Todd Kincaid samples the Hollywood Sewage Outflow, Project Baseline

Update On Project Baseline

Spurred on by many “likes” and congratulations that I have received these past days in connection with my anniversary with Project Baseline, I thought it would be a good opportunity to give an update to the initiatives of Project Baseline and perhaps also remind people that this is in fact a non-profit initiative and that I receive no compensation or income from my efforts and involvement with the activities.

At any rate, I wrote a post on Project Baseline today on LinkedIn which you can read here: Project Baseline and Why It Is Important

A Note From The Bahamas

I consider myself a very fortunate guy and sometimes this seems to shine through in more vivid colors than I could ever have imagined, revealing to me a true magical life and wondrous experiences.

Recently, I had the great opportunity to go to the Bahamas to aid in the support of the sea trials of the new Triton 3300/3 submarines from Triton Submarines, Inc. Those who know me also know that I one of my big passions is that of scuba diving and you may also know that I work with a South Florida based dive equipment manufacturer called Brownie’s Marine Group. It is via my association with Brownie’s Marine Group that I got the chance to be part of the Triton Submarine event and I might add I have actually be fortunate in participating in such event on several occasions. But let me tell you more about this last time.

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