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I’ve had an account on Medium.com for some time now. But I have hardly used it, let alone written on it.

Well, all of that has just recently changed.

I posted my first entry there on June 25 2015 and yesterday I continued and posted my second post there. 

There are predominantly 3 reasons for my posting there:

1. I really like how the layout looks and feel.

2. I wish to reach a greater audience

3. Medium has an interesting element of allowing for followers and for making recommendations and sharing


The first point is that of the looks and the feel of the site. I’m a very visually driven person, so I do get inspired by things that look good and that gives you a nice visual experience and sensation. I think for a “blogging site” which you might essentially think it is, Medium has an incredible way of allowing for the content to look and feel great.

The second point really has a great deal to do with reaching a greater audience. If I’m going to spend time writing my musings then I might as well have an audience and have people actually seeing it.

Here at www.mikkelpitzner.com I have a decent amount of traffic, which means people visiting my site. However, out there in the internet space, there are many more, who may never hear of me, unless they accidentally come across it or indeed if someone else shares, recommends or somehow else make them aware of my presence. In other words, it is important to be in many places and not just in one.

Do I know that Medium really works? No. Is Medium the best space for it? I honestly don’t know and I suspect, probably not. Are there other platforms that I should engage in (first)? Yes, and I will (probably) in foreseeable future.

But I do like the idea that people can follow you over at Medium.com and that they can recommend you to others, which bring me to point number 3.

From time to time, I also post over on LinkedIn, where I’m connected on a first level basis with over 14,000 (at present time). LinkedIn also has a nice way of posting articles and posts and there, you also can follow people that you feel bring valuable insights. I follow several awesome people there myself, including several that I would call mentors.

Tumblr similarly has some appeal and has the ability for you to follow others and I believe that you can build your feed stream actually by following others there, so that your feed is made up from people you like or enjoy reading. Well, I’m on Tumblr too, but in truth, most of my posts there have been made up of my Instagram feed so far. But that could change.

My aim is not to reach the entire world or to become super famous. However, I do have a vast experience and I do have more and more formulated opinions about certain things. I also have much appreciated learning from lots and lots of mentors, who have gone before me, so in truth, I feel more and more obliged to also share the knowledge that I have gained – either through personal experience or from my extensive studies.

You may be interested to know, that I actually make a point of posting unique input on each of these platforms. In other words, I do not just post one place and then make a copy and paste it over at all the other places. If you go to my marketing company, Amazing Ideas, Inc. and check out the latest news there, you will find my insights on everything on marketing.

On www.pivotpointenterprises.com you will be seeing more of my insights on the topics of how you can more efficiently and smoothly run your business when you have all your processed organized and mapped out. In other words, a business is very much a system and its sub-systems. We explore there how you create a better business by being on top of these. Activity has been lacking there for quite a bit, but I will be ramping that up. Pivot Point Enterprises is the maker of a ingenious business platform for all your business processes, a platform that we call Doc&Do. The platform can be found at www.docanddo.com.

Here at www.mikkelpitzner.com the topics are often related to my personal activities in business and in life and as you will see, I will probably be posting more and more on the topic areas of Business, Leadership and Mindset here.

In truth, I haven’t really made up my mind on the specific topic areas for me for Medium.com or for Tumblr. I would most of all like to present my views and experiences in relations to the same topic areas as the Business, Leadership and Mindset goes, but at least I will endeavor to keep everything unique.

Does that mean you will have to go onto all these platforms and follow me there also? Well, it actually does, if you wish to get all my stuff, but no, having you just one of the places will be appreciated, so I suggest you pick the feed that holds the most appeal to you. Naturally, the feed here on my personal ego-website is here to stay, but I’m not master over the other sites, so who knows what may happen to one or more of them down the road.

Just know, that I appreciate your presence with me where ever it may be. I hope that you will follow along with me on my journey and along my musings and writings. Ultimately, I invite you to connect and engage with me. Tell me your view points, experiences and stories. Tell me what you like and what you don’t like. The more interaction the more exciting it will get and it may just help me bring more of what resonates with you and less of what doesn’t.

Anyways, I will be seeing you around.



Google's New Algorithm Change Is A Blessing For A Lot Of Businesses

Why Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Is A Great Blessing In Disguise

I wrote a new article today that spells out a great and possibly somewhat unique opportunity that many businesses have right now. It’s an open window, but who knows how much longer it will stay open.


Why Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Is A Great Blessing In Disguise

Google's Mobilegeddon Algorithm Change Is Awesome For The Businesses That Knows How To Use It To Their Advantage

The latest algorithm change that Google rolled out April 21st this year could be a great opportunity and a blessing in disguise for a lot of businesses.

