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I’ve had an account on for some time now. But I have hardly used it, let alone written on it.

Well, all of that has just recently changed.

I posted my first entry there on June 25 2015 and yesterday I continued and posted my second post there. 

There are predominantly 3 reasons for my posting there:

1. I really like how the layout looks and feel.

2. I wish to reach a greater audience

3. Medium has an interesting element of allowing for followers and for making recommendations and sharing


The first point is that of the looks and the feel of the site. I’m a very visually driven person, so I do get inspired by things that look good and that gives you a nice visual experience and sensation. I think for a “blogging site” which you might essentially think it is, Medium has an incredible way of allowing for the content to look and feel great.

The second point really has a great deal to do with reaching a greater audience. If I’m going to spend time writing my musings then I might as well have an audience and have people actually seeing it.

Here at I have a decent amount of traffic, which means people visiting my site. However, out there in the internet space, there are many more, who may never hear of me, unless they accidentally come across it or indeed if someone else shares, recommends or somehow else make them aware of my presence. In other words, it is important to be in many places and not just in one.

Do I know that Medium really works? No. Is Medium the best space for it? I honestly don’t know and I suspect, probably not. Are there other platforms that I should engage in (first)? Yes, and I will (probably) in foreseeable future.

But I do like the idea that people can follow you over at and that they can recommend you to others, which bring me to point number 3.

From time to time, I also post over on LinkedIn, where I’m connected on a first level basis with over 14,000 (at present time). LinkedIn also has a nice way of posting articles and posts and there, you also can follow people that you feel bring valuable insights. I follow several awesome people there myself, including several that I would call mentors.

Tumblr similarly has some appeal and has the ability for you to follow others and I believe that you can build your feed stream actually by following others there, so that your feed is made up from people you like or enjoy reading. Well, I’m on Tumblr too, but in truth, most of my posts there have been made up of my Instagram feed so far. But that could change.

My aim is not to reach the entire world or to become super famous. However, I do have a vast experience and I do have more and more formulated opinions about certain things. I also have much appreciated learning from lots and lots of mentors, who have gone before me, so in truth, I feel more and more obliged to also share the knowledge that I have gained – either through personal experience or from my extensive studies.

You may be interested to know, that I actually make a point of posting unique input on each of these platforms. In other words, I do not just post one place and then make a copy and paste it over at all the other places. If you go to my marketing company, Amazing Ideas, Inc. and check out the latest news there, you will find my insights on everything on marketing.

On you will be seeing more of my insights on the topics of how you can more efficiently and smoothly run your business when you have all your processed organized and mapped out. In other words, a business is very much a system and its sub-systems. We explore there how you create a better business by being on top of these. Activity has been lacking there for quite a bit, but I will be ramping that up. Pivot Point Enterprises is the maker of a ingenious business platform for all your business processes, a platform that we call Doc&Do. The platform can be found at

Here at the topics are often related to my personal activities in business and in life and as you will see, I will probably be posting more and more on the topic areas of Business, Leadership and Mindset here.

In truth, I haven’t really made up my mind on the specific topic areas for me for or for Tumblr. I would most of all like to present my views and experiences in relations to the same topic areas as the Business, Leadership and Mindset goes, but at least I will endeavor to keep everything unique.

Does that mean you will have to go onto all these platforms and follow me there also? Well, it actually does, if you wish to get all my stuff, but no, having you just one of the places will be appreciated, so I suggest you pick the feed that holds the most appeal to you. Naturally, the feed here on my personal ego-website is here to stay, but I’m not master over the other sites, so who knows what may happen to one or more of them down the road.

Just know, that I appreciate your presence with me where ever it may be. I hope that you will follow along with me on my journey and along my musings and writings. Ultimately, I invite you to connect and engage with me. Tell me your view points, experiences and stories. Tell me what you like and what you don’t like. The more interaction the more exciting it will get and it may just help me bring more of what resonates with you and less of what doesn’t.

Anyways, I will be seeing you around.