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Press Release: April 8, 2014: Multiple Parallel Entrepreneur Mikkel Pitzner Honored With Award For His Written Contributions

Highlands Ranch, CO. – April 8 2014 – Mikkel Pitzner, marketing expert, successful businessman and partner of several businesses, professional board member and mentor was honored by being awarded the The Writers’ EXPY by the National Association Of Experts, Writers, & Speakers at their inaugural annual event, EXPY Awards, that took place at the Hard Rock Café’ this Friday in New York City.

The award, which is inducted by the National Association Of Experts, Writers & Speakers is given to authors who have contributed notably with great and insightful written material and Mikkel Pitzner was honored for several multiple best-selling books.

The National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers was founded to honor experts around the world for their contribution to education, enlightenment and the advancement of business.

At the same event, legendary author and speaker Brian Tracy became the first inductee to the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers Hall Of Fame.

The awards ceremony was conducted by 3-Time Emmy Award Winning Director Nick Nanton and Emmy Award Winning Producer JW Dicks.

Mikkel Pitzner is known for his involvement and engagement in several businesses spanning multiple non-related industries and spanning multiple nations. He is a CEO, owner or partner of several of these businesses and a consultant and professional Board Member to others. One of his latest ventures is Pivot Point Enterprises that just recently opened up its revolutionary business platform for all your business processes to the public. Another recent enterprise is RetailWise USA that helps large US retailers perform to their true potential and reach much improved results.


About Mikkel Pitzner

Originally from Denmark, Mikkel Pitzner turned car rental company, Pitzner Auto, into the fourth largest quadrupling the number of locations. Its leasing department doubled under his leadership and he led it to becoming the Budget Rent A Car licensee for Denmark. He was instrumental in the challenging sale of the company which comprised a split of the company to 3 different buyers.

Late 1996 up until end of 2010 he owned and operated the largest limousine service company in Denmark which profits grew 3200% during the first year of ownership alone. The company served the most discerned clientele including the 3 recent US presidents, being George Bush, President Clinton and President O’Bama, and numerous embassies, countries, royalties, celebrities, multi-conglomerates etc.

He successfully ran an import and distribution company of scuba diving equipment and sold it to a German distributor just a few years following the foundation. He is a partner of Freetrailer (comprising Freetrailer Denmark, Freetrailer Sweden and soon Freetrailer Germany and other nations) and of a very unique advertising and marketing bureau, Aksel & Ko, while helping several US and international businesses in a challenging economy.

Recently Mikkel Pitzner has founded several new businesses including Pivot Point Enterprises, which has created an online business platform on which to build, collaborate on and manage all of your business processes. New is also RetailWise USA which builds on special and unique expertise that at roughly the same price you would typically pay for mystery shopping, you’ll get ExitShopping® that combines the very best from mystery shopping, customer satisfaction and competitor analyses, loyalty rates, efficiency measurements etc. in one smooth operation.

A sought after professional board member Mikkel Pitzner currently sits on boards of companies spanning the US, Denmark, Sweden and Poland – privately held as well as publicly traded companies.

A multiple best selling author (6 best selling books published so far), speaker and mentor, he teaches entrepreneurs how to create a business that provides for the lifestyle of your choice while taking you off the treadmill of your job, so you can spend your time on things of your choosing. Here’s list of Mikkel Pitzner’s books:


The Art And Science Of Success, Vol 2

The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need

The Success Secret

Marketing Miracles

New Rules Of The Game

Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets For Marketing Your Business Online

Masterminds’s Insights To Business Success


Mikkel has several new books in the works due out during 2014 including Breaking Through and The Automated Millionaire.

Mikkel Pitzner has been featured on CNBC, abc,, Entrepreneur, Fox News, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, SmartMoney, USA Today and NBC, America’s PremierExperts, Børsen, Berlingske Tidende, Erhvervsbladet and Näringsliv. Mikkel Pitzner was also a guest at the Brian Tracy TV Show, Amino TV, The Secret Entourage and radio program Money for Lunch.

Residing in beautiful Colorado with wife Olga, son Gabriel and daughter Angelica.


To learn more about Mikkel Pitzner, please visit





Mikkel Pitzner


Breaking Through Book With Dr Nido Quebein and Mikkel Pitzner

Working With Dr. Nido Quebein

As was told in the recent press release sent out by CelebrityPress Publishing, I’m have been honored by an invitation to collaborate on a forthcoming book – due out this summer – with Dr. Nido Quebein and a number of other experts from various fields and backgrounds.

