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Running Multitudes Of Businesses – A Challenge For Sure


Yes, running several businesses all at the same time on top of starting off multiple different projects is definitely a challenge. Spreading yourself thin over many projects all at once is definitely something that can make a lot of things, a lot of your projects, a lot of your dreams go nowhere. However, that being said, you can actually make it happen. It’s not necessarily easy, but with the right focus, tools and people it can be done.

I love to do a multitudes of things. Not just in my areas of interests and hobbies, but also in business. I like a lot of shiny objects that present themselves to me – so to speak. The challenge is of course how to master the in-all-places interests and actually achieve the results you hope and strive for.

One of the best ways to tackle this and your ambition for running multitudes of things all at the same time is to utilize people or teams and tools. The people factor is what you would come to expect hiring the right people for the various jobs at hand. The right people can make it possible for you to achieve the right results. It’s an obvious part of the equation you might expect me to suggest. Finding and getting that perfect right team is a different matter altogether. Not always very easy. Not always without some struggles, set backs and frustration – not to mention pain. Further details on people, hiring people and managing people I will leave for a future discussion. But going back to the other part of the equation leaves tools.

One of the very important tools for running your business – and even more so, running several businesses – is your P&L statement, reviewed on a regular basis, and your budget.

Yet, I’m often astounded by just how many business owners and entrepreneurs I meet on regular basis from all over who seem so unaccustomed to actually placing much effort and attention to this. If you wish to have a lifestyle that will afford you the income gained from running a business (or several) you need to utilize these tools. A budget will show you the viability of your business. Of course your budget can be completely off, but I do not see why it would be extremely off unless you didn’t do your budgeting work decently to begin with. A monthly review of your P&L statement (your profits & loss statement) will tell you if you are on track, lacking or perhaps hopefully ahead. It can also let you know if you need to do some adjustments to the way the business is run (or the way in which your team is running your business).

If you know your numbers well, then you can to a greater extend actually step away from the business and have others take care of most of the operations for you. Why? Well, because if you know your numbers well and you review your business numbers on at least a monthly basis, then you can very quickly access whether you are heading for the results you are striving for. If you are not you should relatively quickly be able to see where in the equation things go wrong and thus find out where it is that you need to address your team’s attention towards.


The Plan For Success System

I’m in the midst of finalizing a small program on this exactly topic.

The Plan For Success System

The program was born out of a chapter that I wrote for a great book-collaboration I was invited to do with one of my own mentors, Mr. Brian Tracy. You must know Brian Tracy. If you don’t, you are really missing out. I highly suggest you get acquainted with his material (there is a lot!). The book-collaboration resulted in the book called The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need. It became an instant best seller on Amazon when it was released earlier this year. Among the other co-authors you find Robert G. Allen, with whom I have also worked and Masterminded and who has a long string of best selling books behind him and who has sold over a billion dollars worth of information products. Yes, that’s a billion with a b. Leigh Steinberg, who is the real life character of Jerry Macguire, portrayed by Tom Cruise in the the film of same name, also contributed to this book. I have had the great fortune of meeting Leigh on a few occasions and he has many lessons to share from his world. My friend Larry “The Connector” Benet is also part of the book collaboration along with a few other very remarkable people that I’m quite happy to be associated with and whose names you may know (or should get to know). In other words, the book is filled with insights from a lot of great people who have achieved much and who have made a remarkable life.

I expect the special program that looks a little further in depth of this particular aspect of running a business to be released within a week, so be sure to keep a look out for it. In fact, may I suggest that you sign up for my newsletter, so I can advice you on its release and/or progression?

Don’t Miss Out On Great Insights


It Is Said We All Got A Book Inside Of Us


Well, I say they are right when they say we all have a book inside of us. I can’t believe that up until last year I had no books out there and now I have no less than 5. To top that off, I even have 2 more on their way and I even have thoughts for about 3 more of my own.

