Freetrailer is coming to the United States

Finally Freetrailer Makes A Move In The US

Finally it has happened. Freetrailer USA is a reality. The business got its US corporation established July 15th 2015.

It’s been a long time in the making and the waiting period for some of us – me in particular – has been very, very long indeed. But alas, we now have our US entity established and that means also that we can now actually commence real pursuit of partners and business in the United States for our hugely popular business model and service offering.

For those not familiar with our service, here’s a quick introduction:

We Rent Out Small Cargo Trailers For FREE!!

That’s right. We offer small cargo trailer for rental for free.

These are small closed box trailers that you latch onto your vehicle using a hitch and can use in connection with moving “stuff”.

The stuff can be more or less anything, as long as the size and weight can fit within the limitations of the cargo trailer.

Here's an example from Denmark of our Freetrailer trailers

Our history for Freetrailer began in 2004.

The idea maker and one of the founders had rented a small cargo trailer from a gas station (the typical place of rental of trailers in Denmark) and was a bit put off with the hassle it had proved to be along with the relative steep cost of rental (typically no less than US$80 per 24 hours). He thought there had to be a better way.

Thinking it through further, he had the brilliant idea that perhaps there would be a great match between businesses who would be willing to pay for advertising on the trailer so that this could fund the availability of the trailer, so that users could borrow the trailer for free. In addition it would make sense if such advertiser was a place of business that sold items that had a certain size, that would perhaps challenge its customers on how they would bring home the purchases.

He discussed the idea with his friend, who liked the idea so much that he eventually quit his job in order to work on this concept full time – and soon Freetrailer (Denmark) was a reality.

IKEA was the first retailer that embraced the concept and by September 2004, the first 34 trailers were available at an IKEA outlet in Taastrup in Denmark.

From there is has grown steadily at an incredible rate.

I personally became a partner of the company in 2007, by which we established a partnership consisting of 3 equal partners and equity holders.

In 2006, Freetrailer opened up in Sweden and became there as well an instant success.

Today that means that we are operating throughout Denmark and throughout Sweden – covering extremely well the entirety of the two countries, yet with more growth possible as well as taken place.

Earlier this year, Freetrailer also opened up its first Norwegian operation and at the time of writing this we even have the contract for Norwegian’s second location. Many, many more are expected to follow in near future.

Germany is also hot on its trail and I wouldn’t be surprised if we will see our first German operation(s) in effect this year. More countries are in pursuit too, so keep your eyes and ears open for more news on our progression.


Meanwhile, across the pond, we have, as I started off with, finally established our US entity, which I will personally be spearheading.

I am truly super excited about it. It’s been long in the making with our initial ideas about the US prospect being discussed all the way back to my entering the business in the partnership.

It was in 2008 that I moved to the United States. The idea was that I would more or less try to get Freetrailer started straight away, but just a few months following my entry to the US and we (the world) entered into the terrible financial crisis and we immediately decided to put the brakes on and hold off on the idea.

A year ago, we then once again renewed the vow to get us started in the US and now it’s finally happening.

Naturally, as you would expect, it may be a while before we get retailers committed and before we get the many various components settled for a US operation, but I am confident that we shall see our first physical operation opened up this year and I am also certain that we shall soon see many, many more locations follow in its footsteps.

I suspect that I will post many more updates on this matter from time to time, so stay with me and follow along this super exciting journey.

Meanwhile, should you have any great connections with great retailers or self storage spaces for whom our concept may be a great fit, I would welcome an introduction. So please feel free to reach out to me and let’s get connected or let’s discuss the possibilities.

Till then, be sure you connect with us on our new Facebook page, Instagram, Linkedin and Google Plus. Love to see you there too.






Cultural Differences and Nuisances

Today, still fighting and battling my cold, I tried to do a lot of canvass work for one of the other new ventures of mine – the venture of RetailWise USA.

This venture, which offers very uniquely comprised surveys for large retailers that will provide them with invaluable insights to just how well their stores in reality are performing and not least what their true potential is, is based upon a great deal of expertise and background of Danish company named RetailWise which already has an impressive presence throughout Europe.

