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In previous posts I mentioned my pledge to donate US$ 2,500 to Team Hole In The Wall charity foundation. Well, I finally fulfilled that pledge and met the obligation that I committed myself to. So on August 2nd. 2012, I submitted the top up amount (i.e.the additional to my initial smaller donation made months ago) of US$ 2,275.00 in order to make my entire donation to Team Hole In The Wall amount to US$ 2,500.-.

In return, Team Hole In The Wall sent me a nice message that read:


Dear Mikkel,

Thank you for supporting one of our Team Hole in the Wall members! Your gift will help make this Team Hole in the Wall event a success and help a seriously ill child experience the magic of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.

Because of your generosity, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is able to provide a camp experience to children who, because of the severity of their illness, are unable to attend a traditional camp. By coming to Camp, these children share the simple pleasures usually associated with a healthy childhood – acceptance, safe play and the building of lasting friendships. They get to create more than a little mischief, eat lots of good kid food and sing songs under the stars while roasting marshmallows.

At The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, we are inspired with every new encounter we have with a camper. As we listen to their Camp stories, the world takes on more color, is more hopeful, and more filled with love. Their joy, their appreciation for their time at Camp, their indomitable courage and spirit make The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp very special and sacred. Thank you again for your generous support to help make this possible.


Dave MacNiven
Director of Team Hole in the Wall


And my fund raising page with Team Hole In The Wall ended up looking like this:

Mikkel Pitzner's donation page to Team Hole In The Wall

Mikkel Pitzner's donation page to Team Hole In The Wall


From previous mentioning of this endeavor in previous posts, you can read that the money I’m donating here has been accrued from my latest venture that is going extremely well and that has more than doubled my money in less than 50 days. The latest venture blows my mind and the results astounds me every day. As I have also mentioned previously you too can actually take part in same venture and achieve similar results. Rest assured that this venture does sound too good to be true, so it will take a little leap of faith for you to believe that this could be true for you too. However, I’m not going to expend my time and efforts of persuading you to join ranks, cause I’m achieving my results regardless. But when you do join, rest assured that you will be able to make similar results and that achieving these results can be excessively easy. Rest also assured that I’m committed to help you reach such results so you are not alone. Also know that I believe firmly that this venture can help a lot of people with their financial situation and livelihood and I’m committed to helping as many people as possible. The venture is a great way of adding an extra residual income stream and potentially grow into giving you complete freedom from debt burdens and similar stresses.

I don’t want to repeat too much of what I have mentioned in other posts on this topic before, but know that results are achievable if you have access to internet and know how to do clicks with a mouse and a little copy and paste. And the task you need to perform on a daily basis will take you less than 3 minutes a day. Search through my previous posts to learn more about it if you have not already read these.

Also you can read the Press Release of today and follow through there.