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If you saw my last post which was a copy of my last Press Release, then you saw that I’m currently giving away one of my books for free. The specific book is on Online Marketing of Your Business.

Since I do not know each and everyone coming to my site, I don’t know how much you know about me. However, let me just quickly say, that I have a very vast experience of running businesses (smaller and a few somewhat decent in size). The businesses of past and of present have spanned many varied industries, cultures, countries, States and even continents.

Common for all the businesses I have run or still am involved in, and common with any other business I have encountered is a need for marketing. Marketing that actually works.

I have tried a lot of different tactics and I have wasted a lot of money on the wrong marketing avenues. I have in addition spent huge amounts of money and time studying with some of the top marketers of today (predominantly in relation to online marketing).

Well, as you may assume, I have over time learned both from personal experience and from many mentors what marketing works, what makes sense to engage in depending on your time frame, work you want to allocate to it or money that you are happy to invest in it.

So here’s the thing.

While, I’m currently giving away one of my books for free, that is inevitably an offer that will in all likelihood go away at some point – either in near future when the small stock I have left has been given away or when I get tired of re-ordering new books (and gotten tired enough of that expense) and thus will end the offer.

However, I still wish to share the insights that have gained over the years. Insights that I have paid for expensively via personal experience via the businesses that I have marketed or via studies with my many mentors (programs that typically run at $1,997 to $10,000 a piece).

Let’s be honest here. It’s not just that I wish to be all altruistic (although that does play a part too). But there’s actually also something in it for me too. To begin with, I believe it’s good karma. In addition though, it honestly inspires me and also makes the knowledge more clear for myself too. If ever you have shared your knowledge with others, such as in teaching someone something, then you know that for you to teach it, you actually had to become even more savvy and knowledgeable of your content and lessons. In other words, when I teach or show you the insights, that I have gained and I can share, then I become even better at it too and my insights become even more clear and solid.

So while, I will feel really good about helping you with my insights, I will actually become even better at it myself. This is important for me too. Not just for the businesses that I still run or those that I will be involved with in future. But it also is incredibly important for one of my current businesses that actually helps businesses with their online marketing and other online presence.

Amazing Ideas, Inc. is my marketing agency. I have had this business for a little while now, but not really until about a year ago did I open up officially for business offering online marketing services for other businesses. When I show you or teach you my marketing insights, I become better at marketing too and I gain more clarity about which elements actually produce that best return. This will become extremely valuable for the clients of Amazing Ideas, Inc. and thus will aid in producing solid results for the company. In other words, this is a win-win-win.

The message here for you, is that if you wish to learn more marketing insights from me, then you can pick up a lot by following the posts and article series that I run on the website of Amazing Ideas, Inc, http://www.amazingideasinc.com

I hope that I will see you there soon.

One little pat on your shoulder: If you truly do not wish to miss out on the tips and marketing lessons, then you should sign up for the updates. That way you are sure not to miss out and in addition, you will very likely gain even more secret lessons that I’m sharing only with my subscribers over there. To sign up, head directly to http://www.amazingideasinc.com/sign-up

If you have no interest in marketing advice, tips and secrets, then this is just not for you. If you still are either curious about what I’m engaged in on ongoing basis, then just stay here with me on http://www.mikkelpitzner.com. Here, I mostly write about my activities, certain personal thoughts, my thoughts on leadership, business and mindset.

If you run a business yourself, however, you might actually be interested in actually following along both on www.amazingideasinc.com and on www.mikkelpitzner.com and of course you are invited to either or both.

For a limited time period, multiple best selling author, Mikkel Pitzner, is giving away one of his books for free. The book is on online marketing

Free Book On Marketing From Best Selling Author

Mikkel Pitzner, author and co-author of currently 9 books, including 8 Best Selling books, is giving away for free one of his books on online marketing


Yesterday, Amazing Ideas, Inc. announced that they would give away for free the book titled: “Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets For Marketing Your Business Online.”

The book which has been written by the Founder and CEO, Mikkel Pitzner of Amazing Ideas, Inc. shows you how you can get found by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and how you can improve your ranking for keywords relevant to your business.

Of particular use is how the book demonstrates how you can get to dominate the search results in your local market and how you eventually can “lead the pack”.

The book has already helped a lot of businesses and professionals get results and the insights provided in the book are elements that are daily used by the Amazing Ideas, Inc. marketing agency in their own work and in the work they do for clients.

