Hey You Skimped. Didn’t You?

Hey, you skimped, didn’t you?

He he, I know, I’m a bit like that myself. Very impatient and like all humans also quite curious.

Curious to see what’s next.

However, I really want you to read the chapter. Come on. It won’t take that long. But it will allow us to put you in the right mindset and to a place from which we can continue our journey.

In fact, it will allow us to look at little deeper at you and may reveal an area or two that we need to nudge a little perhaps in order for you to get to a state at which you can come closer to your goals and your dreams.

So grab a coffee, tea or a glass of water and sit down with some decent light in a quiet room and read the chapter.

When you are done, I will return to you with the next step.