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Getting the message from Apple that our app had been approved stirred up a pretty cool emotion. But seeing it available on iTunes later that afternoon was absolutely exhilarating.

It my first app ever and it’s called docanddo. You can search docanddo on iTunes and it will show up.

Doc&Do is the new online business platform that we have created and is offered from one of my new ventures called Pivot Point Enterprises. I teamed up with a great friend, Frank Curtin, to partner with and found Pivot Point Enterprises and from the get go we had the specific purpose of building and creating the aforementioned platform. Frank has previously worked at IBM and has consulted a number of large businesses especially especially with expertise in business processes and supply chain management.

Both he and I have found a challenge in managing business processes with many employees or even small teams of employees in an efficient manner. What often was of greater worry was the question of how to secure all the specialized knowledge and company know how and intelligence it would have at any one time – even in situations when you would lose an important employee. How would you secure that expertise even when you lost your employee for another company or for some other unfortunate reason?

Now the Doc&Do platform does a lot of different things for you. It’s got elements of document repositories like dropbox, box and similar, but it’s not really what it is.

It’s got elements of collaborative platforms such as Asana and Wrike and similar, but it’s not really what it is.

That’s right, it’s really neither of these two (but the platform will actually work with these sites and others too), but yet using the platform to full extent and you will invariably have all your files and documents stored electronically, with the highest bank rated security encryptions, available at your fingertips at any time even when you are on the move. In fact when you use the platform you automatically get your entire business digitized (which has the added benefit of you being able to get rid of all those physical papers and binders). You’ll end up having all the important files and documents stored in one location, easy to find and easy to collaborate on with other relevant people. You’ll always know that you are viewing the latest version and yet you will have all your notes and previous versions available too should you need to retrieve those.

Predominantly, our focus has been on all business processes and as you probably know from personal experiences you often find the best practices and decisions on particular business processes via collaboration between team members or perhaps even across divisions or departments. That’s why we created the platform with full collaboration abilities in mind from the get go. You can invite people to single files or documents, to sections, to particular entities or to everything – configurable completely according to your needs and your wishes. It makes it perfect for in house collaboration, but also for work with your CPA, Lawyers and possibly Banks.

Now there are so many things that the business platform of Doc&Do accomplishes and in fact we have still not been able to find anything quite like it. We still have ways to go, not least in terms of how we describe everything in a brief paragraph. But fact of the matter is, that those who have been introduced to the platform so far are absolutely stoked about it and thrilled about what it can do for their businesses. That means that we feel we have accomplished the goals for what we set out to create. We are currently in Beta, but it’s already fully functional. Naturally we consider our responsibility a never ending process of improving the platform and adding more functions and especially more benefits (although if we were to tell you about all the benefits, you probably really wouldn’t believe us).

Again the platform is available (free accounts available too) at

The app that became available yesterday afternoon ties in with the online platform, but such that you can carry out what you need to do when you are on the go via your iPhone. An Android version is under way too as is an iPad version.

The iPhone app can be found right now on iTunes though. Again just search for docanddo.

The news about the app went out today and you can read it here: Pivot Point Enterprises Launches App For New Business Platform Doc&Do

Doc&Do App