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As I celebrate the recently released book collaboration I was part of and the fact that it reached not just 1 best seller list but actually 7 best seller lists, I’m also excited to publish and reveal to you the cover of an upcoming book collaboration with legendary Dan Kennedy. Now if you are not into marketing you may not know Dan Kennedy, but trust me, the guy is a real legend in marketing circles and many of the current top marketeers are citing him and hailing him for skills they have picked up from him.


Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

I personally never really thought I would be spending much of my time on marketing, but I have come to realize that we are actually all marketing all the time. Don’t think so? Well, if you have a spouse or a partner then likely you are marketing pretty much all the time. You may not be thinking you are, but I bet you really are! Think about it for a moment and I’m sure you can see what I mean.

The same goes for all other sorts of relations, such as when you hang out with friends, colleagues and naturally customers and clients.

I don’t indicate that it is all bad or that we are all operating with hidden agendas to rule the world or something, but we are usually always trying to please someone, get along, obtain something (perhaps permission to do something) or getting to some desired outcome. So we are talking in a certain way, listening in a certain way and acting in a certain way. In other words we are “selling” our case all the time and as such are marketing all the time.

I’m not going to explain what I mean right now, I hope you have an idea what I’m getting at. If you don’t, then let me know I shall pull myself together and expand a bit of the topic.

Anyway, I was invited to be part of this book collaboration and naturally jumped at the chance to be collaborating with a true legend, such as Dan Kennedy. The book is bound for release in near future and the cover has already been set up as pictured. The book cover does certainly not follow my usually chosen or favored color palette, but I actually like the unusual expression and in no uncertain terms hints of marketing ploy to gain attention (it kinda reminds me of what could have been a box of washing powder or similar product).

Another reason I enjoyed being part of this book collaboration was the fact that I have actually over the years been very engaged in marketing for numerous companies, companies that I have employed with, owned or consulted for or indeed still do such interactions with or for on an ongoing basis. In fact I have over the years tried and tested so many marketing facets, some with some success and others with dreadfully lacking results. I have some insights that I have gained from my personal experience and from experiences of highly skilled marketers, so I thought why not share some of those insights.


The book is to be released in the fall (which in other words is sometime soon – don’t know the actual release date yet). My contribution to the book is titled The Power of a Price. The chapter discusses certain elements of choosing the right price for your product and also gives insights to certain unusual strategies that can propel your results dramatically. If you wish to have a copy of my contribution to the book collaboration, then of course I encourage you to buy the book once it is released – more than likely certain really cool bonuses will be given away for free for buyers of the book on it’s release day, so it may be even more valuable to get it, but remember such give aways will only be available on release date. Keep an eye on my blog and website and I shall update further on the release date. You can also revisit my site later to see if I set up a free access to the chapter (I might just do that, but not before the book is released) or send me an email.