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I posted on my page Personal here on this site the following about a week ago:


I must apologize to my visitors. Analytics say that this particular page is actually one of the most visited pages currently and yet (along with pages on my newest venture that is giving me huge returns and in which you could become a part and make same kinds of returns), I have nothing posted here as of yet. I shall devote some time to make up for some of that in the weeks to come, so do please come back for a renewed visit. Also if there is something in particular that you would like to know about or some insights, questions or other, please feel free to drop me an email at


Well, I am pleased to say that I’m making amends and will be adding more sides to my personal side of things here and have already added my interest number 1. Guess what that is?

That’s right: My Family.

Consisting of my wonderful wife Olga, my soon 23 month old son, Gabriel and my new born (21 days old today) daughter, Angelica. My family is my everything and a lot of motivation comes around becomes of them. They make me want to do more and not least to become a better person. They are a constant source of inspiration and also a constant source of encouragement and support.