The book is called Breaking Through and you can gain more information on it here: TheBookBreakingThrough.

Anyways, if you are unfamiliar with Dr. Nido Quebein then you can get some insights here. Watching this I’m sure that you will understand why I’m so excited about the opportunity to work with him on this book project.



Celebrity Press Feature

Book Publisher CelebrityPress Signs Publishing Deal With Leading Experts For New Book, “Breaking Through”

The following article was published yesterday on in their Whatnew section:

CelebrityPress, a leading book publishing company, has recently signed a publishing deal with Dr. Nido Qubein and several leading experts from various industries to release the new book, “Breaking Through.”

Orlando, FL – February 25, 2014 - A select group of leading experts from around the world have joined together with accomplished business leader and dedicated philanthropist Dr. Nido Qubein, president of High Point University, to co-author the forthcoming book titled, Breaking Through: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Share Their Insights for Achieving Breakthrough Success! Nick Nanton, Esq. along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., the leading agents to Celebrity Experts® worldwide, recently signed a publishing deal with each of these authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress™ imprint.

CelebrityPress™ describes the book:

Distinctive characteristics of those who breakthrough invariably include perseverance, calculated risk-taking, foresight, and passion. To follow breakthrough success, we introduce a panel of CelebrityExperts® in this book who have spearheaded changes in order to breakthrough!

While their fields may differ, these CelebrityExperts® have found success in the breakthroughs they that they have initiated. Using their successful expertise, they will guide you through their breakthrough experience, relaying both their successes and their errors – which are all part and parcel of their breakthrough experience. Following their advice will help you avoid their errors — and complete a breakthrough journey quicker than you could otherwise.

The authors contributing to Breaking Through include: Dr. Nido Qubein, Billy Selekane, Cami Buettner, Michael Butler, Dr. Loreley Leonard, Roshan Ajanee, John Miziolek, Pamela Herrmann, Kerry Niece, Deborah Freeman, Rachel O’Brien Eddy, Mike Marsteller, Dr. William Caldon, Scott Keffer, Paul Lagudi, Dr. James Moss, Brenda Schubach, Kerri Courtright, Mikkel Pitzner, Nick Nanton, JW Dicks, Lindsay Dicks and Greg Rollett.

The book is tentatively scheduled for release in the summer of 2014.

Other books recently released by CelebrityPress™ include: 

Change Agents: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets for Successfully Changing the Status Quo to Help Their Clients Lead Better Lives and Run Better Businesses Against The Grain: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How They Achieved Positive Results in a Down Economy!Stand Apart: Stand Out Strategies from Today’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Help You Achieve Health, Wealth, & Success.The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security: The Nation’s Leading Financial Advisors Reveal How to Turn Your Back on Banks and Wall Street and Take Control of Your Financial Future Today. About Celebrity Press™: Celebrity Press™ is a leading business, health and wellness book publisher that publishes books from thought leaders around the world. Celebrity Press™ has published books alongside Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Robert Allen and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields.

Celebrity Press

“What’s new in business” is edited by Greg Rogers a business journalist and commentator who follows trends in social media, marketing, advertising, technology, law, IT, retailing, finance, health care and property.
He is the editor here at The International News Magazine the publisher of “What’s new in business”. He can be contacted at to discuss content.
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The Only Business Book You'll Ever Need cut

Get My Award Winning Chapter For Free Here

Readers who have followed me for some time now, know that I was fortunate to have been part of a book collaboration that was co-authored by some of the leading business and thought leaders of today, including a couple of my personal mentors whom I have worked with such as Brian Tracy and Robert G. Allen and also several other highly respected and well know industry leaders such as Chris Atwood and Janet Bray Atwood, Leigh Steinberg, Ron Legrand and several others.

The book was called The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need, and it became an instant best seller in several categories when it was released earlier in 2012.

Now I’m giving away my AWARD WINNING chapter to the book. A chapter that I titled Plan For Success.


If you would like your free copy of this chapter, simply fill out the box below and I shall send you a link with the download information.

