Go Out There A Be Amazing With The Help Of Marketing Castle Rock

Walk The Talk


I just completely bombed with some of my newer activities. It’s in my business of Amazing Ideas, Inc., which basically is a marketing company in Castle Rock, Colorado. Via this business I sell online marketing, web designs and strategic online presence – your online DNA.

Among the services that we offer here you will find the “get ranked high on Google for your relevant search term” offer. Since I have studied this excessively since 2008 with all the best marketers of today, I would say that I have quite a big insight into how you can make this happen and get your results. Ultimately, what you are looking for is for customers to come chasing you down rather than you having to chase after customers in order for your to get the revenues for your business.

There are many factors that you put in place to achieve your high ranking and with Amazing Ideas, Inc. we only employ natural and real avenues, what is often termed “White Hat” applications as opposed to the sneaky “Black Hat” tricks that many marketers use.

We don’t use “Black Hat” tricks, cause ultimately what these are, are just a way of “cheating” Google to rank you better. But Google is not stupid. they study continuously what goes on and with their algorithm updates they will eventually close up the loop hole that you may have found and all of a sudden your beautiful and somewhat undeserved high rank will be forever gone.

So no Black Hat tricks for us, please. We want to be ranked, but only when it makes sense and actually adds value to the user. If we don’t add value to the end user, it’s probably because we didn’t reach the right user and we didn’t reach the right user when we tried to rank for something that is in fact not relevant to the user. When we don’t add value to the end user, they don’t buy from us and we gained little if anything at all.


Anyways, we have been focused on helping other local businesses getting their online presence right so they could reap the benefits and grow their business. In other words among other things we have helped them get high ranking with Google, so that they derive more leads and ultimately more customers calling upon them.

Meanwhile, being so focused on others, meant we actually forgot about ourselves entirely. That’s right we did nothing for our own ranking for relevant search terms including the words “Marketing Castle Rock”.

This naturally also begs the question for someone who gets introduced to us of, how can we sell “Get Ranked High Solutions”, when we in fact are not ranked high ourselves for relevant keywords?

It’s a matter of walking the talk.


Big Whoops!!


OK, at least we are still early in the game, so we have commenced a little bit of effort in the matter and expect to see some results very soon. In fact we actually did get us from page 21 of Google to page 1 in a matter of a few hours. Not the best of “true” placements, but considering the extremely short time period and the extremely broad search term (“Marketing Castle Rock”), I’m actually stoked. And more to the point, it also proves that we can live up to our claim of making such results happen.

We will continue a bit of work on our keywords and of course we will need to expand upon these as we go along. Marketing Castle Rock is not too specific and will not yield the optimal results in all likelihood.

You can read more about the story on our website at Amazing Ideas, Inc. and learn more about why local search results may be particularly important for any business. Also, we would love to help you out too if you are in need of updating or optimizing your online web presence. Just send us an email to We would love to hear from you.

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Building My Marketing Company

Especially since 2008 I have intensively studied marketing – with a focus on online marketing. Those who know me, knows that I am engaged in many varied businesses and actually has been for a majority of my life. I love doing multiple things, new things and to seek new possibilities and opportunities.

What I learned early on is that every business is in need of great marketing. I have learned that first hand from running several different businesses spanning many unrelated industries across borders of countries, States and continents.

So even in my early stages of doing business I was engaged in marketing, but it wasn’t really until I moved to the US that I really decided I wanted to learn more in debts about what works and what doesn’t work. In addition my move to the US and not least the huge consequences I suffered from the horrible financial crisis of 2008, made it necessary for me to reinvent myself to certain degree and inadvertently, I began consulting on marketing aspects.

A couple of years ago I moved to Colorado. Up from Florida. I decided to establish a company from which I could sell my services and expertise and I named it Amazing Ideas, Inc.

Via this company, I’m now building a base of more and more clients, helping them get something out of their marketing dollars. Just looking around and you will see so much misspent money and misspent attention in terms of marketing that will give the spender little if any results. By setting yourself up the right way, you can actually turn a really sound return of investment out of your marketing budget.

That’s what I help clients do.

I get them straightened out with some of the most important aspects of their online marketing efforts and their online presence – what I also call their online DNA. I help them get automated on many of the follow up procedures and set in place a system that can almost handle itself entirely and work for them, even when they are not working themselves. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Such is the power of online marketing and the tools and systems that are available to us today.

Anyways, my Amazing Ideas, Inc. is naturally open for business from any- and everywhere, but currently I’m focused on getting a stronger foothold locally, which means that I’m specifically targeting local businesses here in the Castle Rock area of Colorado where I presently reside.

Here’s a post about it from yesterday.


Now, that said, I just did a small survey of the Fortune 100 companies of the United States. Would you believe it? A full 32% of them are making at least one hugely grave mistake, that I could actually fix for them, probably relatively easily, quickly and rather inexpensively.

In other words, I probably should reach out to them to point out their hugely disservice to their businesses.

Well, we’ll see.

Meanwhile, be sure to reach out to me if you wish for me to help you and your business with your online marketing. I would love to help and would appreciate the business too of course.