A new day that hold new opportunities

A New Day – A New Opportunity

A new day is dawning as I write this and that means a new day is offering yet a further opportunity to bring me closer to my goals and my visions.

Today is Wednesday, but it could practically be any day and the day would hold the excitement potential that this one does.

Many people wake up on a Monday morning and get a little grumpy for it means they need to show up at work again at a job that may interest them little – in which they in fact may be building someone else’s dream and not their own. Many people get so depressed about this, that in fact they may even start to ruin the pleasure and atmosphere of a day off on their Sundays, by the mere fact that “tomorrow they have to go back to work”.

I know about this – for I used to be in that situation myself. Long ago, I was working at a job that entailed a bit too much stress than I appreciated and at a job that robbed me too much of my enthusiasm for a job.

When you are working on your own vision and on your own dreams, then you don’t really have this kind of problem. When you are focused on something you find worthwhile and are putting in some serious efforts into making your dreams come true, you welcome each day that comes and that gives you the opportunity to move you one step closer.

Too many people get wound up in petty drama situations or drama discussions – on the home front or at work. They spend enormous amounts of time and energy on gossiping and following the latest story on what the neighbor did or didn’t do. The extreme version of these characters sit in front of the television keeping up to date with the latest Jerry Springer show and a bunch of other low content entertainment with day long talk show marathons.

These are the same people who tend to have a lot of dramas in their lives. They seem to attract it. Whether real drama shows up at their door step or not, they will certainly end up creating it out of the blue. Why? Cause they have no focus on something worthwhile. It’s like the brain needs to create a stimuli to ensure life is interesting. Unfortunately, a very unproductive kind of stimuli – if in fact not highly destructive.

The great thing – other than the fact that you may be spending your time, effort and work on something that is actually valuable – is that you just don’t really occupy your thoughts with all these petty dramas. You simply have no room for it in your life and you don’t have time for it.

Also because you are so engaged in bringing your dreams into fruition you are also so entertained, charged and motivated – time just whizz by.

When there’s too much drama somewhere in your life, be it at work or perhaps on the home front, it’s probably because you don’t have a dream you are actually working towards – or if on the home front, I’m afraid to say this, because your spouse doesn’t have a dream he or she is working towards.

The remedy seems clear though. Find out what really motivates you. What gets you going? What would you like in your life and for your life? What would you like see improved in the world?

Find that goal and start working towards it. Really work towards it. Soon enough and sure enough you will find you have a different sense of fulfillment in your life and soon enough you will be more excited, more energized and yes, soon enough you too, don’t really wish to spend too much energy on the latest gossip or creating dramas where there really aren’t any.

I don’t blame people who are working in less than interesting jobs to lose motivation. My favorite mentor used to say:

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

– Jim Rohn

Yes, a lot of “ordinary” jobs do not hold much of spark or promise of a better future. In addition, I don’t believe it is for everybody to become an entrepreneur and to pursue his or her own dreams that way. But I believe it is within the power of every individual to make a better life and a better world for themselves – somehow – some way. Even if it seems impossible.

So even for those who may seem stuck in dead boring jobs, I would venture to say, that when focused on worthwhile goals – perhaps somewhere else in your life, perhaps outside the work situation – you too, can make a worthwhile life and don’t have to have the repetitive never ending dramas. You too can be looking forward to every new day and know that, it’s going to be a good day, cause that’s how you create it.

You create your life, so why not make it a good one?

A new day that hold new opportunities

Lots To Come – Exciting Times Indeed

I’m super excited these days as I’m in the midst of launching not just one new enterprise, but several. In fact last count had about 9 new enterprises that are in the process of launching or being commenced.

Yes, that’s a lot to chew on in one go, but that’s how I like it. It’s not what I recommend to other entrepreneurs, to whom I suggest they concentrate one one specific thing that they truly believe in and preferably one in which they posses special skills, advantages or other aspect that will aid them with better chances of success.