Amazing Ideas, Inc. predominantly focuses on helping businesses and professionals getting found, getting ranked, dominate and leading their space. Web design, search engine optimization and other key and important online web presence make up the primary services offered and performed by the company.

The book is offered as a free gift for a limited time period only and only while a small stock is still available. The books will be given away on a first come, first serve basis. Once current inventory runs out, the offer will either end or a new batch will have to be ordered. The latter would mean a delay to delivering the books.

Current inventory is about 50 books, so individuals interested are advised to act quickly. The book can be ordered from the company’s website: http://www.amazingideasinc.com

About Amazing Idea Inc.

Successful serial entrepreneur, Mikkel Pitzner, established Amazing Ideas Inc. in order to help businesses perform better with their marketing. The focus is on online marketing elements, optimized in such a way that customers come calling on you, rather than you having to chase customers.

Mikkel Pitzner has run numerous smaller and larger businesses spanning many varied and unrelated industries and even spanning countries, States and Continents. He quickly learned of the immense importance of good and sound marketing in order for a business to be successful and he especially since 2008 studied and worked with most of the top marketers of today and with a special focus on online marketing.

His marketing agency, Amazing Ideas Inc., seeks to incorporate these insights in a quest to help businesses grow their revenues and profit lines.

About Mikkel Pitzner

Originally from Denmark, Mikkel Pitzner used to run what turned into the fourth largest car rental company and a leasing company he lead to a doubling of size and a quadrupling of locations. He also owned and operated the largest limousine service company of Denmark for 14 years, increasing the profit line in his initial year alone an incredible 32 fold.

Mikkel is a partner of Freetrailer (which comprises of Freetrailer Denmark, Freetrailer Sweden, Freetrailer Norway and Freetrailer Germany) and of a very unique advertising and marketing bureau named Aksel & Ko in Denmark. In addition he is the founder of Pivot Point Enterprises, that offers a truly unique business platform for all your business processes. The platform is called Doc&Do and can be found at https://www.docanddo.com. Doc&Do is actually what Mikkel Pitzner calls his secret weapon.

Mikkel is a sought after professional board member and current sits on boards of companies spanning the US, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Poland, including privately held as well as publicly traded companies.

Mikkel Pitzner has been featured on CNBC, abc, CNNMONEY.com, Entrepreneur, Fox News, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, SmartMoney, USA Today and NBC. Mikkel Pitzner was also a guest at the Brian Tracy TV Show. He is also a multiple best-selling author with books on marketing, success and entrepreneurship.

To learn more

To learn more about Amazing Ideas Inc., please visit www.amazingideasinc.com






Mikkel Pitzner


Go Out There A Be Amazing With The Help Of Marketing Castle Rock

Walk The Talk


I just completely bombed with some of my newer activities. It’s in my business of Amazing Ideas, Inc., which basically is a marketing company in Castle Rock, Colorado. Via this business I sell online marketing, web designs and strategic online presence – your online DNA.

Among the services that we offer here you will find the “get ranked high on Google for your relevant search term” offer. Since I have studied this excessively since 2008 with all the best marketers of today, I would say that I have quite a big insight into how you can make this happen and get your results. Ultimately, what you are looking for is for customers to come chasing you down rather than you having to chase after customers in order for your to get the revenues for your business.

There are many factors that you put in place to achieve your high ranking and with Amazing Ideas, Inc. we only employ natural and real avenues, what is often termed “White Hat” applications as opposed to the sneaky “Black Hat” tricks that many marketers use.

We don’t use “Black Hat” tricks, cause ultimately what these are, are just a way of “cheating” Google to rank you better. But Google is not stupid. they study continuously what goes on and with their algorithm updates they will eventually close up the loop hole that you may have found and all of a sudden your beautiful and somewhat undeserved high rank will be forever gone.

So no Black Hat tricks for us, please. We want to be ranked, but only when it makes sense and actually adds value to the user. If we don’t add value to the end user, it’s probably because we didn’t reach the right user and we didn’t reach the right user when we tried to rank for something that is in fact not relevant to the user. When we don’t add value to the end user, they don’t buy from us and we gained little if anything at all.


Anyways, we have been focused on helping other local businesses getting their online presence right so they could reap the benefits and grow their business. In other words among other things we have helped them get high ranking with Google, so that they derive more leads and ultimately more customers calling upon them.

