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Well, it has been a looong journey, but it will finally not be long before I will be launching my very first online information product, called The Plan For Success System.

The program is the result of an interview that I gave to an accomplished entrepreneur Mr. Greg Rollett and the interview was centered around my contribution to the book collaboration The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need that I co-authors with among others Mr. Brian Tracy.

My contribution to said book referenced a number of encounters that I have had when meeting entrepreneurs and discovering just how many (and there are MANY) of them are way too over-stressed and probably pushing themselves to an early grave. Their problems are usually that although they are putting in the many hours that they are not getting the results they had hoped for and most of their time seems to end up being in a response or reactive mode rather than in a proactive mode. They usually end up spending most of their time frantically putting out fires left and right. At the same time they are usually disintegrating all the other parts of their lives, putting no resources into their relationships nor their health – and it shows and it is felt in both of these areas. But they have no time nor the extra energy to muster to do something about these areas after their full day of painfully trying to keep their businesses afloat.

What has struck me from conversations with many of such entrepreneurs is that they very often completely lack the tools or simple and very fundamental parts to running their businesses, so that in essence they are running their businesses blindfolded. When you run your business blindfolded, it is no wonder that you may just suffer the consequences and end up in a scenarios such as described above.

During my discussion with Greg Rollett, I came to realize that I wanted to see if I could help entrepreneurs in this situation find those fundamental tools. Tools they already know about, but that they oftentimes are not utilizing or discarding in their daily operations and because of that are running their businesses on guess work causing this ripple effect to set in sooner or later.

So the interview with Greg Rollett soon took a different character and he turned his questions in to what we structured as a 4-module natural layout.

Now I appreciate the interview in itself and I believe it to have much great content to draw insights from. Insights that I learned through my years so far of being involved in a multitude of businesses spanning several industries and several countries and several types of businesses with several different positions. My perspectives have come from being an employee at all kinds of levels starting from probably the lowest ranked positions to the highest, from being a start up entrepreneur with multiples of start up companies in my experience, to being a partner in several other businesses, to being a board member in yet even more businesses, to being an expensive high-level consultant to businesses, to consulting high profile professionals and athletes, in multiple countries of Europe and several States in the United States of America. Experience from industries operating in the service industry, some in the high end luxury markets, the construction industry and with top roles such as CEO, President, Board Member and Owner.

But one of the things I particularly like from this program is the Action Guide. This Action Guide is what is going to make the content of the program and the lessons in there become truly relevant to the entrepreneur seeking answers and solutions to their situation. Although the Action Guide is relatively small the exercises therein will help direct the entrepreneur’s focus on the issues that underlies the problem situation and help the entrepreneur get clear about where to set in.

Some of the parts to the equation are so simple, but we oftentimes need someone from the outside to tap on our shoulder and point towards them. We get that “aha” moment and the light bulb comes on. Then comes the work, but now it you know where you need to place some focus to tighten up and righten the ship.

Now this program will not of course solve your every business problem and it will not be an all encompassing teaching, but it could be just the start that is going to help the troubled entrepreneur get back on the right track. That is my aim and that is what I’m committed to with the program.


The Plan For Success System by Mikkel Pitzner

The Plan For Success System will be released soon!

Keep a look out for it in the next few days.