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That’s WINNING, but not the Charlie Sheen way!


Following up on the blog post of yesterday, I was happy to see this morning that my affiliate position actually did reach a 50% increase in value after just 30 days of having purchased my position. As also mentioned in yesterday’s blog post I have achieved this result without having to sell anything to anybody.

In fact all I do is each day to spend just about 2 minutes on the internet place a few clicks and a couple of copy pastes and that secures me my share of the company’s daily revenue sharing. This means that I can achieve astounding results without having to go ahead a push something onto someone else. I can do this early in the day and be done with it after just 2 minutes or I could even outsource the daily “chore” for about US$ 10.- per month.

It also appears to be a much safer bet than pretty much any and all stock trading positions that I have engaged in ever and certainly safer than any other speculative positions and so-called golden opportunities that some of my banks have pushed onto me a few years ago. Now, of course I can make no guarantees about anything and I have no control over the company that I’m engaged with for this new venture of mine, but so far I have no concerns really about the future for this endeavor. The company is in a very hot market that has huge interest and huge growth. It has been well established for about 12 years and is super profitable and I believe without any debt. It works closely with legal council to ensure they adhere to all legal aspects such as FTC regulations etc.

Even more cool is that I can now do a lot of good with this little venture. As previously posted, I have chosen to donate my first US$ 2,500.00 earned from the venture to Team Hole In The Wall charity foundation. That only took 17 days for me to achieve. But more than that, I can actually set others up to also be in a position themselves to achieve similar results.

Mikkel Pitzner Competing In The 2012 New York City Triathlon Run Leg

Mikkel Pitzner Competing In The 2012 New York City Triathlon Run Leg

But wait a minute. You might already be thinking that, “I bet that probably costs a lot of money.” But the fact of the matter is that you can actually start without pretty much any expense. Now, I chose to enter at the highest participation level right off the bat and naturally that affords me higher revenue shares than had I chosen a lower participation level. But don’t get discouraged. My friend who talked me into my position and participation actually started his position with an expense of just US$ 99.- and has now a value of his position of around US$ 11,000.00 which has taken him I only about 3 months only. Now, that’s an achievement worth mentioning.

So right now, I’m looking for my next success story. I’m looking for that person who would like to achieve the same types of results for him- or herself, getting set up with an extra source of income. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive an extra US$ 500.00 per month? Or how about US$ 5,000.00 extra per month? Or more perhaps?

If you are interested in learning how you too can achieve these phenomenal results, then fill in your name and email below and I shall reveal more about the opportunity to you:


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