Meanwhile, being so focused on others, meant we actually forgot about ourselves entirely. That’s right we did nothing for our own ranking for relevant search terms including the words “Marketing Castle Rock”.

This naturally also begs the question for someone who gets introduced to us of, how can we sell “Get Ranked High Solutions”, when we in fact are not ranked high ourselves for relevant keywords?

It’s a matter of walking the talk.


Big Whoops!!


OK, at least we are still early in the game, so we have commenced a little bit of effort in the matter and expect to see some results very soon. In fact we actually did get us from page 21 of Google to page 1 in a matter of a few hours. Not the best of “true” placements, but considering the extremely short time period and the extremely broad search term (“Marketing Castle Rock”), I’m actually stoked. And more to the point, it also proves that we can live up to our claim of making such results happen.

We will continue a bit of work on our keywords and of course we will need to expand upon these as we go along. Marketing Castle Rock is not too specific and will not yield the optimal results in all likelihood.

You can read more about the story on our website at Amazing Ideas, Inc. and learn more about why local search results may be particularly important for any business. Also, we would love to help you out too if you are in need of updating or optimizing your online web presence. Just send us an email to info@amazingideasinc.com. We would love to hear from you.

Amazing Ideas Inc Castle Rock Marketing 1200x630

Building My Marketing Company

Especially since 2008 I have intensively studied marketing – with a focus on online marketing. Those who know me, knows that I am engaged in many varied businesses and actually has been for a majority of my life. I love doing multiple things, new things and to seek new possibilities and opportunities.

What I learned early on is that every business is in need of great marketing. I have learned that first hand from running several different businesses spanning many unrelated industries across borders of countries, States and continents.

So even in my early stages of doing business I was engaged in marketing, but it wasn’t really until I moved to the US that I really decided I wanted to learn more in debts about what works and what doesn’t work. In addition my move to the US and not least the huge consequences I suffered from the horrible financial crisis of 2008, made it necessary for me to reinvent myself to certain degree and inadvertently, I began consulting on marketing aspects.

A couple of years ago I moved to Colorado. Up from Florida. I decided to establish a company from which I could sell my services and expertise and I named it Amazing Ideas, Inc.

Via this company, I’m now building a base of more and more clients, helping them get something out of their marketing dollars. Just looking around and you will see so much misspent money and misspent attention in terms of marketing that will give the spender little if any results. By setting yourself up the right way, you can actually turn a really sound return of investment out of your marketing budget.

That’s what I help clients do.

I get them straightened out with some of the most important aspects of their online marketing efforts and their online presence – what I also call their online DNA. I help them get automated on many of the follow up procedures and set in place a system that can almost handle itself entirely and work for them, even when they are not working themselves. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Such is the power of online marketing and the tools and systems that are available to us today.

Anyways, my Amazing Ideas, Inc. is naturally open for business from any- and everywhere, but currently I’m focused on getting a stronger foothold locally, which means that I’m specifically targeting local businesses here in the Castle Rock area of Colorado where I presently reside.

Here’s a post about it from yesterday.


Now, that said, I just did a small survey of the Fortune 100 companies of the United States. Would you believe it? A full 32% of them are making at least one hugely grave mistake, that I could actually fix for them, probably relatively easily, quickly and rather inexpensively.

In other words, I probably should reach out to them to point out their hugely disservice to their businesses.

Well, we’ll see.

Meanwhile, be sure to reach out to me if you wish for me to help you and your business with your online marketing. I would love to help and would appreciate the business too of course.


Google's New Algorithm Change Is A Blessing For A Lot Of Businesses

Why Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Is A Great Blessing In Disguise

I wrote a new article today that spells out a great and possibly somewhat unique opportunity that many businesses have right now. It’s an open window, but who knows how much longer it will stay open.


Why Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Is A Great Blessing In Disguise

Google's Mobilegeddon Algorithm Change Is Awesome For The Businesses That Knows How To Use It To Their Advantage

The latest algorithm change that Google rolled out April 21st this year could be a great opportunity and a blessing in disguise for a lot of businesses.

The algorithm, which has lovingly been nicknamed Mobilegeddon, now favors mobile-friendly websites for all searches carried out on mobile devices. The change only affects search results done on mobile devices and therefore you won’t find any changes affecting your searches done on your laptop or desktop.

