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pivot point 200Pivot Point Enterprises was established towards the end of 2013 with a business partner and good friend, Frank Curtin. The specific idea behind the business is based upon an online business platform on which companies can store and manage all their business processes. In other words a platform on which they can safeguard all the insights on everything they do in their businesses, in an extremely safe environment and yet in such a way that everybody who needs the access to the material have it readily available at their fingertips.

Mr. Frank Curtin comes from a long and extensive background in the business processes arena and I myself have extensive experience of working through processes, evaluating them and reforming new and improved processes in businesses. A large portion of Frank’s expertise in this area stems from his time working at IBM and with many clients and my experience comes not least from working with car rentals and limousine services to subsequently working with several other businesses as a consultant on many levels.

Having dealt with a lot of entrepreneurs and their businesses over the years, we have seen first hand how so many of them tend to have a life of having to put out fires all the time in their businesses. They also very often build bottlenecks in their businesses, by leaving it continuously necessary for the employees to seek approval and decisions from the business owner. In addition taking on new hires, result in huge decreases in productivity in the businesses as other more experienced employees now have to devote too much time training the new hires.

Frank and I found that was often missing was clear documentation of business processes. When you have clear documentation and have these readily accessible to those who need to have access to the information, then you can become a much more efficient and smooth running operation and it is so much easier to get everybody in the business on the same page.

Even when we found businesses that actually had business processes well documented, we often found that they suffered two problems: One being that the information, while very well documented, just wasn’t readily accessible for the employees that needed, which in other words defeated the benefit of the documentation. The other typical problem was that the information often was outdated and that there was no decent system for updating documentation, collaborate on it, nor any good way of ensuring everybody were informed of any new changes.

With these thoughts, Frank and I decided to help these businesses by designing a platform that would enable the businesses to have all documentation in place, in safety, yet fully accessible, with easy means of updating these and even collaborating on same and in addition with alerts or similar to inform everyone who needed know when changes had occurred.

The result is the Doc&DO business platform and we are happy to say we have truly succeeded in this quest. It’s an extremely powerful platform that has vastly greater applications that just meets the eye. It’s one of those things that the more you use it the more value it brings you and your organization.

These activities are no longer active.