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Are You In The Right Place?


Let me get straight to the point

by answering 3 questions for you:



1. What is it?

Well, quite frankly, this site you’re on is my personal ego website. In other words, it’s really just about me, my interests, my ventures and things that inspire me, motivate or otherwise gets me thinking.

2. What’s is it talking about?

Hmm, I pretty much just answered that, but OK, here goes again. I post on this website stuff on what interests me, inspires and motivates me and stuff about me and about my various ventures.

3. What do I get?

Ahh, the famous radio station: What’s in it for me. If you wish to know more about me and about what I do, then you are in the right place cause here you can probably get a pretty good idea. I do a lot of different things and usually all at the same time. That often makes it confusing for people to grasp when they are briefly introduced to me and I try to let them know. Or at least it often makes it difficult for me to describe in brief sentences at fleeting introductions.

Now, what I do hope that some of you might get and what I hope could benefit you, would be insights that I have picked up along the way of my entrepreneurial life, with lots of failures behind me and a few successes. My endeavors have taken me all over the place across nations and continents and across many varied and non-related industries. My connections are vast and so is my reach. Possibly there are benefits in between the ego stuff and the contents that you may not care for that you would find interesting, inspiring, motivating, educational, informative or that may just give yourself a breakthrough. I sure hope so.




I have NOT built this ego-website in order to sell you anything.

So although I know most of the tricks, the How To’s, the Do’s and the Don’ts of marketing, I have not laid out this website in a fashion that will automatically lead you to a natural progression ending with a buy button. In other words, I give you on my website a lot of opportunities in forms of buttons and the like to go meandering off and go down a rabbit hole. As an example, just look at the footer of this site, which for all I know might be the world’s largest footer.

In terms of what I bring you here on the website, the topics may jump around with absolutely no order whatsoever. Again not the smartest choice from a marketing point of view, but then again, as I say, I’m not here to sell you on anything. Yes, there might be a mentioning of something and who knows a buy button may be installed at some point (there are none at the time of writing this – September 2014), but my aim with this website is not to sell you stuff. True, I would love for you to part with some of your money to me for something that will give you huge value and hopefully put you in a position to make lots more from your investment with me, but it’s not my specific purpose for this site.

Forgot what this site is about? Well, go on back to the top and re-read the 3 points in which I explained what it is…

I personally engage in many different businesses, industries and activities. A majority of these are not necessarily associated with each other or even remotely similar. So for the easily confused person this may seem completely out of order. But I’m an Entrepreneur with a capital E. I bring stories from my personal and business endeavors and I bring insights from my own learning, experiences and studies and I bring direction from others who have done or are doing some amazing things.

Ultimately, I’m glad you are here and I hope that you will continue along a bit further down the rabbit hole with me. I would love for you to comment on any posts that I have made and for you to connect with me on any of the social media platforms I’m at. There are plenty of links on my site for these, so you really cannot miss them.

Happy you are here. Happy reading.

Now, let’s go down that rabbit hole together…