But seeing that more than 60% of all searches these days are done on a mobile device the algorithm change is to be considered extremely important. In the extreme version, if your website is not mobile friendly, then you may just have lost 60% of all your online traffic (60% of all your new potential customers has just been eliminated from your business).

If your website is not mobile-friendly and you still have not noticed any changes in your inbound calls and connections from new potential customers, then it might just be a matter of time before you will. Google specifically has stated that crawling and re-indexing the websites may take a little time, but the effect will take place.

There’s a great post by Google that offers you more insights to the algorithm changes that I highly recommend you check out. You can find it here: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2015/04/faqs-april-21st-mobile-friendly.html

So why could this algorithm change potentially be a blessing in disguise for your business?


You can read the full article over at Amazing Ideas, Inc.

Mikkel Pitzner Speaks At Beyond Strategy's Workbench

Mikkel Pitzner Speaks At Beyond Strategy’s Workbench

Workbench lead by Ingrid Pyka, the CEO of (Going) Beyond Strategy invited Mikkel Pitzner to share his insights to how to become and be memorable in a world that is increasingly losing attention span.

Mikkel Pitzner Speaks At Beyond Strategy's Workbench

I had the utmost pleasure of presenting my insights on what I call The Attraction Factor or rather a sub part of this which is about how you create an attractive character that people will resonate with and become attracted to, so that you will attract your ideal clients and more business, while simultaneously eliminating those who will just rob you of your time.

Speaking on May 6 and May 7 to a couple of groups of entrepreneurs, I had the distinct pleasure of sharing some very specific thoughts on the Attractive Character creation and drawing in personal experiences and referencing examples from the world around us that we can all recognize.

Workbench is a recurring Meet Up event organized by Ingrid Pyka, who is the CEO of Mish & Tish Publishing and a Founding Consultant with her firm (Going) Beyond Strategy. The entrepreneurs who get together for these bi-monthly meetings come from all kinds of businesses and industries.

It was a truly enjoyable experience and I thank Ingrid Pyka for the opportunity and the groups of entrepreneurs for listening so attentively.

Get help turning your website into a mobile friendly website

Mobilegeddon Is Here – But Why Should You Care?

Mobilegeddon Is Here – But Why Should You Care?


A new algorithm changes makes it necessary for businesses to ensure their websites are mobile friendly or they stand to loose 60% of their trafficMobilegeddon – the nickname that Google’s latest algorithm update that took place on April 21st this year has acquired – is here.

It’s a big change and a change that makes sense. With the update Google is really trying to ensure that users (Googlers) will get the best experience when using their platform. In other words, Google’s intention is to do good for the users, which is great. Have you ever looked up something on the internet on a mobile device and be led to a website that was completely unreadable on your device? A website that you would have to zoom in – zoom out – scroll and pan – left and right – up and down? We all have and yes, websites like that are annoying to say the least. Try to hit a tab (link) and you sometimes will activate the link just above or below (or next to) the one you intended for. Not a great user experience.

What the algorithm update has implemented is to favor websites that are mobile-friendly.


You can read the full article over on Linked-in

Marketing Roadmap

Mikkel Pitzner Adds Marketing Roadmap Certification Consultant To His Curriculum Vitae

Mikkel Pitzner, serial entrepreneur, business consultant, professional board member and consultant, receives special Marketing Roadmap Consultancy Certification

Castle Rock, CO – February 2, 2012 – Mikkel Pitzner, serial entrepreneur, high performance coach, professional board of directors member, best-selling author and top marketer recently added Marketing Roadmap Certified Consultant to his curriculum vitae.

Mikkel Pitzner Marketing Roadmap Certifed Consultant

Mikkel Pitzner recently completed the study of a special marketing consultancy program titled Marketing Roadmap which has been created by top marketer Pam Henrickson and survey expert Jeanne Hurlbert and is a special 4-step marketing program aimed for businesses.

Said about the Marketing Roadmap program:

“All too often, business owners don’t have a solid plan for their marketing and products and instead run their businesses by the seat of their pants, based on the idea, flavor, or shiny object of the moment or swayed by what happens to be right in front of them at any specific point in time or by what fire they are required to put out. Worse yet, they often feel guilty or overwhelmed because they’ve been told what they need to do — write daily Facebook posts, manage their Twitter feed, maximize YouTube, do Google hangouts, publish a blog, write articles, conduct webinars, create a podcast, speak, sell and manage their businesses — but they have difficulty getting it all done.

