A new day that hold new opportunities

A New Day – A New Opportunity

A new day is dawning as I write this and that means a new day is offering yet a further opportunity to bring me closer to my goals and my visions.

Today is Wednesday, but it could practically be any day and the day would hold the excitement potential that this one does.

Many people wake up on a Monday morning and get a little grumpy for it means they need to show up at work again at a job that may interest them little – in which they in fact may be building someone else’s dream and not their own. Many people get so depressed about this, that in fact they may even start to ruin the pleasure and atmosphere of a day off on their Sundays, by the mere fact that “tomorrow they have to go back to work”.

I know about this – for I used to be in that situation myself. Long ago, I was working at a job that entailed a bit too much stress than I appreciated and at a job that robbed me too much of my enthusiasm for a job.

When you are working on your own vision and on your own dreams, then you don’t really have this kind of problem. When you are focused on something you find worthwhile and are putting in some serious efforts into making your dreams come true, you welcome each day that comes and that gives you the opportunity to move you one step closer.

Too many people get wound up in petty drama situations or drama discussions – on the home front or at work. They spend enormous amounts of time and energy on gossiping and following the latest story on what the neighbor did or didn’t do. The extreme version of these characters sit in front of the television keeping up to date with the latest Jerry Springer show and a bunch of other low content entertainment with day long talk show marathons.

These are the same people who tend to have a lot of dramas in their lives. They seem to attract it. Whether real drama shows up at their door step or not, they will certainly end up creating it out of the blue. Why? Cause they have no focus on something worthwhile. It’s like the brain needs to create a stimuli to ensure life is interesting. Unfortunately, a very unproductive kind of stimuli – if in fact not highly destructive.

The great thing – other than the fact that you may be spending your time, effort and work on something that is actually valuable – is that you just don’t really occupy your thoughts with all these petty dramas. You simply have no room for it in your life and you don’t have time for it.

Also because you are so engaged in bringing your dreams into fruition you are also so entertained, charged and motivated – time just whizz by.

When there’s too much drama somewhere in your life, be it at work or perhaps on the home front, it’s probably because you don’t have a dream you are actually working towards – or if on the home front, I’m afraid to say this, because your spouse doesn’t have a dream he or she is working towards.

The remedy seems clear though. Find out what really motivates you. What gets you going? What would you like in your life and for your life? What would you like see improved in the world?

Find that goal and start working towards it. Really work towards it. Soon enough and sure enough you will find you have a different sense of fulfillment in your life and soon enough you will be more excited, more energized and yes, soon enough you too, don’t really wish to spend too much energy on the latest gossip or creating dramas where there really aren’t any.

I don’t blame people who are working in less than interesting jobs to lose motivation. My favorite mentor used to say:

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

– Jim Rohn

Yes, a lot of “ordinary” jobs do not hold much of spark or promise of a better future. In addition, I don’t believe it is for everybody to become an entrepreneur and to pursue his or her own dreams that way. But I believe it is within the power of every individual to make a better life and a better world for themselves – somehow – some way. Even if it seems impossible.

So even for those who may seem stuck in dead boring jobs, I would venture to say, that when focused on worthwhile goals – perhaps somewhere else in your life, perhaps outside the work situation – you too, can make a worthwhile life and don’t have to have the repetitive never ending dramas. You too can be looking forward to every new day and know that, it’s going to be a good day, cause that’s how you create it.

You create your life, so why not make it a good one?

A new day that hold new opportunities

How Bad Do You Want It On Mikkel Pitzner

Motivational Mania # 12 – How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It?

How badly do you want success?


When You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe, Then You’ll Be Successful



Or see the full version from Eric Thomas “The Hip Hop Preacher”:



Facing The Giants On Mikkel Pitzner

Motivational Mania #11 – Facing The Giants

Facing The Giants.

Such is the titled of the next video in my Motivational Mania series.

God Gifted You With The Ability Of Leadership. Don’t Waste It.




Derek Redmond Don't Give Up On Mikkel Pitzner

Motivational Mania #10

My Motivational Mania series continues with this little video of a great athlete named Derek Redmond who was favored to win a medal in the 400 meter Sprint discipline in the 1992 Olympic games.

But something happened.


The video has a powerful message that says:


When You Don’t Give Up.

You Cannot Fail


So don’t ever give up!





Motivational Soccer

Motivational Mania #11

These days in Europe there is a craze going on. It is the soccer craze. The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 2012 is taking place. It is the 14th European Championship for national soccer teams organized by UEFA and the final tournament features 16 nations. Now frankly, I don’t really care much for soccer and don’t follow it at all – that is, it’s actually difficult to avoid knowing the development of the scores from all the updates plastered on my European friend’s Facebook profiles. Of course I’m rooting for my home country, Denmark, to win and I can get a little extra feeling of patriotism when I hear they are doing well, but other than that, I’m really not that interested. This is almost sacrilege to say where I’m from, but that’s the truth.



Motivational Soccer

Anyway, while not caring much for soccer (would you know, I actually played on a soccer team when I was very little and we actually did quite well?), I just stumbled over this one little video, that I found not only amusing, but which message can also serve as something very motivational. It’s a great story and I truly think it is worth for you to see:






Motivation Mania #4

Look at failure as just an event.

It is a stumbling block, but use it as a stepping stone.

Try not to repeat it again. The event was just a detour – an inconvenience. Learn from the mistake and move on.

Wise words from Denis Waitley



Motivational Monday #1

We can all use a little bit of a motivational injection once in awhile or some sort of input that will inspire us. So I’m borrowing an idea that I was introduced to by a very talented and really accomplished young gentleman named Matt Morris, who had (perhaps still has) a weekly send out of something inspirational and motivational – He called it Motivational Monday. Matt Morris is, by the way the mastermind behind the book series called The Art & Science Of Success of which 4 volumes to date has been published and probably more will be in future.

You may also recall that I cowrote one of these books: The Art & Science Of Success, Vol 2

The book became a bestseller as soon as it was released.

To start my Motivational Monday series here is the first video. This one you may have seen before as they tend to circulate quite a bit, but it makes them none the less watchable. The video here shows amazing people doing amazing feats: