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I’m very excited with all the new ventures that I’m in the midst of first stages with currently.

Recently, I publicized the new venture called RetailWise USA which expands upon the successful Danish company RetailWise and their expertise and takes their unique solutions to the US. I expect the initial headway to take place this week and hope to establish the first important contacts and commencement of building long lasting relationships.

One of the other enterprises that I have actually already launch at the end of last year, but not yet publicly mentioned the name of yet, is also making great headway and my partner in that business has done great and huge amounts of work bringing its first product to fruition. It’s indeed the product upon which we got the idea for the business so you can imagine how excited I am for that. We’re at Pre-Alpha stage with this project currently, but expect to enter the Alpha stage perhaps even as early as tomorrow. This means that the Beta Testing stage is soon upon us and I really look forward to that for this will be when we will have real users give us feedback on the validity of our idea and also on how well our solution s performing.

So far the excitement expressed by the privileged few who have had a small introduction to the product is superbly positive.

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates, including the release of the entity’s name and product. Yes, sorry for keeping you waiting, but there are lots of factors that I need to ensure are in place before I can say much more. But hey, your wait looks to be very short indeed.Coming Soon At Pivot Point Enterprises