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This evening I was packing down some books from my office. 10 big boxes I got packed to the full capacity and sealed them – ready for an upcoming move. But judging from the book cases in the office you wouldn’t really know that I just removed 10 boxes worth of books. The book cases are still heavily over-burdened with far more books than the selves can hold, so the books are stacked in excess on top of the book cases left and right and all over.

While packing down the books and reviewing what they were and sensing an enjoyment from them, it also made me reminiscence something from my childhood. Remembering how, when I was little I had great struggles learning how to read and remembering how my mother would sit with me and force me to try harder, all while I was actually crying my eyes out.

Thankfully I learned to read eventually and later in life actually learned to speed read as well, so even though I have a lot of books in my collection I have not yet read, I also have a great number of books that I actually have read and I must say that I often find great value shared in such books.


Going over these thoughts and memories made me also realize perhaps for the first time ever that I’m truly thankful and should be thankful for my mother’s efforts in pushing me to try harder and even though I can’t say that I liked it at the time.

So thanks mom for pushing me.


I’m still learning to be more thankful. It’s one of those better late than never and I appreciate that at least I’m learning this. I have loads to be thankful for and I actually truly find myself to be really a very fortunate and blessed man. I just need to be even more consciously aware of showing and feeling gratitude. My little family consisting of my beautiful wife Olga and my wonderful son Gabriel and new born sweet daughter Angelica are fortunately constant reminders in my conscious and subconscious mind making me feel and be grateful for being so blessed.


So I challenge you too to also look within yourself and to look for those things you never really pay gratitude towards, things or events you possibly just took for granted or simply didn’t really notice. Think about these a little and then feel some gratitude towards that. Perhaps send forth a note of appreciation or call upon a person to whom you should show this appreciation, but to whom you never did. I think you will find the experience very powerful.