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Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fears
Just sometimes what sounds too be too good to be true actually shows up to be true.

I have been fortunate to see this during the past 35 days after I opted to trust the friend who introduced me to this thing that would give me residual incomes that would grow exponentially and where all I had to do was a few copy and pastes and clicks with a mouse every day, something that would cost me maximum 2 to 3 minutes a day. I posted in a previous post (In Search Of The Ultimate Lifestyle And Why I’m Giving Away US$ 2,500 To A Worthwhile Cause) that old saying about what sounds too good to be true usually is to good to be true, but just once in awhile what sounds too good too be true, actually can turn out to be too good to be true.

Most of the time though we listen to that skeptic voice inside of us that says “This is cannot be true” or “This is a hoax” or “This is a Ponzi scheme” or whatever and we do not allow ourselves the fortunes and great outcomes that would be entailed if indeed we did go for the opportunity and said opportunity turned out to be true.

We do not trust the opportunity because someone cheated us sometime in our past or we know someone who got cheated. In many cases, it is probably a very good thing when our voice stops us from going down some path, but the problem is that is also hinders us from achieving the riches or rewards that we could have achieved from the opportunity that indeed is real.

In other words we let our fears rule.

It serves a good purpose when our fears stop us from going down a path that will hurt us. But what about the path that leads to great outcomes, but which we will not dare venture down on out of fear. That’s the big problem. If we say no to every opportunity out of fear then we go nowhere. We will never achieve or accomplish more than we do currently and we will not evolve.

We instead remain stagnant.

When presented with a great potential opportunity, the best we can do, I guess, is to do our best due diligence. But not even that is a sure fire thing. There is only so much one can do.

Sometimes we just really have to go on by faith.

Have faith in the opportunity that lies before us and go for it. Will we get hurt? Sometimes yes. But sometimes we will find rewards that can outweigh our greatest losses and where our imagination would never have dared take us.


My latest venture I went all in for sounded way to good to be true and I wasn’t convinced the first few times I was presented with it. But ultimately I trusted the friend who introduced me a just went for it. The results have been staggering. This might just be one of the best opportunities I have encountered in several years. At least that’s what my experience is proving so far. And to think I almost said no to this. I actually did say no for a month or so, until my curiosity got me to ask about the opportunity again.

After 30 days I achieved a result in which my position was worth 150% of the costs that I incurred to enter and after 35 days that value is now at 160%.


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