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Joining a Mastermind can be one of the most powerful ways of achieving new results with more speed and with vastly greater outcomes.

I believe the concept of a mastermind group was originally introduced by Napoleon Hill in his notorious masterpiece “Think And Grow Rich” that was originally published in 1937.

Napoleon Hills has famously been quoted for his sentence: “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind”.

Personally I really got started into Masterminding, especially when I joined two separate high-priced mastermind groups run by two top leaders within their own areas of expertise.

In deciding to join these mastermind groups I specifically had the intention of two key things, being :

  • – to align myself with a peer group who were thinking on a much higher level than myself and achieving and having success also at a much higher level than me
  • – to reach my next goals with quantum leaps and exponential steps rather than smaller incremental steps we normally would consider successful

You know, what they say about the top 5 people that you hang out with and their income, right? They say that your income will be equivalent to the average income of these 5 people. In other words, if you want your income to substantially increase then you may need to consider who you hang out with. For me, I believe this not only to be true for your income, but also for other factors such as mindset, intelligence and not least brilliance. I don’t know about you, but I am very highly attracted by brilliance.

So in other words my main aspirations were to move myself and my activities to a whole new level in areas of business, income, but also in mindset, expanding the way I think and hopefully to acquire a little bit of the brilliance of my peer group and in the process, yes, I would not mind taking my income level to new heights.

Does it work? You bet! While I do not wish to disclose of any specific numeric value of improvements in my business, being part of these mastermind groups have pushed me much further much more rapidly than how I progressed prior to joining. In fact as a result of being with these peer groups, I have recently commenced 4 new business ventures simultaneously – the results of which we will naturally have to await and see. But so far it looks really good and very promising. Similar results can be found with my Mastermind group members. At the last meeting in one of the groups, one of my fellow mastermind members roughly tallied up the approximate value of ideas and advice that when implemented into the specific businesses could mean extra value of approximately US$ 400-450,000,000.00. I know this sounds lofty and naturally there are no guarantees when you talk about the value of ideas, but when considering what each individual specific idea that came about held of potential in the specific business for which it was directed then the potential value was definitely there.

Having personally and professionally gained more rapid advancement myself from being part of mastermind groups and seeing that so many of the professional people that I meet ecstatically inquire me further about the opportunities and benefits of joining mastermind groups, I have decided to commence a group of my own.

The aim of said mastermind is to see that each individual member transcends his or her business and hopefully also experience a transformation on a personal level. In the right group collaborating together the group quite simply raises the bar for what is possible, achievable and what will become. The results increase, business expands even in bad economic times and everyone’s persona undergoes vast positive transformations.

I invite you to consider joining, if you feel it is the right fit.


What Will I Get From It?

– Feedback from experts and business professionals with long string of experience behind them that includes failures as well as successes
– You will gain a network of great minds and access to their best resources, skills and talents
– You will gain greater confidence that will empower you even further in your ongoing success – even if your confidence level was high to begin with
– You will see real progress in your business and in your personal life
– You will gain incredible support from likeminded and successful people
– You will become part of a unique group that share visions, commitment and excitement
– You will be able to celebrate your successes along the way with your peers


You Should Apply

– If you own and operate your own business and find yourself struggling in times of bad economy
– If your business is doing really well, but you really want to take it to the next level of extraordinary proportions
– If you want to reach or exceed your goals on a personal or professional level
– If you want a better peer group and a supportive team of mastermind partners
– If you are highly motivated and have a real desire to progress both professionally and personally
– If you wish to experience dramatically improvements of your results and growing your business with less effort and less stress
– If you want to receive timely, objective and honest feedback and learn how you are perceived by others and leverage those insights
– If you want to brainstorm with others who have been where you want to go
– If you want to hone your business skills on both a tactical as well as on a strategic level
– If you want to sharpen your leadership and communication skills
– If you want to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible


When & Where

The mastermind meets in person 3 times a year for two consecutive days. The exact locations will not been decided upon until a review of the members of the full mastermind group can be carried out.

In addition to the meets in person the group will convene once monthly for mastermind call where your progress in your business or personal life can be shared.

The group also shares in an online private community where members help each other and can seek advice and suggestions from each other.

Resources and Rolodexes are shared as are best practices and learned experiences.


The Mastermind group is not for everyone

Becoming a member of the Mastermind group is done by application only. I am only seeking highly motivated and professional people who are willing to bring their expertise and experience and share this along with their best practices. In the group we create a trusted and supportive circle and together the group will raise the bar. Each member of the group is required to “bring it” and be committed and be actively participating, as we otherwise will not achieve the results and progress we want.

The cost of joining the mastermind group is considerable. So if you are down to your last dollar or are struggling too much with your financial state, then the mastermind group is not for you at your current stage. I do not wish to take of your last dollar or take your money if you have difficulties in meeting ends.

All applications will be screened and evaluated and applying does not guarantee acceptance. Further information for the sincere applicant can be supplied upon request.


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