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I’m excited about the new business platform that we have created in one of my new ventures called Pivot Point Enterprises. My partner in that company, Frank Curtin, especially has been hard at work for quite some months ensuring that the platform perform and works the way we envisioned it. And things are looking up.

Some of the initial introductions that we made showed tremendous positive response and a few actually instantly turned raving fans. We love raving fans.

The platform, which we call Doc&Do, opened for Beta use last Friday and we offer among other solutions also free accounts, so that one can go and test it out. You can go here to grab your free account.

Now, the platform will actually help your business do a lot of things, including helping you perform better and much more efficiently, increase the value of your business and much more. But it’s actually quite a lot that the platform can do for you, so to write it up in one post would probably make the read overwhelming, so we have decided to bring some key points in posts over time. Here’s the latest post on the subject:



Never lose another file or document again. Always have the most up to date version, and the notes surrounding those files and documents. It’s as easy as Doc&Do!

Running a business and being busy can be a challenging affair and simple tasks such as keeping order in your paperwork and documents, well let’s face it, it sometimes can cause its own challenges.

Simple stuff, yes. But when you’re busy and emails, and phone calls pile on in and employees and colleagues are pulling you left and right, then these matters sometimes leave you having to plow through your file tree in order to find that one document needed right now.

Sometimes that document is the latest important quote for your big client or the latest employee policy update that you have been working on with your task force. Success, now you found the document. But is it the latest version? And where are your notes that you made to yourself on what you needed to follow up on with this document? Where are the questions you jotted down that you would need to inquire further about with your colleagues?

The new business platform Doc&Do make all these challenges vanish and you now have a system that is easy to upkeep and that will always have your important documents and files at your fingertips, available on the go for you to work on, review, accept changes to, collaborate on, invite others to or simply forward onwards to others.

With Doc&Do, you also always now which is the latest version of your document or file and should you so wish, you can even look back at earlier versions. All your notes are kept there with you and you can invite others to collaborate with you and un-invite others if you need to.

The invitation facilities and the access levels that you choose to give to the individual provides you with the perfect way to collaborate with your CPA, your lawyer and even your banks.

Why spend a lot of time of gathering all the papers and documents they need when e.g. the tax returns have to be made, when you can simply invite them to your Doc&Do platform granting access only to the documents you wish or the content areas that are relevant.

With Doc&Do, you automatically digitalize your company and can even eliminate the huge storage space needed to safekeep all your papers for all the years required by the IRS. Bills payables, employee handbook, policies and everything in between gets organize and stored on the Doc&Do platform in logical locations, safeguarded and encrypted, and yet easily retrievable again when needed even when you are on the go.

In some respect, the Doc&Do is your document repository. But it’s so much more than that. It’s where you will manage, collaborate and create all your business process documentation and by doing so, ensure that your company intelligence and special insights always remain safeguarded with the company, even if an important employee should decide to leave your company at some point.

At Pivot Point Enterprises, creators of the Doc&Do platform, we believe the platform will help a huge number of companies, businesses and entrepreneurs. We will try to give you further insights as time goes by as to how the Doc&Do platform will help transform your business, make it more valuable and make it perform more efficiently. Meanwhile, we suggest you head on over to sign up for at least the free account, so that you get to try it out and can see for yourself what it can do for you and mean for your business.

Never Lose A Document Or File Again