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Mikkel Pitzner Article on America's PremierExperts' Website cut

I’m Featured In America’s PremierExperts’ Newsletter and They Also Brought One Of My Articles

Mikkel Pitzner Featured in America's PremierExperts' Newsletter


I have been honored by being featured in the latest issues of America’s PremierExperts’ latest Newsletter.

As part of the feature they also brought one of my more recent articles: Great Customer Service – A Key To Longevity And Prosperity In Business (click on the article name and you can read it on my website or you can read it on America’s PremierExperts’ website here).

America’s PremiereExperts® recognizes leading experts, across a wide array of industries, who are willing to provide information and education to consumers as a public service.

America’s PremierExperts® is an organization with two parallel Missions:

  1. To Provide FREE Expert Content on a wide array of topics to Consumers and Journalists- information that is constantly updated as the world continues to change. is the place consumers and journalists, alike, visit to find the expert advice they need, absolutely free.
  2. To Showcase Experts who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field while making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.


Mikkel Pitzner Article on America's PremierExperts' Website

Think Big Branson on Mikkel Pitzner

Is Richard Branson Reading My Blog?


Inc Magazine Richard Branson Mikkel Pitzner


Is Richard Branson reading my blog and did he just quote me?

OK, so I don’t actually believe that Sir Richard Branson has found his way to my blog yet, but I couldn’t help but enjoying reading this little line that said:

“Dream big by setting yourself seemingly impossible challenges. You then have to catch up with them”.

The quote from Sir Richard Branson was highlighted in an article brought in the November 2012 issue of Inc. and it almost sounds like he is quoting me.

The quote from Sir Richard Branson came from his response to the question: Have you ever encountered a challenge you dismissed as simply too daunting?

His full answer as brought in the Inc Magazine article was:

Inc Magazine Richard Branson Mikkel Pitzner“My first book was called Losing My Virginity. I nearly called it Talking Ahead of Yourself. Because I sometimes think in life you’ve got to dream big by setting yourself seemingly impossible challenges. You then have to catch up with them. You can make what people believe is impossible possible if you set big enough targets. Flying from New York to Australia in, say, two hours. Can we do it in our lifetimes? I’m determined to try. If you don’t dream, nothing happens. And we like to dream big.”


Inc Magazine Richard Branson Mikkel Pitzner

If you read my blog post from July 20th, 2012 which “I titled Set Yourself A (Seemingly) Impossible Goal” along with my article Set Yourself An Impossible Goal you should know what I mean.

In the blog post and in the article I wrote the following:

Set yourself a seemingly impossible goal and you will find yourself in a position where you need to stretch yourself and dig deeper into yourself mentally, physically, creatively and find those hidden extra resources and capacities that you perhaps didn’t even know you possessed, and you just might come out and surprise yourself and those around you. What’s more is, that you will have moved your set point and your compass for what you now know is possible for you to do and for you to accomplish. You have grown and developed. You are now stronger and more resourceful, and you have more power readily available to you.

You have grown into a person who can.

Set Yourself An Impossible Goal July 20 2012 Mikkel Pitzner

Blogpost on from July 20, 2012


Anyway, I found the similarity of my writing and Richard Branson’s quote to be very clear and it made me smile and made me think the guy had found his way to my blog. Well, Sir Richard, I’m very pleased to have you here and to be a source of inspiration to you, hehe

Alright. It’s probably just a coincidence, but then again you never know. He might just have come by my writings. More importantly, if Sir Richard Branson also says that we should set bigger challenges for ourselves, bigger goals, then perhaps we should ponder that. Perhaps we should adjust our thinking a bit. Imagine what we could achieve. Imagine where we could take ourselves.

So my questions to you are:

Are you setting big enough goals?

Are you setting impossible goals?

Are you setting at least seemingly impossible goals?

If not, why not?

If not yet. When?

What are you waiting for?


Let me know your thoughts about setting impossible goals? What do you think? Is it just silly to do? Should we just stick to the SMART goals? Should we just stick to the realistic goals?


(PS. Sign up for my Newsletter to stay informed about when my Setting Goals Program will be launched)






The Success Secret Book Cover Featuring Mikkel Pitzner & Jack Canfield

Mikkel Pitzner, Marketing Expert and Serial Entrepreneur, recently hit seven separate best-seller lists with “The Success Secret” book.

The Success Secret Book Cover Featuring Mikkel Pitzner & Jack CanfieldI was informed of this Press Release being published tomorrow on the recent success of the release of the book collaboration titled: The Success Secret.