The algorithm, which has lovingly been nicknamed Mobilegeddon, now favors mobile-friendly websites for all searches carried out on mobile devices. The change only affects search results done on mobile devices and therefore you won’t find any changes affecting your searches done on your laptop or desktop.

But seeing that more than 60% of all searches these days are done on a mobile device the algorithm change is to be considered extremely important. In the extreme version, if your website is not mobile friendly, then you may just have lost 60% of all your online traffic (60% of all your new potential customers has just been eliminated from your business).

If your website is not mobile-friendly and you still have not noticed any changes in your inbound calls and connections from new potential customers, then it might just be a matter of time before you will. Google specifically has stated that crawling and re-indexing the websites may take a little time, but the effect will take place.

There’s a great post by Google that offers you more insights to the algorithm changes that I highly recommend you check out. You can find it here: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2015/04/faqs-april-21st-mobile-friendly.html

So why could this algorithm change potentially be a blessing in disguise for your business?


You can read the full article over at Amazing Ideas, Inc.

Get help turning your website into a mobile friendly website

Mobilegeddon Is Here – But Why Should You Care?

Mobilegeddon Is Here – But Why Should You Care?


A new algorithm changes makes it necessary for businesses to ensure their websites are mobile friendly or they stand to loose 60% of their trafficMobilegeddon – the nickname that Google’s latest algorithm update that took place on April 21st this year has acquired – is here.

It’s a big change and a change that makes sense. With the update Google is really trying to ensure that users (Googlers) will get the best experience when using their platform. In other words, Google’s intention is to do good for the users, which is great. Have you ever looked up something on the internet on a mobile device and be led to a website that was completely unreadable on your device? A website that you would have to zoom in – zoom out – scroll and pan – left and right – up and down? We all have and yes, websites like that are annoying to say the least. Try to hit a tab (link) and you sometimes will activate the link just above or below (or next to) the one you intended for. Not a great user experience.

What the algorithm update has implemented is to favor websites that are mobile-friendly.


You can read the full article over on Linked-in

Business Consultant and High Performance Coach Mikkel Pitzner

If You Always Do …

If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done

You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten

If you are less than satisfied with your results that you have been achieving lately – say last year or even the last few years, then it’s time to review what it is that you are actually doing.

This goes for your personal results as well as for the results obtained in your business if that be the case.

Even if what we are doing used to be a good avenue for building our businesses, then invariably we find some day that it no longer seems to provide us with the growth we used to see – and ultimately we may find that our results are less than stellar if in fact not downright dissatisfying.

The world keeps evolving, but sometimes we individually or our businesses do not really keep up and evolve too and some day we realize that our personal results or our businesses are going nowhere or perhaps even have been dwindling over a period of time.

When finding yourself in such a position, it’s high time to look at what it is you are doing. If you find that you are doing what you have always been doing, then that may very well be the reason for your troubles. You simply have not evolved while those around you have or if nothing else your customers may have.

In my capacity of professional Board of Directors Member and in the role of High Performance Coach as well as in my role as a Business Consultant I often see this problem scenario in people’s personal results or in their businesses and I see it with myself and sometimes in own businesses.

Yet, it’s remarkable when I point this out, just how resistant people are to adopt any changes and it’s remarkable the length they will often go to with the excuses they will make up for avoiding implementing any changes whatsoever. Yes, human beings are not often very thrilled about making changes of any sort. We may say we wish for changes in our lives and our results and yet, we are so very resistant to actually commence doing something new or to go in a different direction – personally as well as professionally.

Business Consultant and High Performance Coach Mikkel Pitzner

But as the quote goes


If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done

You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten


How do you expect to achieve better results if you just keep doing the same thing?

We all heard the quote attributed to Albert Einstein that says:


The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result

-Albert Einstein


Usually, I find that people and business owners will say to me something along the lines that “we’ll just do more of we have done” and then they hope that they will see more results.

It’s akin the people who, when constantly finding themselves with more month at the end of the money, finally come to the conclusion that they need to find a solution and then come up with something “hey, I’ll take a second job” or “I’ll work some extra hours”.

What is wrong with this picture is, that they do not stop up and review their value proposition. What value do they as an individual bring to the table? What value do they as a business bring to the market space?

Now, in contrast, I have had numerous experiences of successful outcomes and changing of trajectories of results when one has stopped up and reviewed how one could do things differently. Sometimes all it takes is small changes and other times you may find that you need to make some radical changes.

For changes in results for your personal achievements, it very often comes down to making some sincere adjustments in your daily routines and habits. It might also be changing things up completely, perhaps even opting for a complete change of direction.

If you have ever done any physical training of sorts, you may well have experienced reaching some plateau at which point it seems your results are stagnant despite how much more training you add on top of what you have been doing. Changing your routines by dropping some of the training you have been doing for some sort of exercise of completely other character and you may soon see renewed improvements come about.