Naturally, I wouldn’t be able to do this many had it not been due to utilization of systems and not least other people and partners. So I’m thankful for the good partners that I have that put in some serious efforts and days’ work. I’m also thankful that we live in times that affords us so many technological advances that makes so much more possible for us and breaks down the boundaries and indeed physical borders.

I right now have enterprises going on in 5 different countries, spanning 2 continents. My plans involves oh so many more countries and actually entail hopes for several of the enterprises to go worldwide.

It’s not necessarily going to be easy and yes, I’m nervous for all the risks that I’m accepting. But that being said, I’m truly excited and feel more alive than the past few years in which I took the attitude of preservation and treading carefully.

This was a limited mindset and not the way I am and certainly not the way I thrive. It also is the sure way to NOT bring about any great results or progress.

But it was a mindset that came about after having lost so incredibly much in such an incredibly short time in the fall of 2008 when the world experienced a worldwide systemic crisis. I know I was not alone in losing big and I know many suffered. I would venture to say that probably most suffered. I sympathize with all and I can relate to a lot of the suffering – even if indeed I never had to lose my house or fancy cars etc. (on paper, I lost more than I was worth). It was tough to go through and the true friends revealed themselves (and they were few) and the true personalities of so-called friends, business partners and yes, even family members showed up in droves.

But it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and I’m back. With more fervor and strength and more powerfulness and ambition. So watch this space. There will be much to follow and I would love to have you come with me on the journey. It’s gonna be a great ride and hopefully will not go down, but only up, up and up.


New Entities and new identities. Each new venture is its own and most of the enterprises that I’m in the midst of starting up have not relation to each other and have no activities that relate to each other either.

I will – I apologize – be somewhat secretive about the specific activities or identities as of yet and until a more public “launch” can be announced. But just to get you going, here’s the first logo of one of the entities that I’m most excited about:



 Loobject 500


Little Sun Feature on Mikkel Pitzner

Brilliance All Around Me


A mentor of mine once got the impression during a Mastermind session that I was fascinated by famous people. But I had to correct him there, as it is not the fact that they might be famous in certain cases, but rather that they portrayed brilliance in their specific areas.

And it is brilliance that I’m particularly fascinated by. And yes, I wish to be closer to this brilliance that some of these people have and thus like to be closer to people portraying the brilliance. One never knows, it might just rub off on you. In fact I do believe that we are all easily a product of the people we are close to and the people we hang out with. This is a subject for another discussion that I will take up in future, but it’s not really pertaining to what I wanted to talk about this time round.

No, for this discussion I wanted to touch on brilliance and in fact I think this will be just the start of a string of posts to come or shall we say the birth of a new category here on my ego website blog, which I will be naming – you’ ve got it:


But before we leave the subject of famous people, let me just note that without knowing a lot of them personally (in other words, I could just be making a judgement here which bears little merit or draw conclusion without offering fair discrepancy to specific individuals), that I believe there are many famous people who hold little, if any, brilliance, just as there are many people who are a far cry from being famous who are very brilliant. There are though also some, who has great brilliance without necessarily receiving the judgement by most peers of being brilliant. So as with most other things, there are variances of truths – or at least of perceptions.

Don’t quite get what the hell I’m saying here?

Well, let me explain just a tiny bit further with an example.

Take Kim Kardashian for example. She’s is super famous, right? At least she is super famous in the States (as in the United States) and as it would appear also in places such as Dubai and thus probably also some of the similar neighboring countries. For some of my Northern European friends (apparently, they don’t get Keeping Up With The Kardashians show over there), let me inform you that she is a reality show star, a business woman and has some attractions (looks). Now, while she is super famous, she is probably not the type of person who has given the majority of people an impression of being super brilliant and super smart. In fact, earlier this year in the Success magazine, they brought an article about her only to be hammered by loads of negative remarks on how Success magazine could lower themselves to such standards as bringing an article on her in their coveted magazine that usually portrays people very well know for true brilliance (examples such as: Jim Rohn, Peter Diamandis, John C. Maxwell, Richard Branson and the like).