Well, most of us have some experience with cold calling canvass work, either as the one doing it or as the recipient of such calls on the other end of the line. We probably also have mixed feelings about these in general. Sometimes as a recipient we can get really annoyed about the intrusion of someone who just wants to sell us something, but other times I must admit, that I personally at least, have been pleased to get introduced to something rather remarkable or perhaps just a fantastic offer that I ended up being really happy about accepting. To perform the cold canvass work on its side can sometimes be intimidating or demoralizing as you must be able to withstand a lot of rejections and at times even down right negative response. But ultimately is often a matter of a numbers game in which the more you do it, then bigger your results. To that end, it of course helps to have a good script and to be good at adapting your communication to handle whatever objections you are met with.

But like I mentioned, I really pulled myself together today – delayed too long already by this nuisance of a cold that just doesn’t seem to let go of me – and I called and reached out to a long line of large US retailers. I had collected a list long list of them, so it was just a matter of getting to them, ringing them up one by one. And so I did.

If you have ever done something similar anywhere, you are probably aware of just how many tries you will have to endure to get anywhere. However, I have to tell you that this proved a bigger nuisance than expected and it all comes back to the usual impression that I have been reliving ever since I moved to the US. You see, here in theRetailWise USA

United States, to a degree much greater than I have experienced anywhere else in the world, the companies – large and small – have a serious tendency to “hide” behind their tedious telephone systems and not least voicemail capabilities. In fact, I have come to believe that a lot of employees, if in fact not most employees, will deliberately hide behind their voicemail and deliberately let all or at least a majority of calls go to their voicemail instead of picking up the phone – regardless of them possibly actually having the extra time on their hands to do so.

I also believe that it’s not just a matter of letting your voicemail be your screening device, but sometimes, I’m sad to say, just out right laziness and just not wanting to deal with anything.

It grieves me to say this, but I must say that I really believe a great deal of truth to be resting within these words. I have felt so pretty much ever since I moved “over here” from Denmark. I have even felt it regardless of me being in the shape of a customer and even possibly wanting to buy something, so in other words the problem doesn’t just reside in matters of me trying to reach someone to sell something to or to complain about a customer experience or product to. Don’t get me wrong. I love the US and I love the Americans, but I really detest the typical phone system encounters and the way companies are handling it. In Denmark, I used to find that it was mostly when you had to reach a public office of sorts that you would continually run into something similar – into situation where you would be calling in vain never reaching anybody or certainly be tested in your patience. But here in the States, it’s almost everywhere you call.

Almost everywhere, you will have to endure long automated answering machines that ask of you to press this for that and that for this, through layers after layers, before you would finally reach your desired end destination, at which point you will invariably be met with – yes, you guessed it: a voicemail. Hardly ever, will you be fortunate to actually get to speak with a person.

If you deal a lot with companies in the US, you must know what I’m talking about.

Meanwhile, also today, I was pleased also to finally have my own telephone auto-answer and response system set up for the new venture RetailWise USA. It too actually makes use of the same facilities as the systems I have just complained about, but at least my auto-message is kept to a minimum and unless it’s out of hours or everybody is busy, then you will actually get a real person answering. So yes, there’s some irony here I admit, but there will be no hiding behind my voicemail here. No, let’s do business!

At any rate, it was kind of fun when I tried to relay my initial cold calling experiences to my buddy who works very engaged with the Danish RetailWise company. He offered comfort as to how I could reach out to some of my colleagues from Europe and fine-tune “my script”. What he had a hard time hearing, was the fact that my message actually stated that it wasn’t that my script was no good, but the fact that I couldn’t even land with an actual person to speak with at the other end of the phone line.

Darn it. So frustrating. But I’m not one to give up. There are other ways to skin the cat. This is just a minor setback. Annoying, yes. But there’s another way. I’ve just got to find it.

So I’m thinking, I will contact meeting bookers’ bureaus and see if they may do this (excuse me for saying it: boring and tedious slavery work) and see if they can get me anywhere and then meanwhile I will work on other channels that I believe will be much more powerful anyways, as they will instill the potential customers to seek me out rather than me trying to get them to pay me a few minutes of audition.

