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Copenhagen Limousine Service, the oldest and largest limousine service company in Denmark.

I purchased this company while still employed as Director and subsequently Managing Director/CEO of the fourth largest car rental company in Denmark and took over ownership of the limousine service company by November 1996.

Seeing that I was employed to manage the car rental company, I had to set myself up in such a fashion that I had someone else be present in the limousine service company since I could not be there and since I really could only work on it during evenings and weekends. Fortunately I found great ways to do so and still manage to lead the company to great successes, keeping certain key elements my sole command and charge while assigning other elements to employees and teams.

In fact it was so successful that the first year alone yielded an increase to the profits of no less than 3200% and over the years of my ownership I also more than doubled the fleet, added a couple of coaches (busses) and grew revenues in some year to 4 times the record year of previous owner.

I have since constructed an informational product on how to run successful businesses without necessarily being tied down to working hard in said businesses. The program is to be released early 2012 and is entitled The Automated Millionaire. More to come on that later.