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The book collaboration The New Rule Of The Game has been set for September 20th, 2012 – yep. just 3 days from now.

Things are happening fast these days. I just got news that the last book collaboration that I was part of hit 5 best seller lists on Amazon and now I was just informed that the release date for The New Rules Of The Game is set for this Thursday.

The New Rules Of The Game came about out of a Mastermind group that I had the pleasure of being part of. The Mastermind group was led by Bob Allen and Dave VanHoose.


New Rules Of The Game Book Cover

New Rules Of The Game Book Cover


Robert Allen is the best selling author of a number of great books, including Multiple Streams Of Internet Income, Multiple Streams Of Income, Cash In A Flash (co-written with Mark Victor Hansen), Nothing Don, Nothing Down For The 2000s, The One Minute Millionaire (co-written with Mark Victor Hansen) and a number of others. He made his first fortune in the real estate market and was famous for constructing deals buying properties with down down payment. Subsequently Robert Allen has made even greater fortunes selling online information products.

Dave VanHoose built in no time an INC 35 company. I.e a company that went straight in at the number 35 spot of the fastest growing companies in America. Unfortunately the success of said company didn’t withstand the great upset of the financial crisis that set in in 2007/2008, but Dave quickly rose to build a new multi-million dollar company that trains speakers and companies to craft their perfect and top-selling presentations. His client list is amazing and so are the results that he gets his clients.

The rest of the group consisted of a number of really brilliant people from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. All very successful and very accomplished.There are too many individuals for me to write about here, but I will invariably come back and discuss insights from them once in awhile. Also I’m hopeful to build an interview series with each one of them and will be sharing these with you as a reader of my blog, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter using the sign up form here on my website. Also please feel free to share this with your friends and anybody who you think might enjoy the interviews.