But what some of these readers probably failed to see, was the fact that although she is probably no rocket scientist, she certainly has some very spectacular abilities for building awareness and brand. In fact it has been stated that her personal brand along with her business endeavors could be valued upward a billion dollars – billion with a B. And not to be focused on the money, but rather on the value, which in this case is measured in dollars. If you can build up your brand to a billion dollar mark then you do show some brilliance.

So OK, personally, I’m probably more focused that she has looks, more than appearance of a bright mind, but I admire the brilliance that is showing up in the results she has created. And indeed, if she didn’t do it, but is just surrounded by a team of brilliant people that made it happen, well, then she shows brilliance for aligning herself with such people. So either way, there is brilliance here.


But alas, this post was not and is not about her. But it is my commencement into mentioning people of brilliance and the brilliance that we can sometimes take joy in ourselves – even from afar.

So to start up the series (the posts of which will be coming as I get around to it or as I’m inspired to do so), why not let me start it up by something that truly lights up. Literally lights up.

I’m a very fortunately man. I have already lived through much, seen much and experienced much. I have the best little personal family, wife and so far two children (the very best!), and a few very highly valued friends. I’ve got great company relations and work with many extraordinary people some of which have demonstrated time and time again real brilliance. Through my huge and ever fast growing network and relations via my projects, business activities as well as extra curricular activities, the companies that I work with or am involved with and their projects I’m connected with, engaged with or aligned with brilliance and brilliant people and brilliant projects. In fact I see brilliance all around me. And I love it and I treasure it and I must admit, continuously crave for more of it.

If you are familiar with my ego website, you probably already have seen some of the people or learned about some of the names of whom I’m talking and yet, I have only mentioned a tiny fraction of them so far. You might have already noticed some names that you know of already, such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Dan Kennedy, Robert G. Allen, Brendon Burchard, but there so many more people that deserve mentioning in this regard and I am intend on doing so over time. A lot of them are by no means household names nor famous in any way. But it makes their brilliance no less phenomenal. If I fail to mention some, it is hopefully not because I have failed to recognized their brilliance, but rather that time prevented me, or distractions such as other shiny objects stole my attention away elsewhere or that I simply haven’t gotten there yet.

But like I said. I’m fortunate and although I didn’t always think that of myself, I have always been fortunate. Some of the brilliant people that I have met go back to early or later school years, which actually also means that I have not had much contact with many of these since. Oh, and don’t get me wrong – and I’m judging here once again, I know – it’s not that I believe everybody to be brilliant. But recollecting over my encounters I have been surrounded time and time again by brilliance and brilliant people. And my school, Herlufsholm, of my earlier years (when I was 10 thorough to 18 years of age) actually had a lot as pupils.

So the first story that lights up this category, is one of my fellow school mates. From way back in the ninth grade in the Danish school system, which I have no clue what would be called here in the US where I now live, but which is just before High School, I guess (in Denmark, just before Gymnasium).

What brings recollection to this person to me at this point is opening up the latest magazine from American Express, the magazine named Departures, and inside see a one page image and small mentioning under the headline NEW THINK and LIGHT OF THE WORLD. It’s a mentioning of a little product called Little Sun. The guys behind the product is my old ninth grade fellow school kid, engineer Frederik Ottesen, who with Danish-Islandic Olafur Eliasson, have designed a little plastic flowery shaped rechargeable lamp, that is good for 1,000 charges and can help light up in homes or where ever you are (small enough to bring with you). Little Sun uses the natural energy of sunlight where energy is unavailable or unreliable, not affordable or not sustainable and thus a lot of the company of Little Sun’s efforts are taking this little lamp to people in dire need of it in third world countries while also aiding in greening the world with more eco-friendly solutions.