When you have seen lack luster results in your personal income, you may find new opportunities and improved income by completely changing your chosen career.

For a business, sometimes the changes can come about just by restructuring your offerings, pricing, terms and conditions or a combination of same. Other times you may need to go forth with even more drastic resolve.

Is it scary? Yes!

Usually it is scary and often it is extremely scary.

Is it worth it?


If you just continue what you have been doing and you haven’t been happy about the results, then you probably aren’t going to be happy with the results going forth. But change it up and you should soon see different results.

Will you see improved results always?


There are no guarantees. You could choose a route that turns out to have catastrophic effects on your results – personally or in your business.

Is it easy?

No! Often it isn’t.

Look, if there were guarantees and if it was easy, you wouldn’t need to be scared and you would just do it – and everybody would be a millionaire.

Personally, I have found myself in this situation more than once – both personally and in business.

In my very first business that I bought, I was looking at our offering to the market. It was my limousine service business, but it could have been a business of any other industry. I wanted to implement some rather drastic changes in our rates along with several other things.

Coming (almost) from outside, I inquired with the highly experienced staff members what they thought of my ideas and was met with huge resistance: “Oh, no, if I did that, I was sure to see all clients flee and lose everything on the floor”.

There were other changes I wanted to see happen, and invariably I found myself met with shot down ideas and negative reception almost no matter what the idea was about.

Ultimately, I got rather tired of the scenario and went ahead with all my ideas and revamped the entire offering. If memory serves me right my smallest price adjustment was about 30% or so in upward direction.

The result?

After my first 14 months, my profit line had improved to the tune of a 32 fold of the result of year leading up to my take over of the business. I don’t really think I lost any clients that I can remember at said point and I believe we even managed to strengthen a lot of our relationships and our positioning in the market.

Most of the staff members incidentally were changed out during that period too.

It was very scary, but it was so worth it.

At another point, our results had stagnated and we seemed to go nowhere and met challenges left and right with our own deliverables and service levels. When it got to a point that seemed it had gotten far enough, I took a very drastic course of action and changed out the entire operational organization with new people.

This was excessively scary, but within the same year our results shot up again.

I wouldn’t normally recommend anything this drastic, but I actually had to do this once more in the time I owned the company. It was frightfully scary both times, but it was so worth it both times and I have always been happy that I did this.

Today, I might take a less dramatic avenue. I’m a little older now and would possibly proceed with more caution and mechanisms of push and pull and so on. But there’s no denying the remarkable changes in results and value of what we delivered when I did this.

But the point is that you might actually get very far in the direction you want to go, if you are willing to take the risk, get out of the comfort zone and try something new. For you as a person, it may be to uproot your path entirely and take a different road. For a business, you may realize, that you may be able make relatively massive adjustments without losing your business on the floor, perhaps even find you ended up strengthening your relations with your clients and come out with hugely improved results

So in conclusion, if you are in a place where you are not too satisfied with your results – personally or businesswise, then consider changing things up – perhaps even a lot.

What daily routines do you need to change? What routines do you need to throw out? What new action steps do you need to incorporate on a consistent and continuous basis?

What new way do you need to take?

Is it scary?


But it may very well be worth it!

Would love to hear about your similar experiences or about your current challenges. Comment or shoot me a private message. Let’s keep the conversation going. Thanks for participating, I very much appreciate it.


 Business Consultant and High Performance Coach Mikkel Pitzner


Mikkel Pitzner is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience of running a multitude of businesses spanning a wide variety unrelated of industries, States, Countries and even Continents. He is a professional Board of Directors Member and serves on several board in privately held companies as well as in publicly traded companies. As a High Performance Coach and as a Business Consultant, he helps respectively people and professionals and businesses vastly improve their results.

A new day that hold new opportunities

A New Day – A New Opportunity

A new day is dawning as I write this and that means a new day is offering yet a further opportunity to bring me closer to my goals and my visions.

Today is Wednesday, but it could practically be any day and the day would hold the excitement potential that this one does.

Many people wake up on a Monday morning and get a little grumpy for it means they need to show up at work again at a job that may interest them little – in which they in fact may be building someone else’s dream and not their own. Many people get so depressed about this, that in fact they may even start to ruin the pleasure and atmosphere of a day off on their Sundays, by the mere fact that “tomorrow they have to go back to work”.

I know about this – for I used to be in that situation myself. Long ago, I was working at a job that entailed a bit too much stress than I appreciated and at a job that robbed me too much of my enthusiasm for a job.

When you are working on your own vision and on your own dreams, then you don’t really have this kind of problem. When you are focused on something you find worthwhile and are putting in some serious efforts into making your dreams come true, you welcome each day that comes and that gives you the opportunity to move you one step closer.

