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The book cover of my upcoming book collaboration was just revealed and I’m pleased to bring here for you to see.


The book collaboration came about from one of the high end professional Mastermind groups that I’m part of. The Mastermind (and the authors of this book collaboration) group consist of among others Robert G. Allen, famous for a string of books including No Money Down, Multiple Streams Of Internet Income, Cash In A Flash and The One Minute Millionaire to name a few.

Robert Allen has experienced several successes and like most other highly successful people also at least one really big set back (when he went bankrupt). Again like a number of other extremely successful people he has since his bankruptcy been able to crack the code for really high success and has by now sold for more than one billion dollars worth of information products online. Also in the book are Dave VanHoose and a famous member of his team, Dustin Mathews. Dave once built a company in record speed that got to be at number 35 of the INC 500 companies in the US. He is a great speaker, speaker coach and a very savvy marketeer. Dustin Mathews is a young man with extreme talent within marketing, both online and offline and not only that, but he is also a very generous person, who shares a lot of his skills and knowledge.

Also I wish to mention Nick Nanton and other members of his company Celebrity Branding Agency, Lindsay Dicks, JW Dicks and Greg Rollett. I have had the great pleasure of working with Nick and his team and I always enjoy doing so. They do great work and they always ensure results for their clients. Hats off to Nick Nanton and his team.

All the co-authors of this book collaboration are very amazing people and sit with very unique skills and experiences. I will more than likely come back and mention more about them in future posts. I’m even hopeful that I might at some point be able to get some interviews done with some of them.


Anyways, here is the book cover. Let me know what you think?


New Rules Of The Game Book Cover

New Rules Of The Game Book Cover