Here is what the article said:



A solar-powered lamp puts art in the hands of everyone. Plus, the new tech finds that make life better

Like all well-designed items, this clever LED light by Frederik Ottesen and Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliason is deceptively simple. Little Sun may appear to be just a bright desk object, but it’s actually a powerhouse: Good for 1,000 charges, it provides five hours of light. Not only functional, the tiny lamp also aims to replace eco-friendly kerosene lamps in developing countries like Kenya and Ethiopia, where it will be sold at a reduced price. It’s the kind of beautifully conceived piece that most any aesthete would covet, with the added bonus of doing some good for the world. $25; littlesun.com – Steven Leckart

(also in the article: Little Sun. The plastic frame’s flowery, hollow shape improves airflow, provides shade and increases surface area to help cool the lamp’s batteries while charging in direct sunlight).


I’m not much in contact with Frederick, except for the updates that come by my eyes on occasion on Facebook (which I find being a great tool for keeping a little bit in the know of what people you know or once knew are up to, how many kids they now have, what interests them etc.). But I do recall back in the day, that when Frederick wasn’t just obnoxious or irritating, then he definitely showed signs of a great mind and always had lots of fun ideas. Cheeky smile and very charming also – I knew that he had something. And now I see that he not only still has great and grand ideas, but also shows savvy with bringing them to fruition and spreading the awareness of it.

Frederick’s concept of his Little Sun seems to encompass ideas that are bigger than himself, which may just be the ticket to really big results in near future.

I commend that and I have much respect for it.

Frederick Ottesen thus gets the honor of starting off the series of Brilliance – and he will be in great company.

Learn more about Little Sun

 Brilliant Little Sun on Mikkel Pitzner


It Is Said We All Got A Book Inside Of Us


Well, I say they are right when they say we all have a book inside of us. I can’t believe that up until last year I had no books out there and now I have no less than 5. To top that off, I even have 2 more on their way and I even have thoughts for about 3 more of my own.

To be fair all of these 7 books except for one of them (still to be published) have been book collaborations, so my own personal work load in getting the book content has been minimal in that I actually only had to supply a single chapter per book. Nevertheless, I am actually happy with the result and not least super excited and honored to have co-written with such capacities as is the case. There are too many great names to list them all. Lots of the names you probably are familiar with from other books or from movies or other media that you may have seen them in. In addition to these are a string of other very amazing people, whom I have had the great pleasure of meeting over the past year or so. All of them highly successful and all of them with expert knowledge and expertise in their specific fields.

In conclusion the books hold a lot of great insights and knowledge from which we can all learn. A lot of this information is very valuable and can be used in your business or in your personal development.

This journey has been very remarkable and once again I must come to the conclusion that I truly am a very fortunate man. I’m very grateful for this.


Books By Mikkel Pitzner October 2012

Books By Mikkel Pitzner October 2012


The books that have been published till date with which I’m involved are (in order of publishing date):