To be fair all of these 7 books except for one of them (still to be published) have been book collaborations, so my own personal work load in getting the book content has been minimal in that I actually only had to supply a single chapter per book. Nevertheless, I am actually happy with the result and not least super excited and honored to have co-written with such capacities as is the case. There are too many great names to list them all. Lots of the names you probably are familiar with from other books or from movies or other media that you may have seen them in. In addition to these are a string of other very amazing people, whom I have had the great pleasure of meeting over the past year or so. All of them highly successful and all of them with expert knowledge and expertise in their specific fields.

In conclusion the books hold a lot of great insights and knowledge from which we can all learn. A lot of this information is very valuable and can be used in your business or in your personal development.

This journey has been very remarkable and once again I must come to the conclusion that I truly am a very fortunate man. I’m very grateful for this.


Books By Mikkel Pitzner October 2012

Books By Mikkel Pitzner October 2012


The books that have been published till date with which I’m involved are (in order of publishing date):

The Art And Science Of Success, Vol. II

The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need

The Success Secret

Marketing Miracles


The New Rules Of The Game

The books were collaborated with Roger Aston, Bud Bilanich, Colette Bowers, Bob Boyd, Mark Call, Evelyn Cole, Dean Decastro, Anand Ferco, Krienke Gerri, Melanie Greenough, Joanne Haslam, Clay Johnson, Christine Kasik, Tanya MarCia, Cecilia Matthews, Godfrey McAllister, David Medina, Daven Michaels, Matt Morris, Briarley Nicholson, Darlene O’Keefe, Mike Pawlowski, Mike Phillips, Thell Pruitt, Victoria Rei Ristow, Joe Rodrigues, Dr. Joe Rubino, David Sapp, Christian Schnubel, Wayne Sharer, Adam Spiel, Margie Stacey, Justin Tillman, Ayn Ulm, Jerome Vaultier, David Velasquez, Austin Walsh, Traci Williams, Sabrina Williams, Betty Wong, Tim Zimmerman,Brian Tracy, John Souza, Mfon Ekpo, Esq., William R. Benner, Jr., Chuck Boyce, Bryan Sullivan, Christine Rae, Joe Rickards, Nick Berry, Pat Rigsby, Forest Hamilton, Mark Cole, Grace Daly, Bertrand McHenry, Abdoul Diallo, Ed Alfke, Larry Benet, William Kustka, CPA, CCPS, MBA, John Ledford, CFP, Nicholas Rodriguez, J.W. Dicks, Esq., Nick Nanton, Esq., Lindsay Dicks, Greg Rollett, Andre Voskuil, Gregory Herlean, Julie Guest, Cindy Speaker, Olga Rickards, Meny Hoffman, Kelly Borth, Erin T. Botsford, CFP, Greg Link, Karl R. Wolfe, Robert G. Allen, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood, Ron LeGrand, Paul Edgewater and Leigh Steinberg, Jack Canfield, Alana McKinney, Angel Boyce, L.Aynn Daniels, Charles <ixson, Diana Todd-Banks, Sugar Singleton, John Jochem, Gloriana Ron Da, Karl R. Wolfe, Kathy Van Liere, Loretta R. Washburn, Mark McCullough, Robert Blair, Roopa Makhija, Sunil Tulsiani, Sylvia Runkle, Tom Foster, Troy Singer, William Jordan, Caroline Manuel, William R. Benner Jr., Justin T. Perry, Catherine Scheers, Dane Christensen, Gary Schill, Grace Daly, JW Dicks, Nick Nanton, Greg Rollett, James Ballidits, Jimmy Vee, Travis Miller, Lindsay Dicks, Lorie A. L. Nicholas, Lynne Marchant, Michael Conduff, Michael Reese, Radon Stancil, Richard Seppala, Rick Parkes, Scott Schumann, Tinka Milinovic, Tommy Lee, Tracy E. Myers, J.L. Ashmore, Darren Johnson, Deb Farrell, Gary Martin Hays, Diena Thompson, Genevieve Kohn, Jim Sayih, Julianne Blake, Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir, Luba Winter, Morris Nutt, Paul Edgewater, Phil Cioppa, Serena Reep, Steve Norton and Veronica Anderson, Dan Kennedy, Sydney Biddle Barrows, Thomas Bukacek, Bette Tomaszewicz, Darrin Mish, James M Walker, Lisa Lang, Dale Gibbons, Chris Gilman, Gordon Dey, Richard Seppala, JW Dicks, Nick Nanton, Lloyd Irvin Jr., Luba Winter, Gus Kaloti, Jason Cianflone, Greg Rollett, Lindsay Dicks, David Linton, Tom Puentes, Juan Carlos Vazquez, Robert. G. Allen, Dave VanHoose, Dustin Mathews, Sherman Ragland, Nathan Kievman, Michael Hellickson, Marco Kozlowski, Corbin Cowan, Nancy Geils, Jill Picerno, Nick Nanton, JW Dicks, Lindsay Dicks, Greg Rollett, Will “Power” Duquestte, Hugh O. Stewart and of course myself, Mikkel Pitzner, in all the books. If a name is mentioned more than once, it is because the person was in more than one of these books.

