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Mikkel Pitzner At Speaking Empire Event 2011If you have read parts of my introduction to this website or heck for that matter just noticed the subtitle to this website which reads: My Personal Ego Website… then you may gather the impression that I like to toot my own horn. As I have written somewhere, we do all have an ego regardless of what people are saying to other effect. I just decided to come clean with it here on my personal website.

But hold on one minute. I’m not saying I’m without fault or don’t make mistakes. I have plenty of faults and I make plenty of mistakes. And I’m not saying that my purpose for this site to to actually toot my own horn, I actually have way other meaningful purposes than that. Tooting my own horn is not really that important to me anymore. I have found much more purposeful matters than that.

But ok, so I will admit that I still can appreciate when someone says something nice about me, so when I came across again an email I received, I could not help appreciating the kind words and thought, well that might make for a nice testimonial for those to read who do not know me in person.

I think you may enjoy it as well, if for no other reason for the beautiful use of words.

You can read it under the submenu to the About tab. Said submenu is entitled What Others Are Saying About Mikkel Pitzner