A new day that hold new opportunities

A New Day – A New Opportunity

A new day is dawning as I write this and that means a new day is offering yet a further opportunity to bring me closer to my goals and my visions.

Today is Wednesday, but it could practically be any day and the day would hold the excitement potential that this one does.

Many people wake up on a Monday morning and get a little grumpy for it means they need to show up at work again at a job that may interest them little – in which they in fact may be building someone else’s dream and not their own. Many people get so depressed about this, that in fact they may even start to ruin the pleasure and atmosphere of a day off on their Sundays, by the mere fact that “tomorrow they have to go back to work”.

I know about this – for I used to be in that situation myself. Long ago, I was working at a job that entailed a bit too much stress than I appreciated and at a job that robbed me too much of my enthusiasm for a job.

When you are working on your own vision and on your own dreams, then you don’t really have this kind of problem. When you are focused on something you find worthwhile and are putting in some serious efforts into making your dreams come true, you welcome each day that comes and that gives you the opportunity to move you one step closer.

Too many people get wound up in petty drama situations or drama discussions – on the home front or at work. They spend enormous amounts of time and energy on gossiping and following the latest story on what the neighbor did or didn’t do. The extreme version of these characters sit in front of the television keeping up to date with the latest Jerry Springer show and a bunch of other low content entertainment with day long talk show marathons.

These are the same people who tend to have a lot of dramas in their lives. They seem to attract it. Whether real drama shows up at their door step or not, they will certainly end up creating it out of the blue. Why? Cause they have no focus on something worthwhile. It’s like the brain needs to create a stimuli to ensure life is interesting. Unfortunately, a very unproductive kind of stimuli – if in fact not highly destructive.

The great thing – other than the fact that you may be spending your time, effort and work on something that is actually valuable – is that you just don’t really occupy your thoughts with all these petty dramas. You simply have no room for it in your life and you don’t have time for it.

Also because you are so engaged in bringing your dreams into fruition you are also so entertained, charged and motivated – time just whizz by.

When there’s too much drama somewhere in your life, be it at work or perhaps on the home front, it’s probably because you don’t have a dream you are actually working towards – or if on the home front, I’m afraid to say this, because your spouse doesn’t have a dream he or she is working towards.

The remedy seems clear though. Find out what really motivates you. What gets you going? What would you like in your life and for your life? What would you like see improved in the world?

Find that goal and start working towards it. Really work towards it. Soon enough and sure enough you will find you have a different sense of fulfillment in your life and soon enough you will be more excited, more energized and yes, soon enough you too, don’t really wish to spend too much energy on the latest gossip or creating dramas where there really aren’t any.

I don’t blame people who are working in less than interesting jobs to lose motivation. My favorite mentor used to say:

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

– Jim Rohn

Yes, a lot of “ordinary” jobs do not hold much of spark or promise of a better future. In addition, I don’t believe it is for everybody to become an entrepreneur and to pursue his or her own dreams that way. But I believe it is within the power of every individual to make a better life and a better world for themselves – somehow – some way. Even if it seems impossible.

So even for those who may seem stuck in dead boring jobs, I would venture to say, that when focused on worthwhile goals – perhaps somewhere else in your life, perhaps outside the work situation – you too, can make a worthwhile life and don’t have to have the repetitive never ending dramas. You too can be looking forward to every new day and know that, it’s going to be a good day, cause that’s how you create it.

You create your life, so why not make it a good one?

A new day that hold new opportunities

Ready For Take Off

I have truthfully been unsatisfied with my own results for quite some time. It’s time that this changes. It has been time for too long, but honestly, I wasn’t doing much about it.

Well, that’s about to change. This is one of those things that is great, when you have finally gotten enough – and I have finally gotten enough. I need to change this and that means I need to change.

Here’s what Jim Rohn said:

I used to say, “I sure hope things will change.” Then I learned that the only way things are going to change for me is when I change.

So as I said, I’m very willing to make the necessary changes and have already taken several steps to get it going. Sometimes the only way to really get going, is – to really get going.

For me that means that every day, I’m taking massive action steps to bring me one step forward. Forwards towards that new goal line that I have set up for myself. To keep me motivated, I revisit continuously (and certainly every morning as the day begins) what that goal line is. To keep on track, I revisit every day the time frame that I have set up for myself for reaching the goal line. It’s no good falling behind too much, for catching up can already be hard when you have set an ambitious goal to begin with. And your goal should be ambitious.