I take the opportunity here to thank all of my co-authors.

I Love The Small Surprises I Sometimes Get

I love the small surprises I sometimes receive in the mail from JW Dicks and Nick Nanton such as what I received today.


The New Rules Of The Game Certificate For Mikkel Pitzner

Mikkel Pitzner Awarded 3 Quillys At The National Academy Of Best-Selling Authors Summit 2012

Things have been happening really fast lately.

I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a number of books this year, which all went on to become best-sellers on Amazon when they were released. It has been such a privilege and has led to the introduction to several legendary names that everybody should know if they do business. Let me just name a few of these names: Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Robert G. Allen and Jack Canfield.

Brian Tracy has authored more than 50 books and is still going strong. He is truly one of my big heros and his teachings are still must reads. I was privileged to co-author the book titled The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need with Brian Tracy. Dan Kennedy may not be a household name, but for knowledgeable marketeers the name should ring a bell. Dan Kennedy has reached legendary status within the marketing world and he has brought very significant results to his clients over the years. He knows all the tricks and tools of the marketing world and has tested probably all of them too personally. With Dan Kennedy I co-wrote Marketing Miracles.

During especially 2012 I have also amped up my Mastermind groups. Mastermind groups are very, very powerful and can help in propelling yourself and your business to completely new levels and at much greater speed than you would probably do it on your own. To come by the best Mastermind groups, you must foresee pretty big expenditures, but they are definitely worth it, if you get with the right group. Indeed I would say the right group can easily not just 10 or 100 times your investment into being part of such a group, but actually can 10 or 100 times your business results. Lofty words you may think, but I’m very unapologetic about this. Anybody who has been in a great Mastermind group should be able to attest to that. Will it be the case for any Mastermind group? Most definitely not! But with the right group, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

One of the Mastermind groups that I was part of as of 2011 and 2012 was that of Robert G. Allen and Dave Vanhoose and included a string of other very highly successful business owners and professionals. Robert G. Allen is famous for being the No Money Down guy for special real estate deals that laid the basis for his first fortune. He has written a number of best selling books on the subject along with subsequently several other books on other topics including what he has coined Infopreneuring. With infopreneuring, he turned his attention more to teaching and has built even greater wealth from this business. Dave VanHoose built a Fortune 35 company in just a few years and built up an enormous amounts speaking engagements. His latest venture teaches other experts to make large sums of money from speaking engagements and their knowledge and expertise.

At some point during the Mastermind sessions we decided we should do a book together and so The Rules Of The Game came about.

By the way, I first met Robert G. Allen at a SANG event. An event that attracts some of the very biggest and heaviest hitters within the expert industry. Think of a big current name that you know of and it is likely that this person has at one point attended at least one SANG event. The SANG events are run by my friend Larry Benet, who is famous for being probably the most and best connected person in the world. Larry the Connector he is also called.

Finally I co-wrote The Success Secret with Jack Canfield. You must know Jack Canfield. He is a true legend. He has with his Chicken of the Soul book series sold in excess of 500 million books! One of his famous books is The Success Principles on which he has taught many sessions.