The Art And Science Of Success, Vol. II

The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need

The Success Secret

Marketing Miracles


The New Rules Of The Game

The books were collaborated with Roger Aston, Bud Bilanich, Colette Bowers, Bob Boyd, Mark Call, Evelyn Cole, Dean Decastro, Anand Ferco, Krienke Gerri, Melanie Greenough, Joanne Haslam, Clay Johnson, Christine Kasik, Tanya MarCia, Cecilia Matthews, Godfrey McAllister, David Medina, Daven Michaels, Matt Morris, Briarley Nicholson, Darlene O’Keefe, Mike Pawlowski, Mike Phillips, Thell Pruitt, Victoria Rei Ristow, Joe Rodrigues, Dr. Joe Rubino, David Sapp, Christian Schnubel, Wayne Sharer, Adam Spiel, Margie Stacey, Justin Tillman, Ayn Ulm, Jerome Vaultier, David Velasquez, Austin Walsh, Traci Williams, Sabrina Williams, Betty Wong, Tim Zimmerman,Brian Tracy, John Souza, Mfon Ekpo, Esq., William R. Benner, Jr., Chuck Boyce, Bryan Sullivan, Christine Rae, Joe Rickards, Nick Berry, Pat Rigsby, Forest Hamilton, Mark Cole, Grace Daly, Bertrand McHenry, Abdoul Diallo, Ed Alfke, Larry Benet, William Kustka, CPA, CCPS, MBA, John Ledford, CFP, Nicholas Rodriguez, J.W. Dicks, Esq., Nick Nanton, Esq., Lindsay Dicks, Greg Rollett, Andre Voskuil, Gregory Herlean, Julie Guest, Cindy Speaker, Olga Rickards, Meny Hoffman, Kelly Borth, Erin T. Botsford, CFP, Greg Link, Karl R. Wolfe, Robert G. Allen, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood, Ron LeGrand, Paul Edgewater and Leigh Steinberg, Jack Canfield, Alana McKinney, Angel Boyce, L.Aynn Daniels, Charles <ixson, Diana Todd-Banks, Sugar Singleton, John Jochem, Gloriana Ron Da, Karl R. Wolfe, Kathy Van Liere, Loretta R. Washburn, Mark McCullough, Robert Blair, Roopa Makhija, Sunil Tulsiani, Sylvia Runkle, Tom Foster, Troy Singer, William Jordan, Caroline Manuel, William R. Benner Jr., Justin T. Perry, Catherine Scheers, Dane Christensen, Gary Schill, Grace Daly, JW Dicks, Nick Nanton, Greg Rollett, James Ballidits, Jimmy Vee, Travis Miller, Lindsay Dicks, Lorie A. L. Nicholas, Lynne Marchant, Michael Conduff, Michael Reese, Radon Stancil, Richard Seppala, Rick Parkes, Scott Schumann, Tinka Milinovic, Tommy Lee, Tracy E. Myers, J.L. Ashmore, Darren Johnson, Deb Farrell, Gary Martin Hays, Diena Thompson, Genevieve Kohn, Jim Sayih, Julianne Blake, Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir, Luba Winter, Morris Nutt, Paul Edgewater, Phil Cioppa, Serena Reep, Steve Norton and Veronica Anderson, Dan Kennedy, Sydney Biddle Barrows, Thomas Bukacek, Bette Tomaszewicz, Darrin Mish, James M Walker, Lisa Lang, Dale Gibbons, Chris Gilman, Gordon Dey, Richard Seppala, JW Dicks, Nick Nanton, Lloyd Irvin Jr., Luba Winter, Gus Kaloti, Jason Cianflone, Greg Rollett, Lindsay Dicks, David Linton, Tom Puentes, Juan Carlos Vazquez, Robert. G. Allen, Dave VanHoose, Dustin Mathews, Sherman Ragland, Nathan Kievman, Michael Hellickson, Marco Kozlowski, Corbin Cowan, Nancy Geils, Jill Picerno, Nick Nanton, JW Dicks, Lindsay Dicks, Greg Rollett, Will “Power” Duquestte, Hugh O. Stewart and of course myself, Mikkel Pitzner, in all the books. If a name is mentioned more than once, it is because the person was in more than one of these books.

I take the opportunity here to thank all of my co-authors.

Slowly Waking Up – Sensing Some Gratitude

This evening I was packing down some books from my office. 10 big boxes I got packed to the full capacity and sealed them – ready for an upcoming move. But judging from the book cases in the office you wouldn’t really know that I just removed 10 boxes worth of books. The book cases are still heavily over-burdened with far more books than the selves can hold, so the books are stacked in excess on top of the book cases left and right and all over.

While packing down the books and reviewing what they were and sensing an enjoyment from them, it also made me reminiscence something from my childhood. Remembering how, when I was little I had great struggles learning how to read and remembering how my mother would sit with me and force me to try harder, all while I was actually crying my eyes out.

Thankfully I learned to read eventually and later in life actually learned to speed read as well, so even though I have a lot of books in my collection I have not yet read, I also have a great number of books that I actually have read and I must say that I often find great value shared in such books.


Going over these thoughts and memories made me also realize perhaps for the first time ever that I’m truly thankful and should be thankful for my mother’s efforts in pushing me to try harder and even though I can’t say that I liked it at the time.

So thanks mom for pushing me.