My father always said:

“The day that is spent never returns”

– Axel Pitzner

In other words, you need to ensure that you spend every day wisely and not miss your opportunity to progress and move forward. Make the most of every day you have.

I’m ready for take off. I’m ready and willing to make the changes and accept the sacrifices that they entail. I’m also ready to reap the rewards.

Ready for Take Off at Mikkel Pitzner -passenger jet plane flying over airport runway against beautiful dusky sky use for aircraft transport and cargo logistic and traveling business industry

Yes, I need to change and though making changes is not easy for us in general, I’m so committed to it now that I actually find great excitement in it.

“For Things To Change – You Have To Change

For Things To Improve – You Have To Improve”

-Jim Rohn

The great thing is that I have amble experience in a wide variety of endeavors and I have previously had some very satisfactory results, so I know what it takes. Among other things, it takes a lot of work. I find that I’m actually looking forward to doing this work. No, not all of it is so much fun, but a lot of it can actually be, when you are focused on where it is you wish to go.

I’m privileged too, for I have several endeavors that I’m currently pursuing and they are incredibly cool and hold very big promises of what can be. I invite you to come along for the ride. Your company will be appreciated and I look forward to journeying with you.

To come along on the journey I suggest that you sign up for the future updates. No, I hate spam as much as anybody and I will not be sending you a ton of junk. I will only be sending you what I believe can add value to you, your endeavors and your life – and should I tire you after all, then you can always unsubscribe with an easy and simple click of the mouse. Also your email will rest safe with me as I will never share or sell off that information.

You might also consider following my page on Facebook and please by all means feel free to comment here below or on the Facebook page. I would love to learn what you are working on and where it is taking you. So please come join the fun.

Let me know what you are working on.

Let me know what your goals are.

I’m ready for take off. Are you?

Focus In Order To Achieve More feat

Trying To Get More Focused

Moving ahead in search of greater results and real tangible grand outcomes.

I wrote in one of the latest blog posts that I’m making some changes and that I’m very committed to making these changes. Not only is it something I really want to do, but it’s also something that is highly necessary and long overdue. In the follow up blog post I wrote that I had added the word “Achiever” to my ego-website title. After several years of not performing to my abilities and honestly not working to my abilities, I have realized that I need to make a lot more happen and “DO” a lot more. In fact, I need to implement massive actions and I’m pushing this hard as I enter 2015.

One of the ways of achieving more, is to actually focus more on fewer items.

Focus In Order To Achieve More


This is nothing new and many self help books and books on how to achieve success will hit upon this. However, I suffer from the entrepreneurial bug – the shiny new object curse – in such a way that I have a great challenge in limiting myself to just a few things – let alone just one thing. Repeat visitors to my ego website might thus have seen that during 2014 I had listed some 12 new start ups that I was implementing all at the same time. Even as I wrote about these I also strongly underlined that this is not the best course of action, but rather that one should choose just one such start up and really give it a serious go.

Well, I can state that I probably ended up actually commencing 6 of them. One (SR) fell off the plan before it really got started. The reason for that was that the person who had the idea for the venture ended up – sorry to say – screwing a buddy and me and we dropped the venture. Thankfully this was before any money was put into the venture, but still it was a shame. The idea behind the project was great and entailed many opportunities and possibilities. But I wouldn’t advise anybody to do business with people of little integrity and people who aren’t trustworthy. Yes, you will invariably come across some such people and often find out too late in the game, but that is all part of doing business. If you are too scared all the time, you’ll probably never get anything started.

Now in terms of further focus now that I was left with 5 commenced projects, I’m happy to say that one of them (GAPL) actually doesn’t entail any work nor any noteworthy time expenditure. The reason being that this venture really just constituted forming a corporation that would act as a family corporation that will be the ultimate owner of some of the other activities. In other words, once established it itself does not entail much work other than the yearly tax return and associated tasks.

A third of the new ventures (RW), I implemented, but quickly found that it wasn’t going to go very far without a lot of actions and daily tedious tasks that at this point in time I feel would be wasteful compared to where else I could invest my time. Also I was expecting more to come out of “a partner abroad” than what I saw, so again, in conclusion I decided to “park” this activity till further notice.

