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Aksel & Ko was a highly innovative company that helps companies bring their ideas to life and creation facilitating special production of their products and ideas oftentimes by finding the right solutions in Vietnam,Thailand, China, India or anywhere else where stringent Aksel & Ko criteria were met.

But just considering Aksel & Ko to be a sourcing company would have done it complete injustice. It was so much more than that even though it was be challenging to put exact words to it.

Let’s just say that Aksel had some very unique skills and a highly evolved innovative mindset that helped your company come up with some very unique and unusual ideas, solutions and results.

The list of customer references was very impressive and included some of the largest brand names and organizations in Scandinavia (see below for examples).



The images below show examples of customer solutions that Aksel & Ko created and produced. The image at the bottom of the page shows some of the customer references. The text in the images are all in Danish as the images were taken from our then Danish website.