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Earlier this year I had the great pleasure of being invited to participate in a book collaboration along with some other great people in Matt Morris’s book series entitled “The Art And Science Of Success”. My participation would be in Volume 2 of this series. Volume 1 already had proved to be a huge success, so naturally we were hoping for similar success for the next one.

Well, today I received this wonderful message below:

Hello Mikkel,

We have some AMAZING News! It’s official!   

The Art and Science of Success: Volume 2 was a
tremendous success!!

As you know, a book has to reach the top 100
in any category on Amazon to be considered
a bestseller!

Your book FLEW past that! Click here to download
the screenshots documenting it on as
the #3 Bestselling Book in the Motivational Category;
the #9 Bestselling Book in the Leadership Category;
and the #17 Bestselling Book in the Business
Management Category

We even passed up books like The Millionaire
Messenger by Brendon Burchard and The 40
Laws of Power by Robert Greene!!

I hope to see you in October for the Speaking
Empire Event and Author Mastermind party.
Again, congratulations on all of your success!

Traci Williams
President and CEO
Success You Publishing, Inc.


Guess I am a best selling author now.