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Motivational Mania #13 – How Great I Am

How Great I Am.

If you like my previous Motivational Mania blog posts, then I’m sure you’ll like this one as well. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for me to embed it, so you will have to see it on Youtube.

Motivation Mania #9

Chances are your have seen this one before – it does have about 28,7 million views at time of this posting – but I feel it is probably worth watching for you again. Not only can it serve as an inspiration to you and for you to go out and pursue your own dreams and to believe in yourself, but it can also serve to remind us never to judge a book just by its cover.

Now, the poster of the video has declined to possibility of embedding this video, so I can only post the link to youtube to the video and you will have to see it there. Enjoy:


Britain has got talent 2009

Motivation Mania #8

Some great quotes in this one


Motivation Mania #7

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things


Motivation Mania #6

I love Apple and Apple products and not least the Apply story.

Steve Jobs was as we all know instrumental to the extreme success and turn around of the company. Here is his address to a Stanford University college graduation:




Motivation Mania #5

If at first you don’t succeed,…


Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Air and 100s of other companies, shares some thoughts on how to stay strong when things seem tough and how to learn from failures