my brain discarded the notion of this and I said I wasn’t interested. I didn’t like the sound of it. I didn’t interest myself for the business model or “that type of company” and certainly the pay off seem way too good to be true.

So another month go by and Anthony and I talk on the phone on various occasions on other matters, until one day, I ask him again: “Hey, what was that thing again that you had gotten into? What was that all about again? What has been your experience with that?”

And Anthony told me once again and as before everything sounded too good to be true and frankly, had it not come from someone I trusted, I wouldn’t have bothered, nor would I have spent my time listening much more to it. But thankfully, I trusted Anthony and I listened a bit more.

I caved in and accepted that we would do a phone call with the person that had gotten Anthony into the business venture and I could see the results that were obtainable by being logged into the back office of said person.

What I saw there blew my mind. Huge results and again all supposedly by doing just a few minutes of work every day (mostly a copy paste and a few clicks with the mouse). Ok, I wanted some of that. I really didn’t believe it in its entirety, but I wanted some of that and I started dreaming a bit. So finally, I said: “Sign me up and let’s go do this thing”.

In truth, I really didn’t quite believe the results would be as more or less promised, but I was willing to go for it and naturally hoping that at least I would get some decent results from it.

Well, just sometimes things that sound too good to be true, actually turns out to be true.

Just 30 days it took for me to reach a value of my revenue share that would correspond to a return on the amount that I paid to enter at the highest level I went for. 35 days which I past just the other day and I’m at 60% ROI. Now, do allow me to satisfy FTC regulations, by stating here once again clearly that this is not an investment and nor is the money made to be considered a return on investment. Instead you become an affiliate marketeer and it’s your own business that you run and the money you make is your part of a revenue sharing program that the company you are involved with in this venture has.

Allow me also once again to stress that the above results have been reached without selling anybody anything. But full disclosure I can sign up anybody who wish to be a part of such opportunity and who wish to achieve similar results and I will receive a sort of commission from the company for anybody that I do sign up. But in my mind that’s all fair and square. Whether you sign up with me, somebody else or find yourself a direct way to sign up with the company (not even sure that’s possible), your sign up costs will be the same.

And remember, you can in fact sign up for free.

To me I found that it was super important that I as well as anybody else I would introduce this opportunity to could receive big results without the need to sign up somebody else, cause we all know all these Multi Level Marketing (MLM) opportunities out there, where, yes, you probably can make good results and great residual incomes, but that it would require you to sign up people left and right, which again probably results in you trying to sign up everybody from your grandmother to her cat and all your siblings and parents and everybody you meet, until everybody tries to avoid you like the plague, which again means that not only don’t your friends or family want to talk with you out of fear of having to sub-comb to yet another sales pitch from you, but more than likely also that you are not ever going to get any decent results from the MLM venture at all. On top of that, whoever you did manage to sign up if any, they experience the same downsides and thus, you got them persuaded to buy into something that they ultimately (just like yourself) are not very happy with, so now there is an air of discontent in the atmosphere of your relationship. Know the story?, know the feeling? If yes, you have probably been there and tried this or you have at least thought your way through it and didn’t want to go down that road.

I don’t blame you. I feel the exact same thing, so that’s why I felt that it way super important that the results one could achieve with such a venture had to be enticing enough even though you couldn’t or didn’t sign up anybody. Well, 35 days into the program and not having signed anybody up and the value of my position being equal to 160% of what it cost me to enter – well, to me those are great results.

Now naturally, results will be bigger when you sign up somebody else and your residual income will grow faster from it. But quite frankly even if I never signed up anybody, then I would be pretty happy with the result that I have already gotten. But would I like even more? Of course I would. This is a great source of additional income and I know for some people they have dropped everything else and made this into their only income and they make huge, huge financial results from it. But listen, I don’t want to sell any pipe dreams here. But do imagine if you could just have a few extra dollars per week coming from something that you literally just spend two to three minutes a day on. It won’t interfere with your job or other responsibilities. I usually handle my two minutes with this in the morning and then I don’t need to think about it again until next day. Although, I must admit, with results such as these, I find it almost impossible not to think about on and off all the time.On average the past 5 days have awarded me with more than US$ 200,- per, i.e. I have achieved more than US$ 1,000,- in just 5 days. Could you use an extra US$ 1,000.- per week? How about getting paid all of 7 days per week? What would that do to your lifestyle? What would be possible for you all of a sudden?

And remember, this is just my very initial start. The daily revenue share for my account accumulates exponentially, so I’m making more and more every day.

It seems crazy that you can obtain these results with just a little copy and paste and clicks with the mouse each day for just a few minutes and to me is seems essentially that what you are bringing to the company has little value. But it does seem to be working for the company very well. Their growth is huge and they are in a hot market that seems to be received with storm (a positive storm). Their website is ranked among the 200 top sites of the world in terms of traffic and their real product sales are increasing exponentially. So although I laugh a bit of the “little chore” I have to carry out every day in order to qualify for my part of the revenue share, then it seems to be working, so everybody is happy.

What I like even more about this opportunity besides making some nice residual money almost on automation, is the fact that I can let others do the same and they in turn can generate that extra revenue or income stream. I’m sure a lot of people (who could use a little more every week?) could be greatly helped by this? So that’s where I begin to like this venture even more. More and more I’m becoming aware of how I can bring value to others. From being almost exclusively all about myself in my younger years, I have learned that when I bring value to others, I actually get happier myself. The satisfaction of helping someone else is such a great pay off in itself. Granted, here by helping someone else, I will actually be compensated by the company and I will gladly admit that I like the prospect of that too. I help you, I help the company and I help myself – everybody wins and everybody is happy.

The economy this day and age has been very difficult for a lot of people. A lot of people!

Myself, I lost everything on paper in 2008, but has been able to make a remarkable recovery in just 2.5 years and now find myself debt less and and continuing to live the lifestyle that I want and enjoying the luxury and frequent travels, the fun cars, the gadgets and much more. I have from my experiences these past 4-5 years come to really enjoy exponential results, multiple streams of revenue and income and not least residual incomes. This opportunity that affords me such huge results so rapidly, can do the same for a lot of others too, and I’m excited about the prospect of me being the one who will them achieve it and help them better their lives and make possible for them the lifestyle they want.

For me, my lifestyle wishes include besides having all the toys, fun, travel experiences and luxury, spending time with my little family. I have a beautiful wonderful wife, Olga, a most fantastic son, Gabriel and now we just 11 days ago had our baby daughter, Angelica, come into the world. Most people fear losing their job, I actually fear having a job. A job that will take most of the time afforded me away from spending it with my family. I appreciate every day I get to spend the majority of with my wife, son and daughter. The children grow up so fast, it’s unbelievable, but unlike most people I actually get to witness it closer at hand, because I do not spend time away on a job for countless of hours day after day. I like that.

I can make no guarantees for this opportunity, but for sure I’m going to enjoy it for as long as I can and I hope that the opportunities it offers will never cease. I’m excited with the prospects that I have experienced come to fruition so far and for what this could mean going forth. I’m glad I trusted my friend. I’m glad I dared to venture forth. I’m glad I signed up.