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I can get very enthused about great ideas and great opportunities and have often been known for expressing this by exclaiming thoughts like: “Oh yeah, let’s do this and couldn’t we do that also…”

I have also, though, experienced that many such ideas and enterprises then falter off for what ever reason, such as e.g. that they would be too expensive to get airborne or that interest from a large enough audience is not quite present or so. And some die off sooner rather than later.

In other words the initial enthusiasm oftentimes deflates like air out of a ballon that has not been knotted.

Now this being said, I have had many balls in the air and still like to have lots of activities going at the same time. But I have also recently looked truth a bit further in the eyes and realized that having too many things going on simultaneously can divide your attention and efforts to become unproductive or in such a fashion that great opportunities in one company/area are lost while you are tackling issues in another. I feel I have become more versatile in judging which projects to walk away from from the onset and which projects really deserve some engagement.

And after experiencing the real upset of the financial upheaval that came in September 2008 and from which many are still suffering, I have been deliberate in adjusting my set up in special ways that will make it more possible for me to actively engage in many varied projects and companies all at the same time and be able to achieve real results. I have learned something from my vast experience of running several companies by what I call remote control and have identified how you can have a very special set up that make this lifestyle highly achievable and intact downright really enjoyable.

I have always been fascinated by a multitude of things, even in business and I really enjoy engaging in multitudes of different businesses of different characters rather than being too much bogged down with just one singular focus. For me business is business and it does not really matter what it is you sell, you still have the same fundamentals that need to be right in order for it to be a successful business. Naturally there can be certain elements, skills and experiences pertaining to specific industries that will aid you better than if you do not possess them, but everything else is the same.

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