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Professional Board of Director via Mikkel Pitzner

Mikkel Pitzner travels extensively all over the world and attends many business and leadership seminars, networking and charity events etc. Through these many engagements Mikkel Pitzner has grown a huge professional network of highly accomplished professionals as well as many who are just recently coming into business.

From meeting such a wide array of people, professionals and business owners, it has become evident that many professionals and businesses are in real need of serious expertise and knowledgable help. Some for ad hoc situations, others for more permanent or semi permanent solutions.

Together with a couple of very, very highly skilled and professional people, including a top operational and organizational expert and a highly skilled and well connected financial planner, Mikkel Pitzner now offers a full board of directors for rent on short or long time basis for companies, whether you are a new start up or a more seasoned company, who can benefit from a team that possess vast experience and can analyze every business and its opportunities and challenges and can help it push through to real noticeable results, growth and profitability, we believe we can help you.

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