Too many people get wound up in petty drama situations or drama discussions – on the home front or at work. They spend enormous amounts of time and energy on gossiping and following the latest story on what the neighbor did or didn’t do. The extreme version of these characters sit in front of the television keeping up to date with the latest Jerry Springer show and a bunch of other low content entertainment with day long talk show marathons.

These are the same people who tend to have a lot of dramas in their lives. They seem to attract it. Whether real drama shows up at their door step or not, they will certainly end up creating it out of the blue. Why? Cause they have no focus on something worthwhile. It’s like the brain needs to create a stimuli to ensure life is interesting. Unfortunately, a very unproductive kind of stimuli – if in fact not highly destructive.

The great thing – other than the fact that you may be spending your time, effort and work on something that is actually valuable – is that you just don’t really occupy your thoughts with all these petty dramas. You simply have no room for it in your life and you don’t have time for it.

Also because you are so engaged in bringing your dreams into fruition you are also so entertained, charged and motivated – time just whizz by.

When there’s too much drama somewhere in your life, be it at work or perhaps on the home front, it’s probably because you don’t have a dream you are actually working towards – or if on the home front, I’m afraid to say this, because your spouse doesn’t have a dream he or she is working towards.

The remedy seems clear though. Find out what really motivates you. What gets you going? What would you like in your life and for your life? What would you like see improved in the world?

Find that goal and start working towards it. Really work towards it. Soon enough and sure enough you will find you have a different sense of fulfillment in your life and soon enough you will be more excited, more energized and yes, soon enough you too, don’t really wish to spend too much energy on the latest gossip or creating dramas where there really aren’t any.

I don’t blame people who are working in less than interesting jobs to lose motivation. My favorite mentor used to say:

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

– Jim Rohn

Yes, a lot of “ordinary” jobs do not hold much of spark or promise of a better future. In addition, I don’t believe it is for everybody to become an entrepreneur and to pursue his or her own dreams that way. But I believe it is within the power of every individual to make a better life and a better world for themselves – somehow – some way. Even if it seems impossible.

So even for those who may seem stuck in dead boring jobs, I would venture to say, that when focused on worthwhile goals – perhaps somewhere else in your life, perhaps outside the work situation – you too, can make a worthwhile life and don’t have to have the repetitive never ending dramas. You too can be looking forward to every new day and know that, it’s going to be a good day, cause that’s how you create it.

You create your life, so why not make it a good one?

A new day that hold new opportunities

Fire Yourself Now

The Time To Fire Yourself

After several years of running your business you may find yourself running low on energy and enthusiasm for the business. You might be taking more and more excuses in for not really handling the bare minimum of chores and responsibilities that you as a leader hold and should upkeep. You might even remove yourself physically and make yourself more and more inaccessible for the employees, colleagues, managers and yes, even customers.

Usually when this happens, it is in connection with the business not developing and not achieving the results that you would wish for. The uphill struggle and the seemingly unending struggles may begin to take a toll on you and strain you mentally and drain you from what’s left of your energy.

But more often than not, the problem is not really the current that seems to go against you or the never ending challenges that seem to heap up against you. No, the problem is usually…


It's Time To Fire Yourself

If you stop for a moment and think back over the years, you will more than likely agree with me that there were always struggles, that there were always obstacles along the way. So really it’s usually not that things really have changed much, it’s probably more that you have changed. Or rather your attitude towards the challenges and the business has changed.

When you set out, it probably was a big challenge for you and you were probably met with a huge amount of “tests” from every corner. But you were excited and charged head on. You held your ideas and your vision high and it charged you with energy and stamina and a drive that enthused those around you, your employees and colleagues.

But for whatever reason, you got tired along the way and you dropped the strength to keep pushing through and shining that bright light for the others to follow.

What’s more is, that because of that, you are more than likely a good reason that the business isn’t in fact doing so well and may well be in a limbo and probably even has been for some time.

Yes, the world keeps changing and things become more and more disruptive with greater frequency and impact. But really, most of what you are facing is no more challenging than what you had to face earlier in your career – at a time, I might add, when you were even less experienced and knowledgeable.

The problem is that you haven’t changed. You haven’t developed. You stayed still and remain the same as always.

A business – any business – really does need a leader.

No let me correct that.

A business – any business – really does need Leadership.

People (employees and yes, even the customers) really need a bright shining light that will lead the way. That will take the charge and show the vision and making the claims as to where you as a business are heading. People need someone who will show the strength and courage even when things get tough and when obstacles seem insurmountable.

If you business is seemingly going nowhere (or worse going backwards) then you need to take a long look at yourself as the leader.

