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Scandinavian Limousine Service

I founded Scandinavian Limousine Service somewhere along 1997-1998 in order to prepare my company for the potential of taking it across country borders into Sweden and potential from there further into Norway. The idea came about after several talks with owner of Swedish limousine service company in which we discussed the possibility of me buying his company in connection with his imminent retirement. The opportunity held great promises, but was not without obstacles.

Limousine services seem to be regulated heavily almost in every country that I know of by strict restrictions and demands of citizenship in country of license etc.

In the end the idea of moving across country borders seemed too heavily obstructed, even if the EC regulations rules in favor of free movability of resources and work etc. Instead I used the presence of Scandinavian Limousine Service to cater to the private audience in Denmark for assignments such as weddings and school events etc.