All of these books went to best selling status on Amazon immediately upon release. All of them indeed made several best-seller lists. Marketing Miracles made, I believe, 5 best seller lists and The Success Secret a fantastic 7 best seller lists.

As a culmination to this great ride, The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors invited me to Hollywood for their annual best-sellers summit. The third annual event of its kind, I believe. The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors is to authors what the National Oscars Academy is to actors. At the event I met with so many other best selling authors including a number of those I had had the pleasure of co-writing books with.

The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors has introduced the Quilly award. And this event was the awards ceremony for 2012 at which these awards were given to the select best-selling authors, among which I also was awarded. In fact I was awarded for 3 books; specifically The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need, The Success Secret and Marketing Miracles. So you can imagine this was quite a special event for me.


Jack Canfield and Mikkel Pitzner And The Success Secret


New Rules Of The Game Book Cover Mikkel Pitzner Feature

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New Rules Of The Game Book Cover Mikkel Pitzner Feature

Did you get the rules?

Dear Reader,

We all know the world has been changing at whirlwind speed and that the old rules for prosperity and personal fulfillment just don’t cut it anymore. Trying to stay ahead of the wave and not be overwhelmed by it can be a full time job. That’s why I’m excited to share with you this new book that I co-wrote with Robert G. Allen, internationally renowned investment guru and author of the New York Times best-seller “Multiple Streams of Income”. Along with Robert and acclaimed thought leaders from across the country we have gathered together here for the first time to reveal their innovative and dynamic cutting-edge strategies- strategies designed to help you reach your most cherished personal and professional goals. There’s no denying that the world’s power and economic structures have changed forever, or that too many are clinging to outmoded tactics and techniques that are well past their expiration dates. This is the moment to take advantage of this book’s powerful ideas and leap ahead of the competition. This is the moment to realize the potential of your life and dare to achieve your dreams. This is the moment to stop looking to the past and instead embrace the future. Read the “New Rules of the Game” – and get back in the game.


New Rules Of The Game Book Cover Mikkel Pitzner


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Until Tomorrow!




Mikkel Pitzner New Rules Of The Game Book Cover

New Rules Of The Game

The book cover of my upcoming book collaboration was just revealed and I’m pleased to bring here for you to see.


The book collaboration came about from one of the high end professional Mastermind groups that I’m part of. The Mastermind (and the authors of this book collaboration) group consist of among others Robert G. Allen, famous for a string of books including No Money Down, Multiple Streams Of Internet Income, Cash In A Flash and The One Minute Millionaire to name a few.

Robert Allen has experienced several successes and like most other highly successful people also at least one really big set back (when he went bankrupt). Again like a number of other extremely successful people he has since his bankruptcy been able to crack the code for really high success and has by now sold for more than one billion dollars worth of information products online. Also in the book are Dave VanHoose and a famous member of his team, Dustin Mathews. Dave once built a company in record speed that got to be at number 35 of the INC 500 companies in the US. He is a great speaker, speaker coach and a very savvy marketeer. Dustin Mathews is a young man with extreme talent within marketing, both online and offline and not only that, but he is also a very generous person, who shares a lot of his skills and knowledge.

Also I wish to mention Nick Nanton and other members of his company Celebrity Branding Agency, Lindsay Dicks, JW Dicks and Greg Rollett. I have had the great pleasure of working with Nick and his team and I always enjoy doing so. They do great work and they always ensure results for their clients. Hats off to Nick Nanton and his team.

All the co-authors of this book collaboration are very amazing people and sit with very unique skills and experiences. I will more than likely come back and mention more about them in future posts. I’m even hopeful that I might at some point be able to get some interviews done with some of them.


Anyways, here is the book cover. Let me know what you think?