I’m still learning to be more thankful. It’s one of those better late than never and I appreciate that at least I’m learning this. I have loads to be thankful for and I actually truly find myself to be really a very fortunate and blessed man. I just need to be even more consciously aware of showing and feeling gratitude. My little family consisting of my beautiful wife Olga and my wonderful son Gabriel and new born sweet daughter Angelica are fortunately constant reminders in my conscious and subconscious mind making me feel and be grateful for being so blessed.


So I challenge you too to also look within yourself and to look for those things you never really pay gratitude towards, things or events you possibly just took for granted or simply didn’t really notice. Think about these a little and then feel some gratitude towards that. Perhaps send forth a note of appreciation or call upon a person to whom you should show this appreciation, but to whom you never did. I think you will find the experience very powerful.




Millions On Automation

I have been very fortunate in attaining a lot of freedom in my life. Freedom especially to choose how I spend my time and it has afforded me with what in my eyes is a dream lifestyle. At first what made this possible was unintentional, but came about as result of buying a business while being employed in another.

Since I did not want to give up my day job and the security of the paycheck of that day job and since the business I bought, was purchased 100% with borrowed money, I did not want to burden the financials of my newly acquired business further by drawing a salary from there, it meant that I had to have other people in place to handle the daily operations of the business while I was tending to my job. You see, while the owner of the company in which I was hired (at the time of purchase of the business I had advanced to the CEO position) it was naturally inherent, that I was not to be paid a salary for the CEO position if I spent my working days engaged in other business than the one I got my pay for. In other words my involvement in my own newly acquired business would have to be left for evenings and weekends (and holidays) and since most of the business’s customers interacted during normal business hours like most other businesses, then somebody else would have to handle the daily interactions.

The cool thing about this was that I inadvertently set myself up in a fashion where I became (close to) obsolete. Now, while that may sound horrible in many people’s ears, then think about it for a moment. Imagine if you could own a business (or several for that matter) and that the business would bring you great results, while at the same time the business had no need or certainly nor requirement from you to be in the business, well, wouldn’t you rather want this so your time could be freed up to explore further or new opportunities? Don’t get me wrong, I understand we all have a need to feel important to some degree and we probably all want to feel that our contribution towards something matters. In the words of one of my mentors, We All Want To Matter. But it is probably also the case, that if you managed to get to the point of acquiring a business, then you are probably also at a point in which you can contribute and matter without necessarily having to engage yourself full time in the operational side of the business. Instead you can promote yourself to the Chairman of the company and contribute to the company with your strategies, visions and experience and help direct the business on its path towards your goals for same. Or perhaps you can actually contribute on an even greater scale elsewhere, perhaps in charitable efforts.

Fact of the matter is, that you more than likely will be needed to some extend if you wish to obtain the right results and especially if you do have a vision for where you want to take the business. But the difference truly is that you can be in a place where you can work on the business rather than in the business. To me working on the business in so much more fun than working in the business, pretty much regardless of what the business is. And like I said, this set up can put your in a possible position of more freedom than you could ever have by working in the business.

I know what I prefer. Do You?


I have been invited to another book collaboration. This time it is with the famous multi-bestselling author Robert G. Allen, famed for highly successful real estate business, most notably utilizing no-money down purchases of real estate, his many books on same and on multiple streams of income, his teachings and his infopreneurship. Along with Robert G. Allen and me will be a number of my Mastermind colleagues who are all successful entrepreneurs, but from very varied backgrounds and businesses. The book is destined to be very interesting and will probably give us all some great insights that we can learn from. The book is due out in the fall of this year, but you can get a little preview of the topic on which I believe myself to contribute with by reading this article: Millions On Automation


Money Does Not Buy You Purpose

“Money Does Not Buy Purpose”

Robert Carmichael


Just the other day a good friend of mine, Mr. Robert Carmichael, and I were on the road for just about 10 hours driving up north to High Springs from Fort Lauderdale for a business meeting exploring some opportunities there. The long trip there and the long trip back provided amble time and made way for long great discussions talking about the business, the opportunities at hand and many other things – including life.

