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Brownie’s Marine Group is the worlds leading manufacturer of surface supplied and fully marinized diving and compressor systems.

Based in Florida, but with clients all over the world, Brownie’s Marine Group offers almost everything you need for enjoying your diving, whether from the small little great for entire family system or all the way up to the most extensive exploration set ups.

I have in my earlier days working with Brownie’s assisted them with their marketing and web-presence and handle their social media presence.

Later I worked as a consultant creating budgets for their three divisions and helping with investor presentations and business development.

I also sit on the board of directors and aim to bring my experience and connections from all over to bring the company further with the great visions that not least the CEO of the company, Mr. Robert Carmichael, has formulated.

I am also a stock holder in this company.


(Images below are very dated and I do not update this too often if indeed ever).



Brownie’s Marine Group is developing all the time and I do not have the time nor inclination to update the information about the company here on these pages, so in truth this representation will never do it true justice. instead just visit the company’s own website at Brownie’s Marine Group.