New Rules Of The Game Book Cover

New Rules Of The Game Book Cover


Book Cover For The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need Revealed

As we near the launch of the book called: “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need”, the second book collaboration I have been invited to participate in, I’m pleased to be able to reveal to you its book cover (pictured below). This book covers the skills necessary to become successful – whether you are selling products, services, or a derivative of both and topics include among other topics the following:


– Ways to build a business
– Use of Social Media
– Planning & Strategies for Businesses
– Brands & Branding
– Determination, Motivation & Commitment
– Advertising in the New Economy
– Mindset & Passion
– The importance of ethics in business



As you can see from the cover the book features a number of very high profile and interesting authors including Robert G. Allen, who is famous not least for his multi-bestselling books including “Nothing Down”, “Multiple Streams Of Income”, “Multiple Streams Of Internet Income”, “One Minute Millionaire”, “Cash In A Flash”, “Creating Wealth”, Chris Atwood & Janet Bray Atwood, authors of “The Passion Test: The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Destiny” and The Passion Test program, Leigh Steinberg, who is especially famous for being the person that the film Jerry Maguire that starred Tom Cruise and co-starred Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renée Zellweger was based on, Brian Tracy, great mentor and author of 50 books including “Maximum Achievement”, “No Excuses”, “Eat That Frog”,  “The Way To Wealth”, “The Way To Wealth In Action”, and Ron Legrand, author of “How To Be A Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire: Make Fast Cash With No Money, Credit, Or Previous Experience”, “Fast Cash With Quick-Turn Real Estate: How Anyone Can Quickly Turn Single Family Houses Into Cash” and more.

The full list of authors for this particular book collaboration include: Brian Tracy, John Souza, Mfon Ekpo, Esq., William R. Benner, Jr., Chuck Boyce, Bryan Sullivan, Christine Rae, Joe Rickards, Nick Berry, Pat Rigsby, Forest Hamilton, Mark Cole, Grace Daly, Bertrand McHenry, Abdoul Diallo, Ed Alfke, Larry Benet, William Kustka, CPA, CCPS, MBA, John Ledford, CFP, Nicholas Rodriguez, J.W. Dicks, Esq., Nick Nanton, Esq., Lindsay Dicks, Greg Rollett, Andre Voskuil, Gregory Herlean, Julie Guest, Cindy Speaker, Olga Rickards, Meny Hoffman, Kelly Borth, Erin T. Botsford, CFP, Greg Link, Karl R. Wolfe, Robert G. Allen, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood, Ron LeGrand, Mikkel Pitzner, Paul Edgewater and Leigh Steinberg


The book is scheduled to be launched March 8th 2012. If you want a reminder, please sign up for my newsletter and I will make sure you receive one via your email.

Millions On Automation

I have been very fortunate in attaining a lot of freedom in my life. Freedom especially to choose how I spend my time and it has afforded me with what in my eyes is a dream lifestyle. At first what made this possible was unintentional, but came about as result of buying a business while being employed in another.

Since I did not want to give up my day job and the security of the paycheck of that day job and since the business I bought, was purchased 100% with borrowed money, I did not want to burden the financials of my newly acquired business further by drawing a salary from there, it meant that I had to have other people in place to handle the daily operations of the business while I was tending to my job. You see, while the owner of the company in which I was hired (at the time of purchase of the business I had advanced to the CEO position) it was naturally inherent, that I was not to be paid a salary for the CEO position if I spent my working days engaged in other business than the one I got my pay for. In other words my involvement in my own newly acquired business would have to be left for evenings and weekends (and holidays) and since most of the business’s customers interacted during normal business hours like most other businesses, then somebody else would have to handle the daily interactions.

The cool thing about this was that I inadvertently set myself up in a fashion where I became (close to) obsolete. Now, while that may sound horrible in many people’s ears, then think about it for a moment. Imagine if you could own a business (or several for that matter) and that the business would bring you great results, while at the same time the business had no need or certainly nor requirement from you to be in the business, well, wouldn’t you rather want this so your time could be freed up to explore further or new opportunities? Don’t get me wrong, I understand we all have a need to feel important to some degree and we probably all want to feel that our contribution towards something matters. In the words of one of my mentors, We All Want To Matter. But it is probably also the case, that if you managed to get to the point of acquiring a business, then you are probably also at a point in which you can contribute and matter without necessarily having to engage yourself full time in the operational side of the business. Instead you can promote yourself to the Chairman of the company and contribute to the company with your strategies, visions and experience and help direct the business on its path towards your goals for same. Or perhaps you can actually contribute on an even greater scale elsewhere, perhaps in charitable efforts.

