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Well I’ve got my laces. My Orange laces.


My Orange Laces - running for something better - Mikkel Pitzner


These are some special charitable laces that are offered for a donation when you sign up for the New York Marathon. I’ve actually made a donation towards such laces a previous year, but I never received them. But this year I have them.Running for something better.

They are right here on my desk, reminding me that I should probably soon commence a little run training, so that I might fare well during the upcoming New York Marathon this November. Hmmm, maybe I should get started tomorrow. Maybe I should pull myself together and get going on this.

I actually look forward to this event. I have run it before, way back in 2006 and it was a great event back then. It was then my second Marathon, with my first being in Paris that same year. My third marathon was then this August which was a part of the New York Ironman US Championship event in New Jersey/ New York area.

Well, I’m not a terribly fast runner. I’m a little on the heavy side and I’m probably also too complacent for getting in a fast time. But if I can pull myself together, then I might actually make a considerable improvement over my 2006 result. Perhaps I should make a decent effort.

I think I will.

No, scratch that! I WILL make a real effort!!


Remember also please, that this year I’m raising funds for Team For Kids and I shall welcome any kind support from anybody in any amount to help me accrue some funds for Team For Kids. My fund raising page is here. Again, please do consider throwing a little support this way for a great cause. No matter how small or how large, I will really appreciate it as will Team For Kids.


If you wish to revisit my motivation for helping out this cause you may visit this blog post. Thanks for your kind consideration.