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I touched recently in a blog post on a new venture that I have engaged in that so far has proven very exciting to me. As mentioned in the blog post I was promised by my friend who introduced me to the opportunity a “return on my money” of about 1% per day. Sounding too good to be true, I was skeptical to say the least, but I took the leap of faith (mostly because I trusted the friend who showed me the venture) and caved in and put some money into an affiliate position of the company in concern.

Now, I have been following the progress of my position there and I’m actually expecting to hit an increase in my position that corresponds to 50% of my expense for my position either tomorrow or the day after.

What makes this even more exciting is that this 50% has been obtained after a very brief period of time. In fact today is 29th day following me putting any noticeable amount of money into the venture. So in other words, if I hit the 50% tomorrow or even the day after, you might actually say that I have obtained a 50% return on my money in only a month. Now I do need to point out that the return is actually not considered a “return on investment” (or ROI), but is in fact money consisting of revenue sharing. In other words, the increase to my position’s value if you like is my share of the company’s revenue sharing program. By same token the money that I put into this venture is not to be considered an investment per se. It is important to stress these points so as not to conflict the opportunity, the sales of same, with FTC regulations and guidelines. I’m an affiliate of this company and I make some money out of that. It is not an investment and it is not a return on investment that I’m receiving.

But whichever way you look at it, the results are that I could actually pull out about 150% compared with the amount that it cost me to become an affiliate. That to me is pretty cool considering the extremely short time span that I have been involved with this company.

Ok, so I actually do have to carry out a little work for the company in concern. And I have to do so every day in order to qualify for each day’s revenue share. Miss a day and I miss out on that day’s revenue share. Bummer! Bummer, that I actually have to work.

Great thing, though, is that this work actually takes me less than 2-3 minutes a day and I can even do it on my iPhone, which I did while I traveled recently to New York City for this year’s New York City Triathlon. I can live with this kind of work. Quick and easy and leaves my day for everything else I rather want to do – like hang out with my new born daughter or play with my 22 month old son, or indeed work on some of my other projects (I always have a lot of those). What’s more, is that I could actually even outsource the daily work required for the company for about $10.- per month. How cool is that?

But that’s not all. The venture actually poses way bigger potential than that, but I just have not activated these yet at all. I shall talk more about this in a subsequent post soon, but right now, I just want to see if tomorrow be the day that I achieve the 50% or if it will happen instead on my 31st day of my involvement. I shall also soon talk about how you too can become part of this growing company so that you too can achieve what could be a very nice supplementary income stream.

This opportunity can help a lot of people and that is one of my bigger aims of my involvement. If you are interested in becoming part of this, I shall gladly explain more about it and reveal to you my specific results. I wish to help as many people as possible, cause I know how it is to suffer from lack of income at the end of the month and from having an overwhelmingly large debt burden. Perhaps you are in such a position yourself or perhaps you would just like to add a little extra income from an additional source.

As you may recall, I also have chosen to help by donations. So if you read my blog post then you saw that my run at the recent 2012 New York City Triathlon was also setting the mark for my charity engagement for Team Hole In The Wall, a charity founded by the great actor Paul Newman. Also as you may recall, my personal donation towards this charity will be US$ 2,500.00, which will be the first money that I’m making from the new venture described above and which I have already made (in fact in only 17 days, without selling anybody anything). But the charity can do with more help than that, so if you would, I would love for you to consider joining in with a donation of your own. Even if you can only spare 1 dollar, that 1 dollar is a help. So do please consider making a small contribution. Of course if you are up for it, consider a large one too. But remember a little is better than nothing. Join in with your contribution to a very worthwhile cause.


Mikkel Pitzner Competing At The 2012 New York City Triathlon Event

Mikkel Pitzner Competing At The 2012 New York City Triathlon Event