The Press Release starts as follows:

Orlando, FL – September 18, 2012 – Mikkel Pitzner, Serial Entrepreneur and Dreamer Extraordinaire, has joined a select group of the world’s leading experts from a variety of industries, along with best-selling author Jack Canfield, named by Time magazine as the “Publishing Phenomenon of the Decade,” to co-author the book titled The Success Secret, The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets for Success and Life. The book was released by CelebrityPress™   - a leading business book publisher.


You can read the entire Press Release Here.



New Rules Of The Game Book Cover Mikkel Pitzner Feature

Release Date for The New Rules Of The Game Book Set

The book collaboration The New Rule Of The Game has been set for September 20th, 2012 – yep. just 3 days from now.

Things are happening fast these days. I just got news that the last book collaboration that I was part of hit 5 best seller lists on Amazon and now I was just informed that the release date for The New Rules Of The Game is set for this Thursday.

The New Rules Of The Game came about out of a Mastermind group that I had the pleasure of being part of. The Mastermind group was led by Bob Allen and Dave VanHoose.


New Rules Of The Game Book Cover

New Rules Of The Game Book Cover


Robert Allen is the best selling author of a number of great books, including Multiple Streams Of Internet Income, Multiple Streams Of Income, Cash In A Flash (co-written with Mark Victor Hansen), Nothing Don, Nothing Down For The 2000s, The One Minute Millionaire (co-written with Mark Victor Hansen) and a number of others. He made his first fortune in the real estate market and was famous for constructing deals buying properties with down down payment. Subsequently Robert Allen has made even greater fortunes selling online information products.

Dave VanHoose built in no time an INC 35 company. I.e a company that went straight in at the number 35 spot of the fastest growing companies in America. Unfortunately the success of said company didn’t withstand the great upset of the financial crisis that set in in 2007/2008, but Dave quickly rose to build a new multi-million dollar company that trains speakers and companies to craft their perfect and top-selling presentations. His client list is amazing and so are the results that he gets his clients.

The rest of the group consisted of a number of really brilliant people from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. All very successful and very accomplished.There are too many individuals for me to write about here, but I will invariably come back and discuss insights from them once in awhile. Also I’m hopeful to build an interview series with each one of them and will be sharing these with you as a reader of my blog, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter using the sign up form here on my website. Also please feel free to share this with your friends and anybody who you think might enjoy the interviews.





Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

Marketing Miracles Hits 5 Best Seller Lists

The recently released book collaboration called Marketing Miracles which features top marketeers including the notorious and world renown marketeer Dan Kennedy as well as myself went to instant best seller lists in 5 categories:

Direct Marketing
Marketing Research Business
Marketing and Sales
Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Thanks to all who supported the launch of the book. I hope you enjoy the insights that the marketeers share.


Thank you to Nick Nanton and his team also for putting this together and inviting me to collaborate on the project.

Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

It’s the big day! Our Marketing Miracles launch is FINALLY Here! Get your bonuses TODAY!

Dear Reader,Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

Today is the big day!  Just for buying my new book today, I’ll give you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS worth of bonuses!  Marketing Miracles is a huge forum for Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy and today’s Leading Marketing Experts (including me!) to unveil the most recent strategies and secrets for marketing successfully online, offline, and even face-to face.

I’m joined not only by Dan Kennedy for Marketing Miracles: Odd, Unusual, Breakthrough Strategies That Build Great Businesses, but also by experts like JW Dicks, Esq., Nick Nanton, Esq., David Linton, “Dr. Lisa” Lang, Juan Carlos Vazquez DC, Dale Gibbons, Gordon Dey, David White, Richard Seppala, Lindsay Dicks, Greg Rollet, Lamont Stephens, and Lloyd Irvin.  This is a collection of experts that may never join forces again – and the Marketing Miracles we reveal could be exactly what you need to fuel your business to new levels of success!

Just for purchasing the book today, and helping me get off to a great start, I’ve put together a huge bonus package for you!

Here is a link to buy the book for $19.95:

Click Here to Buy it Now!!!

And you’ll get hundreds of dollars of bonuses, just for spending $19.95!  BUT REMEMBER YOU MUST BUY THE BOOK AT AMAZON.COM TODAY!

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Check out all of the great bonuses you’re going to get right HERE!

