Google's New Algorithm Change Is A Blessing For A Lot Of Businesses

Why Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Is A Great Blessing In Disguise

I wrote a new article today that spells out a great and possibly somewhat unique opportunity that many businesses have right now. It’s an open window, but who knows how much longer it will stay open.


Why Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Is A Great Blessing In Disguise

Google's Mobilegeddon Algorithm Change Is Awesome For The Businesses That Knows How To Use It To Their Advantage

The latest algorithm change that Google rolled out April 21st this year could be a great opportunity and a blessing in disguise for a lot of businesses.

The algorithm, which has lovingly been nicknamed Mobilegeddon, now favors mobile-friendly websites for all searches carried out on mobile devices. The change only affects search results done on mobile devices and therefore you won’t find any changes affecting your searches done on your laptop or desktop.

But seeing that more than 60% of all searches these days are done on a mobile device the algorithm change is to be considered extremely important. In the extreme version, if your website is not mobile friendly, then you may just have lost 60% of all your online traffic (60% of all your new potential customers has just been eliminated from your business).

If your website is not mobile-friendly and you still have not noticed any changes in your inbound calls and connections from new potential customers, then it might just be a matter of time before you will. Google specifically has stated that crawling and re-indexing the websites may take a little time, but the effect will take place.

There’s a great post by Google that offers you more insights to the algorithm changes that I highly recommend you check out. You can find it here:

So why could this algorithm change potentially be a blessing in disguise for your business?


You can read the full article over at Amazing Ideas, Inc.

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Not always are you in personal touch, but it may just a well be pleasant to kinda keep some in your life even if you are not hanging out with each other.

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