It’s often not really the business that is the trouble. It really is the leader.

You as the leader holds the ultimate responsibility (well, ultimately the responsibility rests with the board of directors and the owners of the business), so if you are not up for the task any more, then now is the time to remove yourself from the business. You are no longer serving it well and you are actually hurting its chance of survival at worst or chances of getting decent results any time soon.

In fact, you are already a bit late in making this decision to remove yourself and you really should have done so long ago.

By the time you have reached this point and have seen this described development of your business (or rather lack of) and you recognize what I’m stating here, then it’s probably been already way too long like that. You have probably, in fact carried on with this state of affairs for several years. And everybody has suffered.

That’s right, everybody has suffered along the way. The business has suffered, which can clearly be seen from the results and your books. The employees have suffered, for the have been left wanting for better leadership and better inspiration and the lacking results have probably caused lacks of wage development or possibly even decreases in compensation and other benefits. The atmosphere within the company has more than likely suffered.

And along the way more signs have shown up that tells the same tale of a business going down. Tell tale signs of employees claiming more sick days, dwindling sales, more mess in and around the work space, and employees assuming less and less responsibility on their own.

But it all might not be too late.

Changes are needed. Sometimes radical changes.

The best recommendation might well be to start by removing yourself from the position of leadership and instate someone capable. Yes, that’s right. The best cause of action might well be to fire yourself.

This really is no different that when companies are bought and you often see that the management are fired. They are usually fired to make way for new changes, better growth and more speed at which to reach new and higher results.

Yeah, you may not really like to hear this and you may not really like to have to face this. But trust me, you are not really very happy where you are at for if you were your business more than likely would be showing it via better results and better growth. But the great thing is, that once you have fired yourself and instated capable management in your place, you can let go of a lot of the daily hassles and soon you will find new streams of ideas and energy leap into your mind and body and can actually now begin to add much more value once again into the business via your conversation with the new management, strategy meetings and possibly board meetings.

Your quality of life is very likely to improve and the results of the business likewise. Of course rightening the business and bringing it back on the course it should be at may sometime take a bit of time. It’s sometimes kinda like a supertanker in that way. Change the steering now and it will take a bit before it will actually take effect. Unfortunately to add to that pain, it is often not easy to find the right candidate to take over the management, but trust me, more often than not, the biggest problem is just that you are clinging onto it for too long and too hard.

But imagine for a moment a situation and a new lease of life in which you remain a business owner, but have removed yourself from the daily nitty gritty chores of the business and really just work on it from the perspectives that are more concerned with the vision and the strategies of how to get there. But you leave it in the hands of someone else who more than likely actually are very capable and who has the enthusiasm and the drive. You will be awarded time and freedom to seek other interests of yours and explore where were precluded previously because of the workload. And you might even find renewed energy and strength to expand into new business ventures and exploits.

Yes, if any of the above rings true, it may be about high time that you fire yourself and remove yourself from the daily operations of the business. More likely than you might wish to hear, you are in fact the cause of the stand still of the business and your are in the way of its progress. Remove yourself and achieve a better quality of life and recommence working on yourself, for obviously, you actually need to progress and evolve too – and you haven’t.

The time to fire yourself is long overdue, so now go do it.


Italy Picking up my story on Osborne Tire Reef 2014-09-19 at 7.39.57 AM feat

My Work With Project Baseline Is Gaining Traction Worldwide

Those who know me a little closer know that I’m very fond of SCUBA diving. A few year back some of my good friends from the dive community commence a ongoing project named Project Baseline.

The idea is for everyone who is diving to help on a voluntary basis collect data in the form of still images and video of their personal dive spots, and then update these as they dive the same spots again over time. The first recordings will serve as a baseline with which any evolution as may be witnessed in the form of changes taking place over time and as documented by the images. The images taken over a stretch of time will serve as proof to any effects (good, bad or none) at least on a visual basis.

It’s a great idea and one that aims to get far spanning reach by engaging even amateur divers from any corner of the world.

Well, shortly after my friends established this phenomenal idea, I co-founded (with among others my friend Robert Carmichael) the South Florida chapter, which we have aptly named the Gulfstream chapter after the Gulfstream that stretches its way all the way from South and further up North alongside the coast of Florida.

Now, one of the specific sites that we documented thoroughly was that of the Osborne Tire Reef. It’s the story of good intentions gone bad as millions of tires were bundled together and sunk into the ocean in the hope of creating artificial reefs that would attract wildlife and better marine life altogether. The plan failed miserably as the tires are too mobile and instead move around dramatically with every storm and actually migrate towards, into and over the natural reefs further towards land as well as further towards the sea.

In other words, the tires are destroying fragile natural corals that takes forever to regenerate if even given the chance.