I shall keep you posted as I progress.

If you have has any similar experiences or found great ways of getting somewhere, then please share this in the comments area below. Would love to hear from you.


Food For Thoughts

I often hear or read complaints in the US how much one has to pay in taxes, for public sector and for the expenses of government supplementation here.

Of course I agree with the sentiments to great degree, but here’s something to put it in perspective by looking at current situation in the Danish economy (the information is taken from the Danish newspaper Børsen, which will be published tomorrow):

  •  Today only 1.9 million people are working in the private sector.
  • They are paying the highest taxes (measured as tax collection across everything including your personal income tax as well as taxes on goods and services).
  • They pay for 800,000 employees in the public sector
  • and they pay for government supplementation to 2.1 million Danes, of which half are pensionists, while the rest are in the work-able age group

Food For Thoughts…

Team For Kids Fund Raising

I just got signed up for Team For Kids Fundraising today.

Funny how getting a child changes you. It really does. Thankfully for the better. Becoming a parent and experiencing the awe of such a miracle life is, seeing it develop and transform in your offspring right in front of your eyes certainly has made some really huge shifts in me. And when we had the scare of our little son’s kidney problems being revealed to us last summer, the preciousness and potential fragility of life also became more apparent and you suddenly realize that you really have to appreciate every moment you have and also just how privileged and fortunate you are. It also spurred in me a spark of wanting to contribute in some way back to the universe, back to great causes and back to those who are less fortunate less privileged. Suddenly it is no longer just me, me, me and me. Suddenly, you find that life is so much grander outside the me.


Gabriel being strapped in on the gurney before transportation from emergency room to another hospital


Arrival at the second hospital. We ended up being transferred yet to a third hospital.


Gabriel hooked up to all sorts of monitoring devices and drops


I cannot help but being in awe of how well Gabriel took all the commotion and unpleasantries at the hospital

Yep, there was a machine that said "PIIING" and there were all sorts of alarms all the time


My Most Favorite People In The Universe

Still Happy - Always a great kid

Finally out of the hospital and instead in a nice 5 star hotel, getting a real bath - in the sink

Gabriel these days - about 7 months later


So I started ever so slightly last year, contributing with minor means to certain causes of my personal choice. While I may have supported certain causes most of my life, there really was no real direction for it and certainly no real commitment from my personal side and it never contained much of a personal involvement. I still feel that there are limits to what I can give, but I realize that we all posses possibilities of aiding to some extend, some times with small or large donations, sometimes by spreading the word, sometimes by actually being involved in voluntary work for cause or by a multitude of other smaller of bigger ways of helping one or several causes.

I have always had my favorite causes that usually all involved animal welfare and I still would preserve a real emotional tie towards these, but once I received my beautiful son into this world, my affinity for children and humans dramatically changed for the better and became vastly more positive. Last year I was introduced to a couple of really great organizations and projects that I certainly will revisit again and have ideas for and personal commitment set up in my plans for roll out this year, but today the choice went to Team For Kids.

From Team For Kids website, you can learn the following:

Team for Kids is a committed group of adult runners from around the world who add meaning to their miles by raising funds on behalf of New York Road Runners youth services…Funds raised by Team for Kids members allow NYRR to provide free or low-cost school- and community-center based health and fitness programs to children who would otherwise have little to no access to regular physical activity. Currently, our programs serve nearly 100,000 children each year in more than 400 schools and community centers in New York City, nationally, and in Africa.

So in other words, I have just started my personal involvement in the fund raising for Team For Kids. So if you are reading this and wish to be part of this and show your support, it will be greatly appreciated not just by me, but most certainly by some children whose lives will be improved by the efforts of the work done by Team For Kids . Donating is super easy, just visit my fundraising page and donate there. Oh, and as you will see from the fundraising page, I’m running the 2012 ING New York City Marathon. I am adding meaning to my miles.


And in terms of Gabriel. Well, I am glad you asked and to be able to report that I really see all his former problems with the kidneys are past us and that he will suffer no more complications from this or anything else.



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