This means at time of this writing, outside my existing entities and ventures, I have 4 new start up activities that I’m very sincerely committed to. With the start ups that I’m committed to from 2014, it means that I have 6 main project areas in terms of business for 2015.

It’s still a bit much, but one of them (UH) will be a long work in progress with some work entailed once in a while, but probably not a lot just yet. Two of them (TGSA & TAM) will entail a lot of work, but I estimate that each will have about a month’s worth of serious commitment in order to reach a result from which to become “live” and from which point it will require less, but steady nurturing and activity.

Now 3 of the ventures will require a lot of actions – massive actions and on a continued basis. My intentions are to build teams to help handle all of these activities as things progress. In the beginning most activities will be handled just by me, but as soon as I get some traction, I will need team members to join the ventures and that will be hugely helpful and will then on its own continue even more traction.

The good thing is I can actually handle a lot more personal work, since as mentioned I didn’t perform very greatly in this area in recent years. In other words, I have amble capacity here and I certainly have vast experience and knowledge that is needed for these ventures. So I’m confident I will see some real progress very fast.

Ventures Under Way

The Enterprises Under Way as it was stated up till recently

One of the ventures that will continue to need some real effort is that of Pivot Point Enterprises. At the end of 2013, a partner and I established this company with the specific aim of building a unique business platform on which businesses can manage, store and document everything they do in their businesses. We have succeeded at that and have built something rather spectacular in the platform that we call Doc&Do. People who have had the chance to get a real demonstration of the platform are very enthused and blown away by its power and usability, but we still have huge way to go in order to build a critical mass of users. In other words we have our work cut out for us on this one. If you are reading this, I invite you to go and test it out. You can sign up for a free account. If you wish, you can also reach out to me and have a demonstration set up for you (limited availability).

In 2015 and as soon as possible, I’m also excited to announce that I will aim at bringing the activities of Freetrailer to the US. Freetrailer is already hugely successful in Denmark and Sweden and has a few more countries opening up in Europe in 2015 if everything goes according to plan. The US seems to hold huge possibilities for our business model and in truth I’m just awaiting some important pieces to the puzzle before I officially will reach out to the potential partner companies here in the US.

But much more on that and on the other activities that I will focus on during 2015.

For now, I’m just pleased to bring down the areas of focus. Yes, I still have existing areas of focus and obligations and I will tend to them with equal fervor and strength, but these are exiting times and I invite you along for the ride and suggest that you might sign up for more future updates.

Again in closing, my suggestions to others would be to focus on the one venture that entices you the most and go for that full out. Then once it’s up and running well, you can possibly have a go at another and additional venture. Going for several big ventures at the same time is not my recommended course of action. However, I have found my way of achieving some success doing so via my previous experience from back in the day when I purchased my first personal business, while employed as the CEO of another large and very busy business. Back then I had to remote control my newly acquired personal business and was only “allowed” to work on that in my free time, evening and weekends and yet grew its profit line by 32% in my first 14 months of ownership. But more on that some other time…

Meanwhile, I would love to hear from you and invite you to comment below with your stories.

What are your areas of focus for your 2015?

What will you be working on?

What are your goals?


Big Idea Taking Off at www.mikkelpitzner.com

New Word For Me – What’s Your Word?

My last blog entry here was the blog on Changes Ahead in which I spoke about some changes that I will be making. Some changes that are highly overdue and that I’m also very excited about implementing.

Now, I was indeed very vague about what the changes will be, but I shall enlighten further as we go along and as I manage to implement them and as I manage to get the changes and the necessary action steps started.

So here’s the first change. It may seem very simple, but I believe there’s more to it than that. Indeed, I believe it holds power and that results will flow from it. Not by itself alone, but indirectly from what it means and what it will mean for my activities, routines and new habits.

What’s the change?

The change is: A Word.

“A word. Huh?”

Yes, that’s right I have “implemented” a word. Well, in actual fact, I have added a word to my website.

That word is: “ACHIEVER”.

The word has been added to this website’s title, which used to read: “Mikkel Pitzner, Serial Entrepreneur & Dreamer Extraordinaire”.

Now the amended title reads: “Mikkel Pitzner, Serial Entrepreneur, Dreamer & Achiever Extraordinaire“.