As you can imagine it’s an important story and an interesting one too.

I strongly suggest you go and visit our story on it and perhaps check out some of the other projects that we have documented as well.

Well, as you might also gather, it’s of extreme importance that knowledge of these issues are place into the right hands including more and more public awareness, so politicians will actually do something about it (ever seen any politician pursue a mission that didn’t have a public awareness?). So it pleases me to see that my extensive work in publicizing these projects and project sites are beginning to pay off. Recently one curator of news from around the world (website) picked up the story.

At least one agency has reached out to me to inquire about rights of use of my images. Several journalists have called for various insights and questions and today a website in Italy also posted about it.

It’s a small step in the right direction, but it all gives us more encouragement to continue this important work.

Italy Picking up my story on Osborne Tire Reef 2014-09-19 at 7.39.57 AM

Check out our Osborne Tire Reef documentation.

More on Project Baseline Gulfstream Chapter:

Enveloping the origin of the Gulf stream’s northern flow in the most extreme point of the Florida Key’s (Dry Tortugas) to north of Port Canaveral, Florida and encompassing the entire Bahamas, Project Baseline’s Gulfstream Chapter is home to over 10-million people, the 3rd largest coral reef in world, a diverse 7-billion dollar economy and arguably the most influential “stream” on the globe. As divers we all know that as population has increased, the quality of the reef, fresh water supplies and fish population have declined in this region. Sharing “baseline” data with the other 99% (non-divers) of the population is the first goal on a path to assisting our citizens and leaders in developing sustainable policies, practices, lifestyles, progress, etc.

More than 95% of the Dry Tortugas National Park is underwater and has been well documented by academic dive/science programs for many years. This area is one of the boundaries for the Gulfstream Chapter of Project Baseline as start point for the Gulf Stream current entering the Florida and Bahamas. The southwest Florida shelf in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico is the primary feeder to the entire Florida Keyes and is the original spawning grounds for much of the marine life found in and around the Gulf Stream.

Less than 1% of the oceans are currently protected from industrial and residential developmental pressures, yet our oceans and fresh water bodies constitute more than 75% of the surface mass of the globe; this is in stark contrast to the 12% of land mass currently being protected today.  Project Baseline will assist to balance this ratio by efficiently providing compelling data to the public in an easily accessible, highly visible, graphic/image supported, open platform (Google Earth) and embracing the unstoppable power of the “citizen scientist”. We welcome input, collaboration and support from all.


Read All About the Osborne Tire Reef

About Project Baseline
Project Baseline emerged from an awareness that good science practiced in a vacuum is often useless toward effecting change. Yet, the most energetic and well meaning public or private initiatives can be disastrous without well developed and rationale evaluation. In other words science and public policy must be informed by a persistent assessment of existing and evolving conditions. By coordinating and presenting a global collection of environmental conditions, Project Baseline will develop a long term catalogue of environmental conditions; this library may be used to enhance public awareness, inform scientific inquiry and develop public policy. We hope you will become motivated to support our collective best interest and become part of this global effort to save our world’s most precious natural resources.

The Mission: Protect our world’s aquatic environments and the clean water supply on which they depend.

The People: Project Baseline is made possible by the dedication of a global cast of volunteers dedicated to preserving the world’s most precious water resources.

The Process: Project Baseline helps channel the passion of passionate volunteers, the capacity of dedicated professionals and the energy of concerned citizens.

The Goal: Enable conservation by developing awareness and expanding knowledge while describing and cataloging historic and present-day conditions.

About Global Underwater Explorers
For more than a decade GUE’s non-profit efforts have been focused on the exploration, education and conservation of the aquatic realm. Our global base of representatives support a variety of programs which help reduce environmental impact and organize the passion of concerned citizens while collaborating with governmental and non-governmental organizations to facilitate public awareness of and support for aquatic conservation.



Read All About the Osborne Tire Reef

The Creature

Q. What are banks for? 

A. To make money. 

Q. For the customers? 

A. For the banks. 

Q. Why doesn't bank advertis- 
ing mention this? 

A. It would not be in good taste. 
But it is mentioned by implica- 
tion in references to reserves of 
$249,000,000 or thereabouts. 
That is the money that they have 