Just buy the book now, then just send your receipt to and you’ll get all the bonuses!

Just for purchasing the book today, and helping me get off to a great start, I’ve put together all of these great bonuses for you! Click HERE!


Here is a link to buy the book for $19.95:


Click Here to Buy it Now!!!

And you’ll get all that great stuff JUST for buying the book today!  BUT REMEMBER YOU MUST BUY THE BOOK AT AMAZON.COM TODAY!


Here is the link one more time:

Click Here to Buy it Now!!!


Then just send your receipt to and they’ll send you access to all the bonuses!


Thanks for your support!  Enjoy the book!



Mikkel Pitzner, Marketing Miracles


P.S. – Here is a link to buy the book for $19.95:


Click Here to Buy it Now!!!

And you’ll get all the great stuff I mentioned above, JUST for buying the book today!  BUT REMEMBER YOU MUST BUY THE BOOK AT AMAZON.COM TODAY!  Here’s the link one last time:


Click Here to Buy it Now!!!


Dan Kennedy on

My New Book Comes Out Tomorrow! And so do your bonuses!

Dear Reader,Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

As I announced yesterday, my new book is about to launch. In it, Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy leads a group of experts in a discussion of the greatest marketing secrets of our time.  I’m fortunate to be one of Dan Kennedy’s co-authors for this collection of marketing expertise, and I know you’ll be able to convert more customers and attract more business by using the tips and strategies in my book.

The great news is that the book I co-wrote, Marketing Miracles, is being launched TOMORROW!

Just for purchasing the book tomorrow on, and helping me get off to a great start, I’ve put together a huge bonus package for you!

I will send you a link to buy the book tomorrow on Amazon, but here’s a sneak peak at all the great stuff you’ll get JUST for spending $19.95! 


Just for purchasing the book tomorrow on Amazon, and helping me get off to a great start, you’ll get all of these great bonuses!


I will send you a link to buy the book tomorrow for just $19.95, and once you buy it, just email your receipt to and they’ll send the bonuses right over to you!

Until Tomorrow!


Mikkel Pitzner, Marketing Miracles


Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

They said it would never happen, but now you finally have a chance to learn the Marketing Miracles of the masters…

Dear reader,

In the world of marketing and sales, there are few names more recognized than that of “Marketing Master” Dan Kennedy’s. For years, his “break-through-the-box” copy and marketing strategies have been responsible for billions in sales for major corporations and small businesses.

Along the way, he has taught entrepreneurs all across the world to cut to the chase, measure their results and find creative ways to build very successful businesses in hundreds of niches. Now, I’ve joined with Dan and many distinguished co-authors to bring together in one book some of the most creative strategies and tactics ever to attract clients and customers… and keep them, as well as guarantee higher sales conversions.

My new book, Marketing Miracles: Odd, Unusual, Breakthrough Strategies That Build Great Businesses, is full of the newest, the best and, of course, the most extreme ways to deliver your marketing message in the most impactful way possible. Along with Dan Kennedy, my amazing co-authors for Marketing Miracles include Sydney Biddle Barrows, Thomas Bukacek, Bette Tomaszewicz, Darrin Mish, James M Walker, Lisa Lang, Dale Gibbons, Chris Gilman, Gordon Dey, Richard Seppala, JW Dicks, Nick Nanton, Lloyd Irvin Jr., Luba Winter, Gus Kaloti, Jason Cianflone, Greg Rollett, Lindsay Dicks, David Linton, Tom Puentes, Juan Carlos Vazquez and me (Mikkel Pitzner).

Now, we’ll be launching the book this week, Wednesday September 12th (don’t worry I’ll remind you!), and I’ve put together a huge bonus package for you if you’ll help us launch the book on Wednesday!

Like I said, I’ll remind you, but if you are willing to help us launch with great success, by buying the book (It’s only $19.95!), then I’ll give you hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses in addition to the new ideas you will get from reading my book.

For example, in Marketing Miracles, we talk about the new ways you can use social media marketing to develop closer relationships with your customers, the resurging interest in direct marketing and successful direct mail campaigns, and proven ways to turn opt-ins of all kinds into sales.

I appreciate your support and I’ll get back with you in a couple of days to remind you about the launch and to tell you more about the bonuses I’m putting together!
Stay tuned, and get ready to uncover all of the recently revealed NEW Marketing Miracles!


Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

Stop The Press: My New Book Called Marketing Miracles Is Being Released This Wednesday

Stop the press!


I almost missed the whole thing.

Been caught up in travels, board meetings, new projects and an upcoming move that I almost completely overlooked the date for the release of my new book. The book Marketing Miracles, which is a book collaboration with the notorious Dan Kennedy and many other top marketeers is set for release on Wednesday September 12th 2012. That’s this Wednesday!

Like the previous and recently released book (The Success Secret), a great number of the marketers from the book has gathered a great deal of special bonuses for everyone who purchases it on its release day, so keep an eye out for this too. Often times these bonuses can be of very high value and could make a big difference for you – and naturally, I also expect that you will find valuable insights in the book itself too.

Stay tuned for more on the release and how you can obtain the bonuses.

Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

Book Cover for Upcoming Book Collaboration With Legendary Marketer Dan Kennedy Revealed

As I celebrate the recently released book collaboration I was part of and the fact that it reached not just 1 best seller list but actually 7 best seller lists, I’m also excited to publish and reveal to you the cover of an upcoming book collaboration with legendary Dan Kennedy. Now if you are not into marketing you may not know Dan Kennedy, but trust me, the guy is a real legend in marketing circles and many of the current top marketeers are citing him and hailing him for skills they have picked up from him.


Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

I personally never really thought I would be spending much of my time on marketing, but I have come to realize that we are actually all marketing all the time. Don’t think so? Well, if you have a spouse or a partner then likely you are marketing pretty much all the time. You may not be thinking you are, but I bet you really are! Think about it for a moment and I’m sure you can see what I mean.

The same goes for all other sorts of relations, such as when you hang out with friends, colleagues and naturally customers and clients.

I don’t indicate that it is all bad or that we are all operating with hidden agendas to rule the world or something, but we are usually always trying to please someone, get along, obtain something (perhaps permission to do something) or getting to some desired outcome. So we are talking in a certain way, listening in a certain way and acting in a certain way. In other words we are “selling” our case all the time and as such are marketing all the time.

I’m not going to explain what I mean right now, I hope you have an idea what I’m getting at. If you don’t, then let me know I shall pull myself together and expand a bit of the topic.

Anyway, I was invited to be part of this book collaboration and naturally jumped at the chance to be collaborating with a true legend, such as Dan Kennedy. The book is bound for release in near future and the cover has already been set up as pictured. The book cover does certainly not follow my usually chosen or favored color palette, but I actually like the unusual expression and in no uncertain terms hints of marketing ploy to gain attention (it kinda reminds me of what could have been a box of washing powder or similar product).

Another reason I enjoyed being part of this book collaboration was the fact that I have actually over the years been very engaged in marketing for numerous companies, companies that I have employed with, owned or consulted for or indeed still do such interactions with or for on an ongoing basis. In fact I have over the years tried and tested so many marketing facets, some with some success and others with dreadfully lacking results. I have some insights that I have gained from my personal experience and from experiences of highly skilled marketers, so I thought why not share some of those insights.


The book is to be released in the fall (which in other words is sometime soon – don’t know the actual release date yet). My contribution to the book is titled The Power of a Price. The chapter discusses certain elements of choosing the right price for your product and also gives insights to certain unusual strategies that can propel your results dramatically. If you wish to have a copy of my contribution to the book collaboration, then of course I encourage you to buy the book once it is released – more than likely certain really cool bonuses will be given away for free for buyers of the book on it’s release day, so it may be even more valuable to get it, but remember such give aways will only be available on release date. Keep an eye on my blog and website and I shall update further on the release date. You can also revisit my site later to see if I set up a free access to the chapter (I might just do that, but not before the book is released) or send me an email.



The Success Secret Book Cover Featuring Mikkel Pitzner & Jack Canfield

New Book Makes 7 Best Seller Lists

Wow! The new book collaboration that was released August 23rd 2012 made not just one but seven best seller lists.

The new book is titled The Success Secret and subtitled The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets for Success in Business And in Life. It features among the many experts legendary Jack Canfield, famous for the Chick Soup For The Soul book series.


The categories in which the book landed best seller status were:

Business Skills

Communication Skills

Direct Marketing

Best Entrepreneurship

Marketing and Sales


Small Business & Entrepreneurship


You can read the press release here