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Alterna Limousine Service

I purchased Alterna Limousine Service in March 2004. Up until then the company had been run by founder and owner Troels Hersom, who had seen how large assignments could prove very lucrative even when selling at low rates. At Copenhagen Limousine Service we prided ourselves by aiming to supply the best limousine services available in the entire country and we would ask to be compensated accordingly.

We enjoyed a really good reputation and managed to have substantially higher rates than competitors around us, but also offered a substantially larger fleet, more expensive cars fitted with more safety features and equipment and creature comforts, but nevertheless it was a real nuisance when large assignment opportunities came to town to be competing with a company that kept underbidding not just by a margin but by a large chunk.

So eventually, it seemed that one way to get rid of the problem was to get rid of the competitor. Negotiations commenced in 2003, but came to screeching halts a couple of times before we finally reached an agreement in the beginning of March 2004. Following that Alterna Limousine Service offered limousine services as usual under my ownership as was run as a subdivision of Copenhagen Limousine Service keeping its own name, identity and web-presence.