Scanning through the radio stations our conversation happened to fall on music also. It was just two days prior that the famous and talented singer Witney Houston (age 48) died and our conversation soon touched upon this and how wasteful her early departure from this world seemed. I recalled also the fate of Amy Winehouse (age 27) who passed away last year and whose life seemed to bear some resemblance. Many more similar examples can be found of people who have reached high level of success in their metier and yet again seems unable to find happiness and balance.  Just look at many movie stars and other celebrities, who are subjects of many tabloid magazines gobbled up by millions of readers worldwide. We pondered this for a little and then my friend spoke the profound words:

“Money Does Not Buy Purpose”

Wow! Isn’t that the truth? We all need purpose in our lives or at least a sense of purpose. Purpose gives us directions and something to live for. Something usually much greater than ourselves. Purpose helps us stay the course even when things get tough and when we face obstacles and challenges. Purpose also often helps us align ourselves with good choices. Good choices on continuous basis lead us to good habits and our habits form our future. Whether for self or for grander scale of others, our purpose helps us be happy and helps us achieve a fulfilled life.

Now, we have all heard the phrase “Money Does Not Buy Happiness”. Well, neither does poverty. So while I do believe that money is not everything, I do believe that most people would be in a position where it would be easier for them to find happiness if their financial state was fairly comfortable or even better, great. Studies have found that most relationships often falter as a result of financial worries and certainly that many, many disagreements stem from unsatisfactory financial situations. But perhaps this discussion is getting off point and is the subject for a future post. The point of this post here is that we have all witnessed so many, many highly successful people having reached almost unfathomable successes in an area and yet completely seem to lack control over their personal lives.

Well, that’s not “Winning”.

I would venture to say, that my friend hit the nail on its head, by his words. So while I’m not presuming to know anything about the lives of the mentioned successful and famed celebrities nor what goes on in their heads, it would appear that these unfortunate people must lack purpose or a sense of purpose. They have all this success, money and fame that so many other swould love to have and yet their lives seem very – for lack of better words – messed up.


They say a life without purpose is a life without destination. Jim White who writes on Life Purpose says: “Like a boat adrift on the ocean, there is no telling where you might end up. With no direction to your life, you will be moved by random feelings and emotions into any harbor. Two thousand years ago the Roman philosopher Seneca wrote, “Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.” Adrift at the mercy of random feelings or unidentified urges, you will be capable of any evil because you lack control of your own life.

Purpose provides a vision that leads you to a vocation rather than to a mere job. It provides for passion and meaning to replace tedium and aimlessness. The question “Why Am I Here?” goes much deeper than finding what career is best for you. Finding a purpose is ultimately a spiritual endeavor because it involves a process of connecting with something greater than yourself.

Paradoxically, however, the process also requires you to look within yourself for your answers because that is the only place you will ever find them. You cannot use my answer to the question of your purpose, nor your father’s. You must come to your purpose by your own road.”

As for me I must admit, that I believe I’m still in the process of refining and defining what my life’s purpose is. I do believe more and more the answer entails something about helping a lot of other people attain success and happiness as I have found tremendous pleasure in seeing how appreciative and cheerful people have become when I have helped them even in small areas. Alongside I’m truly appreciative of having become a father of a most fantastic son and a beautiful girl yet unborn, an experience that gives and gives and gives and is a constant source of joy.


So what is your purpose? Still haven’t really thought about it? Probably time for you to do so. They also say that when you work in areas of your life purpose, work will no longer seem like work. You’ll be inspired and probably be a source of inspiration for others along the way. Remember as Jim White says: “The destination is not the ultimate aim. The joy comes from the journey. Purpose is bound up in the process.”




Gabriel and Mikkel Feb 2012

Gabriel and Mikkel Feb 2012


Team For Kids Fund Raising

I just got signed up for Team For Kids Fundraising today.

Funny how getting a child changes you. It really does. Thankfully for the better. Becoming a parent and experiencing the awe of such a miracle life is, seeing it develop and transform in your offspring right in front of your eyes certainly has made some really huge shifts in me. And when we had the scare of our little son’s kidney problems being revealed to us last summer, the preciousness and potential fragility of life also became more apparent and you suddenly realize that you really have to appreciate every moment you have and also just how privileged and fortunate you are. It also spurred in me a spark of wanting to contribute in some way back to the universe, back to great causes and back to those who are less fortunate less privileged. Suddenly it is no longer just me, me, me and me. Suddenly, you find that life is so much grander outside the me.