Marketing Roadmap is your solution to cure overwhelm and open up the door for more freedom and fun in business. It’s a four-step system to help you organize your marketing around your customers. By delivering the right message to the right people at the right time, you’ll discover how to get better results from your content, product creation and marketing—with less effort. You’ll have a simple, organized marketing plan (that we’ll help you create, step by step)! You’ll spend less time in the “got-to”s and guilt—and discover what owning your business should be like: fun, financial freedom, family, and friends.”

Mikkel Pitzner is already a highly accomplished marketer and has throughout a number of years helped several businesses with their marketing needs and has helped them with more traffic, leads and growing sales with his marketing company named Amazing Ideas, Inc. Serial Entrepreneur, professional board member in Denmark, Sweden and the US, consultant, investor and dreamer extraordinaire, Mikkel Pitzner is a Partner of unique marketing and trailer rental company, Freetrailer, which currently operates throughout Denmark, Sweden and Germany with more countries to come. He is the Partner in a company named Aksel & Ko that finds that special gimmick or solution corporations need for their marketing and campaign purposes. He is the CEO of RetailWise USA that provides highly valuable surveys and insights to large retailers and help them gain perspective of the true potentials of individual stores. He is also the CEO of Pivot Point Enterprises which has launch a unique online business platform for businesses of all sizes and any industry on which to collaborate and manage all their business processes and so much more.

In addition to his business endeavors Mikkel is a multiple best selling author with his latest book “Successonomics” being his 8th best selling book (out of 9 books so far) published thus far and has been recognized several times by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best-seller lists. In his writings and via his High Performance coaching, Mikkel teaches entrepreneurs how to create a business that will provide for the lifestyle of their choice while taking them off the treadmill of their job, so they can spend their time on things of their choosing. Mikkel is currently working on his latest book titled “The Automated Millionaire”.

Mikkel Pitzner has been featured on CNBC, ABC, CNNMONEY.com, Entrepreneur, Fox News, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, SmartMoney, USA Today and NBC, America’s PremierExperts, Børsen, Berlingske Tidende, Erhvervsbladet and Näringsliv. Mikkel Pitzner was also a guest at the Brian Tracy TV Show, Amino TV, The Secret Entourage and radio program Money for Lunch.

Mikkel Pitzner is currently finalizing work on several information products on each its own topic, but all based on experiences of his own and from his vast studies and education. As mentioned above these programs soon to be released teaches the basic tools need for entrepreneurs to run their business, how to become an automated millionaire, how to build a business and finally a program on goal setting.

More About Mikkel Pitzner:

Originally from Denmark, Mikkel Pitzner he used to run what turned into the fourth largest car rental company while he quardrupled its number of locations and a leasing company he lead to a doubling of size. The company was Pitzner Auto, which during the latter years under Mikkel’s management also became the Budget Rent A Car licensee for Denmark. Mikkel left the company after being instrumental in the challenging sale of the company in a sale that actually comprised a split of the company to 3 different buyers.

From later 1996 up until end of 2010 he owned and operated the largest limousine service company in Denmark which profits he managed to grow 3200% during the first year of ownership alone. The company served the most discerned clientele including no less than 3 recent US presidents, being George Bush, President Clinton and President Obama, the latter during the World Climate Summit meetings during 2009, servicing more than 200 limousines to the US Embassy of Copenhagen along with numerous other embassies, countries, royalties, celebrities, multi-conglomerates etc.

Mikkel Pitzner also successfully ran an import and distribution company of scuba diving equipment until that company was sold to a German distributor just a few years following the foundation. Mikkel Pitzner is a partner of Freetrailer (which comprises of Freetrailer Denmark, Freetrailer Sweden and Freetrailer Germany and soon other nations) and of a very unique advertising and marketing bureau named Aksel & Ko. He runs The Automated Millionaire program as well as The Goal Setting Academy just to name a few.

A sought after professional board member Mikkel Pitzner currently sits on boards of companies spanning the US, Denmark, Sweden and Poland, including privately held as well as publicly traded companies.

A list of Mikkel Pitzner’s books is given below:

The Art And Science Of Success, Vol. 2

The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need

The Success Secret

Marketing Miracles

New Rules Of The Game

Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets For Marketing Your Business Online

Masterminds’ Insights To Business Success

Breaking Through



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Marketing Roadmap offered by Amazing Ideas Inc.