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In a recent post called New Year’s Resolutions that I made I wrote about setting some goals. In this specific post I was referencing some goals I had set for myself for my recommenced training as part of my New Year’s Resolutions for an improved health and getting back into shape. Well, if you remember or review this post, you learned that I really did not do too well in terms of reaching the goal for distance for my January run. In fact I only made about 55% of my distance goal. Now while the reason could have been that I was slacking off too much, the major reason for this specific lack of achievement was probably more due to the fact that my goal was unrealistic for the condition and personal fitness at the time. As you can read from the original post I had planned to do 300 km in the month of January, but actually only did about 165 km. Well, as mentioned I pretty much hadn’t done any run nor much of any other training for at least 6 months, so as I ramped up my distance immediately once we hit January 1st then I also asked for trouble straight away by overtraining and hurting myself, basically also putting me out of the game again, in requirement of rest days in greater quantity than I had planned or wished for.

The problem was that I did not set realistic, obtainable and achievable goal in congruence with the current state of me. My mental mindset was all there, but my physical state unfortunately did not allow it.

So I think it would be beneficial to look at how one should set goals. It might do me good to revisit the great goal setting techniques that has been advocated by many mentors for years and I suspect it might be good for some of the visitors to my blog too.  I have therefore posted an article on setting goals and achieving them which you can read here: Setting Goals and Achieving Your Dreams – How Do You Do It?