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People I meet naturally ask me what I do just like I ask them the same question. but lately, I have found it difficult to offer a simple and concise answer to this, possibly because I do not do just one thing that more or less would define what I do.

Currently, you might say that I am in between several functions and before I have narrowed it down or become more attuned to a specific function, I guess that you could say I will continue to have this challenge.

If, however, I was to let you know a little bit about what I currently do, then my reply would entail pieces of the following functions:

Very proud father to a beautiful and fantastic son, Gabriel
Very proud husband to be to wonderful and dazzling girl, Olga

Consultancy on business plans, strategy and vision
Consultancy on marketing, website and social media marketing
Professional Board Of Directors member
Partner in a few private companies and enterprises
Small time investor
Mastermind group member

Student of life, Quantum physics and everything else

The above was posted into my tab “About Me” on my website today. I am actually while writing this at a seminar in San Diego and enjoying my very brief dinner break while continuing on setting up my new personal ego website. As you can imagine at a seminar you meet hundreds of other people and when being introduced everybody ask of everybody, “So, what do you do?”.

Well, like I write above, I do not really have a very precise or concise reply to this at the moment, so you might say that my elevator pitch is shot to hell currently. I guess, I need to align myself a little better with some sort of definition of myself or perhaps quite simply, just choose one of the things I do and tell my story from that view point.

At any rate, I think I will leave this little note here for a while until I come up with something a whole lot better and hopefully at least this will offer some explanation to my predicament to the few of the many people I meet, who might follow up by looking me up on my website.