Gabriel being strapped in on the gurney before transportation from emergency room to another hospital


Arrival at the second hospital. We ended up being transferred yet to a third hospital.


Gabriel hooked up to all sorts of monitoring devices and drops


I cannot help but being in awe of how well Gabriel took all the commotion and unpleasantries at the hospital

Yep, there was a machine that said "PIIING" and there were all sorts of alarms all the time


My Most Favorite People In The Universe

Still Happy - Always a great kid

Finally out of the hospital and instead in a nice 5 star hotel, getting a real bath - in the sink

Gabriel these days - about 7 months later


So I started ever so slightly last year, contributing with minor means to certain causes of my personal choice. While I may have supported certain causes most of my life, there really was no real direction for it and certainly no real commitment from my personal side and it never contained much of a personal involvement. I still feel that there are limits to what I can give, but I realize that we all posses possibilities of aiding to some extend, some times with small or large donations, sometimes by spreading the word, sometimes by actually being involved in voluntary work for cause or by a multitude of other smaller of bigger ways of helping one or several causes.

I have always had my favorite causes that usually all involved animal welfare and I still would preserve a real emotional tie towards these, but once I received my beautiful son into this world, my affinity for children and humans dramatically changed for the better and became vastly more positive. Last year I was introduced to a couple of really great organizations and projects that I certainly will revisit again and have ideas for and personal commitment set up in my plans for roll out this year, but today the choice went to Team For Kids.

From Team For Kids website, www.tfkworldwide.org you can learn the following:

Team for Kids is a committed group of adult runners from around the world who add meaning to their miles by raising funds on behalf of New York Road Runners youth services…Funds raised by Team for Kids members allow NYRR to provide free or low-cost school- and community-center based health and fitness programs to children who would otherwise have little to no access to regular physical activity. Currently, our programs serve nearly 100,000 children each year in more than 400 schools and community centers in New York City, nationally, and in Africa.

So in other words, I have just started my personal involvement in the fund raising for Team For Kids. So if you are reading this and wish to be part of this and show your support, it will be greatly appreciated not just by me, but most certainly by some children whose lives will be improved by the efforts of the work done by Team For Kids . Donating is super easy, just visit my fundraising page and donate there. Oh, and as you will see from the fundraising page, I’m running the 2012 ING New York City Marathon. I am adding meaning to my miles.


And in terms of Gabriel. Well, I am glad you asked and to be able to report that I really see all his former problems with the kidneys are past us and that he will suffer no more complications from this or anything else.



See also http://mikkelpitzner.com/please-help-me-achieve-my-goal/

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A Note From The Bahamas

I consider myself a very fortunate guy and sometimes this seems to shine through in more vivid colors than I could ever have imagined, revealing to me a true magical life and wondrous experiences.

Recently, I had the great opportunity to go to the Bahamas to aid in the support of the sea trials of the new Triton 3300/3 submarines from Triton Submarines, Inc. Those who know me also know that I one of my big passions is that of scuba diving and you may also know that I work with a South Florida based dive equipment manufacturer called Brownie’s Marine Group. It is via my association with Brownie’s Marine Group that I got the chance to be part of the Triton Submarine event and I might add I have actually be fortunate in participating in such event on several occasions. But let me tell you more about this last time.

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So What Do You Do Mikkel?

People I meet naturally ask me what I do just like I ask them the same question. but lately, I have found it difficult to offer a simple and concise answer to this, possibly because I do not do just one thing that more or less would define what I do.

Currently, you might say that I am in between several functions and before I have narrowed it down or become more attuned to a specific function, I guess that you could say I will continue to have this challenge.

If, however, I was to let you know a little bit about what I currently do, then my reply would entail pieces of the following functions:

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