“So what”, you might say and I hear you. Adding a word in itself may not really mean a lot. But then again it actually might mean more than we think it will.

Back when I first set out with this ego-website I added the word “Serial Entrepreneur” for that was an obvious choice of who I am and what I had been doing up till then and what I’m still doing to this day.

But just placing the “Serial Entrepreneur” seemed truthfully a little boring and unremarkable and quite possibly also a little too generic and commonplace. So I added another couple of words back then, namely the: “Dreamer Extraordinaire”.

My reasons for choosing the words Dreamer Extraordinaire as descriptive of me were and still are that I do find myself to be a dreamer. I dream a lot of dreams and I sometimes dream of big things. I love exploring grand visions and to ponder “what if”.

In addition, I have long maintained that everything in this world is created twice. First it’s created in the mind or in the spirit (internal world) and then subsequently it is created in the outer world (external world).

A building for instance was first created in someone’s mind and blueprints were drawn up etc. Only subsequent to that was the building built.

In other words, it’s highly powerful and also very necessary that we can dream.

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”
― T.E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph

I have always been proud of my abilities of having vision for things that might be. I believe I can dream big and see things that could be created that could make real impact in this world.

The problem, however, is if we just remain dreamers – or daydreamers. We need dreamers in this world, but more than that we need the dreamers that also “do”. In truth a bit of that has been lacking on my end.

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.

– Sarah Ban Breathnach

Yes, I have had many dreams and ideas and yes, I did commence a great deal of projects all at the same time, but in reality, I still lacked backing everything up with much more action. Massive action.

Massive actions coming your way at www.mikkelpitzner.com

So as we commence this new year, I’m highly committed to making some great changes in my life, for me and mine and for those who may wish to follow along. I need to implement massive actions.

For my site title I thus thought about implementing the word “doer”, but it just didn’t seem to ring quite right. So I chose the word “Achiever”. For the achiever, I believe dreams, visions and ideas must have gone forth beforehand. Then actions were implemented and then when successful, the achieving was realized. I wish to achieve much, much more than I already have. Yes, I have achieved quite a bit I think. But at the same time, the last (too many) years, I actually don’t feel I have achieved enough of real substance or of real results and I seriously need for that to change. The great thing is, that I know what is needed for that to happen. Mostly, I believe I need two things to be high on my radar and calendar going forth to make it happen: More focus on fewer real things and massive, massive actions to be implemented for those things that I will now focus on.

Great thing is: I’m ready. Yes, I’m sooo ready.

It’s cool in a sense that I’m reaching this stage right at the commencement of a new year, but it actually hasn’t much to do with that. It’s just a coincidence. But cool nevertheless, cause it’s natural for us to stop up for a brief moment and sense where we are at in our lives and where we wish to be at – especially as we exit a year or as we enter a new year. So timing is absolutely fine with me, but it could easily have been any other time during the year. In truth, I’m just happy that I’m finally finding myself here and I’m so excited about what is to come and am excited about the massive actions that I will commence implementing instantly and continuously going forth.

As I stated earlier, you may find adding a word to my site title doesn’t mean much of anything. But I actually feel it does mean a great deal. The word now that I have added it here, is an identifier for me. It’s a word that I now will ididentify myself with and it’s a word that I will associate myself with and that I feel is descriptive of me. For someone to achieve success, you have to become success. If you wish to get into great shape and health, you will have to become such a person. How does such a person act? What choices does such a person make? By choosing the word Achiever for myself, I will now, more than ever before, have to think consciously about my choices in life and in every day and about my activities and habits. The unconscious probably commenced thinking about these decisions and activities as soon as I made a decision about who I wish to be – who I wish to become and who I wish to be.

Big Idea Taking Off at www.mikkelpitzner.comBy having the word added to my site title I will certainly be reminded of my new decision on a continuous basis going forward too.

Yes, it all helps. Trust me, this will make huge difference going forward.

So in closing the question for you is:

What will be your word or words?

Who and What do you choose to be and become?

Ask yourself: If someone was to characterize you using 3 words; what would those 3 words be?

(you might be surprised what the answer would be if you asked someone about that today, so become and be intentional about this, in order to become and be the person you wish to be).

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind i everything. What we think we become.”