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As work at Pivot Point Enterprises nears initial completion necessary for Beta Testing release it released a little company video reel yesterday, which can be viewed here:



Pivot Point Enterprises’ premier product is an online business platform that is sure to aid a lot of companies – small to medium sized of any industry – to organize, collaborate on and store all their business processes. Not only will this make it so much easier to work with all official governing bodies like the IRS, with the companies’ CPA’s and lawyers, but it will also make it much easier to train and educate new hires along the way as well ensure that all company specific intel remains with the company even if key employees should leave the company for what ever reason. Simultaneously, all business processes are likely to get more streamlined and coherent with each other within the businesses.

The benefits of the soon to be released business platform are many and we shall return with more on these as we progress. Meanwhile, I hope you like the little video snippet.

To sign up for one of the few coveted Beta Tester spots, go to Pivot Point Enterprises