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It may be one thing what I happen to write about myself, quite another thing would be what others are saying about me.



It may be one thing what I happen to write about myself, quite another thing would be what others are saying about me. Here is part of an email that I received from a great lady I was introduced to at a seminar:



Hi Mikkel,

I am still feeling the void for not having finished our conversation at Brendon’s course. Still, I think you could have been up there teaching us more with your experience, insight and fearless risk taking. You have rare qualities I have not seen put together in many. I am not saying that to stroke your ego or to come on to you. I think the mixture of who you are, how you think, your sense of generosity, and trust in the universe and that good will always come to you and yours is an inspiration to me. I wonder how you came to this place of peace on the outside and that free fall spirit, of oh well, let’s do it. And all the while staying present, inclusive of others, looking toward the visionaries horizon, certain of your internal values and being generous all at the same time. It is a mixture that usually does not produce the results your life has thus far. It just fascinates me, that is all. It is like seeing a wonderful unique trunk of a large far reaching tree. It has knobs and bumbs but is so artistic in its shape it is mesmorizing. I think the Japanese call it Wabi Sabi.

One of the premises of wabi sabi is that one has to know perfection itself before placing, on purpose imperfection, in just the right place to garner the attention of the observer. It works because the human mind likes to see what doesn’t fit rather than what does. You have danced the wabi sabi dance without getting stuck. You still have your curiosity, interest, passion and dreams in tact. It is almost like the wonder of childhood. Anyway, forgive me for getting so esoteric, but of all the people at Brendon’s or Brian Tracy’s there was only one like you – you. So I had to say that, and I just was wondering how you got that way. So when they go to clone human beings, I can elect you to be one of the first successful choices.

Aviva Boxer

Doctor, speaker, writer, author and natural healthcare practitioner

Mikkel is a person with many talents. He has a fine balance in always creating a good atmosphere even though its tough business. I have had several negotiations with Mikkel and even though its was in a very competitive environment it always ended positively – due to Mikkel’s personality.

To me the keywords with Mikkel is:

High personal integrity, high business ethics, trustworthy, well educated, always well prepared.

Mikkel is a person, that I consider to be my friend. At it is not very often, that you come across business clients that turns into friendships.

And its difficult to recommend a friend, but this recommendations IS written only on Mikkel’s capabilities as a businessperson.

It would be more than happy to stand up for Mikkel should anyone need at second opinion or to be used as personal reference.

Christian Dehn

Partner, Executive Advisor at Willis I/S

Mikkel is a man with lots of ideas and a passion for starting up something new. He always has a new angle to business, ideas on how to improve workflows.

I have had great fun working on Mikkels websites over time. We’ve optimized usability, workflow and design and held seminars to learn the users how to gain most value from their online-tools.

Mikkel is easygoing and makes time to listen to ideas and thoughts

Casper Hach

Senior Interface Designer

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