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The Private Car Company

The Private Car Company was established in 2001 when I purchased a colleague’s business in the personal transportation industry. His company was not really considered a competitor as most of the services he rendered were crew transportation for some of the larger and smaller airlines frequenting Copenhagen Airports. The company was called 2B At Your service and was founded by the owner Mr. Brian Baun, who incidentally is a really nice and stand up gentleman.

I purchased the company in order to vest my interests in the industry further and better and in order to optimize my utilization even better of the resources that I had available. These resources included the office and garage that we rented, along with our fleet of vehicles as well as capable personnel in the office and chauffeurs.

During my ownership of the company we had the pleasure of serving among others Air France, KLM, Martin Air, Cimber Air, Novia and a string of others.