Q. Out of the customers? 

A. I suppose so. 

Q. They also mention Assets of 
$500,000,000 or thereabouts. 
Have they made that too? 

A. Not exactly. That is the 
money they use to make money. 

Q. I see. And they keep it in a 
safe somewhere? 

A. Not at all. They lend it to 

Q. Then they haven't got it? 

A. No. 

Q. Then how is it Assets? 

A. They maintain that it would 
be if they got it back. 

Q. But they must have some 
money in a safe somewhere? 

A. Yes, usually $500,000,000 or 
thereabouts. This is called 

Q. But if they've got it, how can 
they be liable for it? 

A. Because it isn't theirs. 

Q. Then why do they have it? 

A. It has been lent to them by 

Q. You mean customers lend 
banks money? 

A. In effect. They put money 
into their accounts, so it is really 
lent to the banks. 

Q. And what do the banks do 
with it? 

A. Lend it to other customers. 

Q. But you said that money they 
lent to other people was Assets? 

A. Yes. 

Q. Then Assets and Liabilities 
must be the same thing? 

A. You can't really say that. 

Q. But you've just said it. If I put 
$100 into my account the bank is 
liable to have to pay it back, so 
it's Liabilities. But they go and 
lend it to someone else, and he is 
liable to have to pay it back, so 
it's Assets. It's the same $100, 
isn't it? 

A. Yes. But... 

Q. Then it cancels out. It means, 
doesn't it, that banks haven't 
really any money at all? 

A. Theoretically.... 

Q. Never mind theoretically. 
And if they haven't any money, 
where do they get their 
Reserves of $249,000,000 or 

A. I told you. That is the money 
they have made. 

Q. How? 

A. Well, when they lend your 
$100 to someone they charge 
him interest. 

Q. How much? 

A. It depends on the Bank Rate. 
Say five and a-half per cent. 
That's their profit. 

Q. Why isn't it my profit? Isn't it 
my money? 

A. It's the theory of banking 
practice that... 

Q. When I lend them my $100 
why don't I charge them inter- 

A. You do. 

Q. You don't say. How much? 

A. It depends on the Bank Rate. 
Say half a per cent. 

Q. Grasping of me, rather? 

A. But that's only if you're not 
going to draw the money out 

Q. But of course, I'm going to 
draw it out again. If I hadn't 
wanted to draw it out again I 
could have buried it in the gar- 
den, couldn't I? 

A. They wouldn't like you to 
draw it out again. 

Q. Why not? If I keep it there 
you say it's a Liability. Wouldn't 
they be glad if I reduced their 
Liabilities by removing it? 

A. No. Because if you remove it 
they can't lend it to anyone else. 

Q. But if I wanted to remove it 
they'd have to let me? 

A. Certainly. 

Q. But suppose they've already 
lent it to another customer? 

A. Then they'll let you have 
someone else's money. 

Q. But suppose he wants his too 
... and they've let me have it? 

A. You're being purposely ob- 

Q. I think I'm being acute. What 
if everyone wanted their money 
at once? 

A. It's the theory of banking 
practice that they never would. 

Q. So what banks bank on is not 
having to meet their commit- 

A. I wouldn't say that. 

Q. Naturally. Well, if there's 
nothing else you think you can 
tell me...? 

A. Quite so. Now you can go off 
and open a banking account. 

Q. Just one last question. 

A. Of course. 

Q. Wouldn't I do better to go off 
and open up a bank? 
Mikkel Pitzner Article on America's PremierExperts' Website cut

I’m Featured In America’s PremierExperts’ Newsletter and They Also Brought One Of My Articles


Mikkel Pitzner Featured in America's PremierExperts' Newsletter


I have been honored by being featured in the latest issues of America’s PremierExperts’ latest Newsletter.

As part of the feature they also brought one of my more recent articles: Great Customer Service – A Key To Longevity And Prosperity In Business (click on the article name and you can read it on my website www.mikkelpitzner.com or you can read it on America’s PremierExperts’ website here).

America’s PremiereExperts® recognizes leading experts, across a wide array of industries, who are willing to provide information and education to consumers as a public service.

America’s PremierExperts® is an organization with two parallel Missions:

  1. To Provide FREE Expert Content on a wide array of topics to Consumers and Journalists- information that is constantly updated as the world continues to change. AmericasPremierExperts.com is the place consumers and journalists, alike, visit to find the expert advice they need, absolutely free.
  2. To Showcase Experts who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field while making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.


Mikkel Pitzner Article on America's PremierExperts' Website

Think Big Branson on www.mikkelpitzner.com Mikkel Pitzner

Is Richard Branson Reading My Blog?



Inc Magazine Richard Branson Mikkel Pitzner


Is Richard Branson reading my blog and did he just quote me?

OK, so I don’t actually believe that Sir Richard Branson has found his way to my blog yet, but I couldn’t help but enjoying reading this little line that said:

“Dream big by setting yourself seemingly impossible challenges. You then have to catch up with them”.

The quote from Sir Richard Branson was highlighted in an article brought in the November 2012 issue of Inc. and it almost sounds like he is quoting me.

The quote from Sir Richard Branson came from his response to the question: Have you ever encountered a challenge you dismissed as simply too daunting?

