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Hurray, my newest book has just been released.

The book is called Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secret For Marketing Your Business Online and in it I show business owners what they need to do in order to stand a chance at being found online and getting the business.

I have been astounded by the fact that so many businesses are still not very well presented online. In fact some of them are so poorly set up that even though they may have a great website and even though they may have great products and services, you cannot find them unless you know their specific URL (web address).

It came to my attention recently when I was searching for a vendor in my local area. I knew where they were located and in fact I had already set up an order with them and had seen their great products and great work. But now I needed to amend something for our order and needed to get in touch with them. I had forgotten what they named their business so I couldn’t look that up, but like I said, I knew where they were located and I knew what they were selling.

To my surprise I could not find them in any online searches when I put in these piece of information about them.

If you are anything like me and you need a local service, say e.g. a plumbing service. Now let’s say you don’t know anyone in specific or have any recommendations from someone you know personally. You may well wish to go with someone who are in your immediate vicinity, so you Google plumbers and look for your local area.

Of those that do come up in search results, you may look at their websites to gauge which one to go with and you may even look to see if there are any testimonials on their websites or on websites such as etc.

Now whoever does not come up in your search results will not even be considered, right?


So here I was. Looking for someone in particular who I had found delivered a superior product coupled with phenomenal service. I knew where they were located and what they sold. – and I couldn’t even find them.

My conclusion: They are definitely missing out on a lot of potential business which will instead go to their competitors also in the local vicinity, who may even have lesser quality of services and products.


Well, I have been engaged heavily with marketing in relations to so many companies now, so I figured I would make use of some of the knowledge gained over so many years. A lot of what’s needed for a business owner for their online marketing is described in the book, so now business owners have a place to start. It’s an easy read and it gives y ideas on where to start and what to do. For those who do not have the time to learn and do themselves, I’m also offering done-for-you services, so just drop me a line and let’s discuss your business.


(see the Press Release about the book release)