Fact of the matter is, that you more than likely will be needed to some extend if you wish to obtain the right results and especially if you do have a vision for where you want to take the business. But the difference truly is that you can be in a place where you can work on the business rather than in the business. To me working on the business in so much more fun than working in the business, pretty much regardless of what the business is. And like I said, this set up can put your in a possible position of more freedom than you could ever have by working in the business.

I know what I prefer. Do You?


I have been invited to another book collaboration. This time it is with the famous multi-bestselling author Robert G. Allen, famed for highly successful real estate business, most notably utilizing no-money down purchases of real estate, his many books on same and on multiple streams of income, his teachings and his infopreneurship. Along with Robert G. Allen and me will be a number of my Mastermind colleagues who are all successful entrepreneurs, but from very varied backgrounds and businesses. The book is destined to be very interesting and will probably give us all some great insights that we can learn from. The book is due out in the fall of this year, but you can get a little preview of the topic on which I believe myself to contribute with by reading this article: Millions On Automation


Press Release, November 6th 2011, CelebrityPress Signs Publishing Deal With Leading Entrepreneurs For “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need”

Orlando, Fla. – November 6, 2011 – Nick Nanton, Esq. along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., of business and marketing book publisher, CelebrityPress™, recently signed a publishing deal with several leading business and marketing experts to co-write the forthcoming book The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need.

The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need will be released in early 2012 and will feature top advice from leading entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing experts from around the world. The authors will share their insights, tips and secrets to maintaining a thriving business through any kind of economy.

Some of the authors contributing to The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need include: John Souza, Erin Botsford, Karl R. Wolfe, Robert Allen, Chris and Janet Attwood, Leigh Steinberg, Greg Link, Brian Tracy, Ron LeGrand, Gregory Herlean, Julie Guest Alloway, Cindy Speaker, Olga Rickards, Meny Hoffman, Mikkel Pitzner, Kelly Borth, Lindsay Dicks, Greg Rollett, Chuck Boyce, Pat Rigsby, Nick Berry, William Benner, Andre Voskuil, Forest Hamilton, Edward Alfke, John Ledford, Christine Rae, Bill Kustka, Nick Rodriguez, Mark Cole, Larry Benet, Abdoul H. Diallo, Grace Daly, Frankie Verdugo, Bertrand McHenry, Bryan Sullivan, Joe Rickards, Mfon Ekpo, Paul Edgewater and others.

Other books recently released by CelebrityPress™ include:

Trendsetters: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Top Trends To Help You Achieve Greater Health, Wealth and Success!
Pushing To The Front: Front Line Strategies From The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs
The Next Big Thing: Top Trends From Today’s Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy
The New Masters of Online Marketing
More Than a Mouthful: America’s Leading Dentists Reveal How to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy By Taking Care of Your Teeth
Total Body Breakthroughs: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Proven Health, Fitness & Nutrition Secrets To Help You Achieve The Body You’ve Always Wanted But Couldn’t Until Now!
The Definitive Guide to Burning Fat and Building Muscle
The Dicks and Nanton Celebrity Branding® Agency has represented over 900 experts in 23 countries around the world, and CelebrityPress™ has helped launch over 400 best-selling authors to date.

To learn more about CelebrityPress™, please visit

About Celebrity Press™:

Celebrity Press™ is a business book publisher that publishes books from thought leaders around the world. Celebrity Press™ specializes in helping its authors grow their businesses through book publishing. Celebrity Press™ has published books alongside Brian Tracy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Ron Legrand, Mari Smith, Kelly O’Neil, Alexis Martin Neely and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields.

If you’d like to learn more about Celebrity Press™ or to see if we’re a good fit for your book project, please visit