His full answer as brought in the Inc Magazine article was:

Inc Magazine Richard Branson Mikkel Pitzner“My first book was called Losing My Virginity. I nearly called it Talking Ahead of Yourself. Because I sometimes think in life you’ve got to dream big by setting yourself seemingly impossible challenges. You then have to catch up with them. You can make what people believe is impossible possible if you set big enough targets. Flying from New York to Australia in, say, two hours. Can we do it in our lifetimes? I’m determined to try. If you don’t dream, nothing happens. And we like to dream big.”


Inc Magazine Richard Branson Mikkel Pitzner

If you read my blog post from July 20th, 2012 which “I titled Set Yourself A (Seemingly) Impossible Goal” along with my article Set Yourself An Impossible Goal you should know what I mean.

In the blog post and in the article I wrote the following:

Set yourself a seemingly impossible goal and you will find yourself in a position where you need to stretch yourself and dig deeper into yourself mentally, physically, creatively and find those hidden extra resources and capacities that you perhaps didn’t even know you possessed, and you just might come out and surprise yourself and those around you. What’s more is, that you will have moved your set point and your compass for what you now know is possible for you to do and for you to accomplish. You have grown and developed. You are now stronger and more resourceful, and you have more power readily available to you.

You have grown into a person who can.

Set Yourself An Impossible Goal July 20 2012 Mikkel Pitzner

Blogpost on www.mikkelpitzner.com from July 20, 2012


Anyway, I found the similarity of my writing and Richard Branson’s quote to be very clear and it made me smile and made me think the guy had found his way to my blog. Well, Sir Richard, I’m very pleased to have you here and to be a source of inspiration to you, hehe

Alright. It’s probably just a coincidence, but then again you never know. He might just have come by my writings. More importantly, if Sir Richard Branson also says that we should set bigger challenges for ourselves, bigger goals, then perhaps we should ponder that. Perhaps we should adjust our thinking a bit. Imagine what we could achieve. Imagine where we could take ourselves.

So my questions to you are:

Are you setting big enough goals?

Are you setting impossible goals?

Are you setting at least seemingly impossible goals?

If not, why not?

If not yet. When?

What are you waiting for?


Let me know your thoughts about setting impossible goals? What do you think? Is it just silly to do? Should we just stick to the SMART goals? Should we just stick to the realistic goals?


(PS. Sign up for my Newsletter to stay informed about when my Setting Goals Program will be launched)






Customer Service – Do Right By The Customer And The Customer May Just Do Right By You

I wrote a new article recently, but didn’t actually make it available before this weekend for the public eye. The article is about doing right by the customer. About being adamant about delivering great customer service.

The article was sparked by two incidents that I witnessed just recently and it got me to recollect on my past experiences and what I have learned over the years. With superior customer service not only will you have a customer base of raving fans, who will be very loyal to you, but also to which you will be able to offer premium products or services that you may actually be able to charge a premium price for. Premium prices can sometimes make for real wealth building for your business or for yourself personally.

But be aware! If your premium prices do not come with premium value. In fact if you are not delivering superior value, preferably delivering more value than what you are charging for or at least a perceived value that exceed what you are charging for, then your business can quickly suffer a dramatic whiplash and drop in result, customer loyalty and reputation Your results may quickly drop as part of your customer base more quickly than you might imagine drop away, losing customers along the way, who may actually have been happy with you all along, but who are being redirected by the dissatisfied to try a provider somewhere else.

I know what I’m talking about. Both from the perspective of being a client who experienced both the upside and the downside of this topic. But also I’m also in the know from running a business in which we were able to charge premium prices, delivering premium services, but which unfortunately all of a sudden failed at delivering at the high level of customer service, satisfaction and value at some point and which then suddenly also suffered the consequences. Although we subsequently made good on our service the damage was already done and getting the customers that were lost back home proved very difficult indeed. We had broken their trust.

May I suggest that you read the article, so that you can avoid the same pitfall in your business or indeed be able to enjoy the upside if you can manage to deliver beyond customer expectation and superior value for price even if you are charging premium prices? Here is the article:

Great Customer Service – A Key To Longevity And Prosperity In Business


In passing, in my story above, I’m referencing the limousine service company that I used to own and operate in Denmark. If you by chance is one of the customers of mine from that business and whom I failed, I sincerely and deeply apologize for the fact that we did not deliver at the standards at which we were once famous for. Like I said, we did get it corrected before I eventually sold the business off, but our failure and lack in delivery was never supposed to have taken place. I would like to say that this was all due to a non-functioning team in my company at one point in time (which unfortunately was the case for a dreaded time), but ultimately, the fault was mine and the failure was mine. I deeply apologize. Lesson learned though and I hope that is a consolation to some degree though.

I hope other may learn from my experiences.